hi there!!!

 Hello people im new here, man!!! well kinda im here to make friends. i got many questions. twin flames?? seriously what is that?well i read about it is it kinda the same as in soul mates. i dont know. and i see ghosts and tree spirits. im kinda christian so get me into that name that strats with the"M" you know the people having wands and stuff. i am not into that dude. anyways i like many things like art and stuff and meditate and stuff. well i dont know what to write.....well people are cute. see ya!!!



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  • Onesness is the only way that will and can BE. I used to label myself as a christian,  but then realized that labeling your "belief" is basically non-sense haha, and many religions are to stray people off their course and to cause panic, hate, fear, judgement, and raw slavery, but everything is as it should be, therefore you are christian.... for now, haha ;) 

     This site is pretty odd, seems like some confusion is trying to be spread, but its here so we can learn. Just try to spot it and not to judge, fear, or hate it or anything..    those are my words of "advice" haha, thats all i could think of saying as well. 







    Love and Light your way. 


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If not I will be happy to delete it if anyone wants to complain. 
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At least that is what the Prophet Rael told us.
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They do such a good job I salute you!
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