That humans vibrate at different rates has transcended the hippy realm to become part of our common idiom. We all know the difference between good or bad vibes! But what exactly does it mean?

In a physical context the difference in vibratory rates is easy to see. Water when it’s frozen is ice. It’s solid and still. At a medium rate of vibration water is liquid and will flow down to fill any hollow. When it’s vibrating at a high rate it becomes steam that can move and transform relatively quickly.

As you vibrate at a higher rate you’ll be smarter, or less “dense, with a greater freedom of creative movement and as such less stuck and stagnant.

Now think of a radio. When you tune it into a band width of, for example 88.9 MHz, you’ll hear the sounds associated with that station. If you were to tune your radio to 102.5 MHz you’ll hear a new station. The old station is still transmitting vibrations but all you hear is the new station you’ve tuned into.

The vibratory rate you experience is the rate to which you’re tuned. When you tune into a higher vibration you’ll find yourself experiencing a higher vibrational world that matches your upliftment. The lower vibrations may still exist but your focus is elsewhere.

If you intend to raise your vibration you’re already on your way since as you intend so shall you become.

There’s a myriad of positive opportunities to enact this ascension. Everything you do to manifest a healthy body, mind, and spirit will head you in the right direction. You already know the right actions to engage and doing them coincides with a feeling of healthy pleasure.

To live in an increasingly higher vibration doesn’t require that you make something new of yourself. As you release your tense grip upon the lower vibrational, less intelligent aspects of yourself, your core of high vibration is incrementally revealed.


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  • I feel (any many would also agree) it's not long before the cabal are completely removed regardless of their dirty tricks they are trying to pull off to buy them more time.....!! Justice will be done.

  • I completely agree with feather winger.......... the frequency of earth has gotten higher since yesterday.....!!

  • im not as clear on these things as you appear to be

    hmmm what didi i notice

    1. heavy waves of anger and sadness over and over . strong!!!!!..yes prob more yesterday...its uncomfortable but i reckon i discharge for the world

    2. pre sleep energy exchange ( reiki kinda) w beloved was profoundly beautiful/wonderful. i now visualise vibrational rates shifting to coincide with ideal experience. this is a change that has happened in last 2 days !!!!! after many years of doing it differently....ahah

    3. paid out half million $...2/3 of my home paid ( nice to have had  i spose)( just energy flowing)

    4 ex wife was warm and sweet . :) & :( lol..a bit confusing actually

    there you go martin ....just accept FW challenge to reflect and you see remarkable things that were hither to ocluded...

    thanks FW

    i truly appreciate you!



  • i love manifesting things up; i call myself the great conjurer! lol

    i also love being in the state of bliss; more practice the better one can get,

    anyhooo's cheers for sharing the blog <3

  • and the higher your state of tune the more uplifting information is able to be accessed

    if jah wan ta see the blessed aliens you have to vibrate at their level( or be gifted by their deliberate lowering of their vibe( which must be a generous thing to descend too)

    if you vibe with anti cabal anger....you will see them, but fail to apprehend that you are them now.

    when you forgive them in love you will experience their behaviours ( mass)arrest...lol

    i have also been playing with the concept of visualising higher vibes in particular parts of my body that experience pain( sort of like reiki but with a different "quality". high vibes and disease( low vibes) cant coincide..higher vibe equals higher health...less pain

  • yep i think its like Abe said; the higher u move up the emotional scale; the better you feel; the higher the vibrational rate goes....so it is good to feel good; always! ;)<3

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