Hi fellow lightworkers

Hi everyone,

Firstly I'd like to introduce myself...

In the recent few years I've been a business woman (which I have a niche for with my 3rd ray personality) but I'm happy to have a proactive presence on here due to the current global circumstances.

'Movella' isn't the name I was born with but it's my soul name which in the Lyrian language (ancient language commonly used by ET's) has the meaning 'the rebirth of Mother Earth'...which relates to my life mission.

I'd like to give a shout out to my father, I'm sure many of you know him as Drekx Omega... like Drekx, I originally incarnated here on earth 13,000 years ago, during the time of Atlantis. I'm also a Sirian star seed and member of the atar clan, so I naturally have an interest in truth seeking and spiritual healing, this is related to our collective mission with the GFL..the end goal being the world regaining full consciousness and freedom once and for all.

I'm also a member of the ascended Master Kuthumi's 2nd ray ashram, he is often depicted as the bearer of light to shine by example to the world in order to demonstrate that we all have the potential to reach light at the end of the tunnel... we can use this wisdom and our strength as truth seekers to fight the dark cabal and no longer allow ourselves to be pawns on the corrupt chess board played by the dark elites. Let's remain positive and ready to welcome the new age of abundance, prosperity and happiness!

Love and light,

Lieutenant Movella

GFL ground crew

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  • Thank you for the welcome Immanuel :)

  • Nice to here from you Justin! :) yeah as you can imagine.. Drekx has taught me a lot! and we were able to reincarnate in this lifetime as father/daughter just like back in Atlantis (cycle is nearly complete)

  • Welcome Movella glad you're here with us all . 

  • Welcome aboard Movella good to have you here :) your father has taught me alot on here over the years your lucky to have a great dad like him. Just like him you must possess great wisdom as well.

  • Thanks Agarther! :)

  • Thanks for that additional important information Drekx and I'm glad to be of service :)

    Love your daughter, Movella x

  • wow Drekx and Movella, now I feel even better here on ACC :)

    And welcome Movella!

  • Yes, we were both Sirian ETs working for Atlantis and became subject to Earth planetary karma, having got marooned in Poseidia and drowned in the great flood, losing our Sirian lives and having to be reincarnated as limited conscious humans, for what amounts to a half precessional cycle, of 13,000 sol years, burning karma back to Lighted grace....;-]

    Great to have you contributing love-wisdom on ACC>>>LOVE, Drekx x

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