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Help In Dealing With Difficult People (Second part of Ashtar's Message) through Ariana Sheran -Cloverleaf Connection

It is now time for me to converse with you, who are present, to see if you would have any questions or concerns that I might assist with, things that might help other people who live on your planet.

Questor: How does a person of Light help others who choose lesser Light in their life ?

Ashtar : Thank you, Questor. The way to assist people in that situation is with your mind. It is to go into meditation and to send them love. It very simple. Bring them into your golden pyramid or simply face-to-face in your mind and send them love. This affects the person 's etheric body so that love permeates their etheric body. Then that love is subtly transferred into the physical being. When that being feels more love, they will be able to see there are other choices. If you choose the route of trying to convince them of your ideas, I'm afraid this will fall upon a deaf ear. However, if you are having coffee with somebody that you feel you can help, then conversation could come in very handy as well. Just wonderful person-to-person sharing is very, very valuable and it is your way of communication on the planet. I would say a combination of the two would be very helpful.

Questor: When a person has difficult people, who live with lesser Light in their life, and those people are not going to go away, how do we deal with them? Do I just practice love and service and try to be patient or is there another method ?

Ashtar: Of course you are providing yourself as an example to them and that is your love and service. Although it may take them days, months or years to notice, they will get the message that there is another way. There is another attitude. It is wonderful to remind yourself about that word, " attitude," because a very difficult situation can be looked on two ways. It is total misery or it is an opportunity for growth.

Questor: I have a situation where I'm ready to get up and leave but I know that on a moral level that is not the right thing to do. The people and their misery are wearing me down.

Ashtar: I would say to bring music into that situation if you possibly can. Endeavor to bring music and select it with care to be calming, lovely music rather than drums. Try to permeate that feeling of love and joyousness into the situation through music. It is a wonderful tool. You could also work with them with your mind. For example, the night before you intend to see them, to once again send them love. Imagine pink light flowing from your heart to their hearts. Just send them love. That love will filter into their life in one way or another. I wish you much luck in this, my dear.

Questor: Yes, I don't want to leave but they 're not well and sometimes they don't even know what they 're doing themselves. They are really grouchy and it is hard sometimes.

Ashtar: It is a lesson of your times to not react to another person's energy. Do this intentionally by saying the affirmation,

The Energy In My Aura Is My Own

If you go into the situation on a daily basis, with that affirmation protecting you, then their energy should not permeate this protection. Yes, we want love and joy in our lives, not grouchy people.

Questor: How do I learn about my life path and to know if I am on it or not?

Ashtar: It is very simple, dear one. You will know by the feel of your body and the peace in your mind if you are on track. There is quite a different feeling if you are living a busy, rattled, negative life to leading a busy, active and peaceful life. It is this dichotomy that helps you to understand if you are on your path. Leading the negative life, you no doubt are veering away from that which you wanted to do, because every soul who comes to Earth has a life plan of Light. It is influences of the dark and of the human physical existence that turns them off their path. So if you are feeling comfortable in your mind and you are active and assisting yourself and others as you can, that is your key. You are on your life path.

Questor: How does a person prepare themselves to work in the Light ?

Ashtar : Of course, it is always wonderful to have a goal and in order to bring forth the goal in your mind ; here again meditation is the key. Meditation can bring all kinds of peace to your mind and your body. It can assist you out of the trouble spots and it can put you back on your path. The ideal is to meditate twice a day for about twenty (20) minutes. The reality is that many people are just too busy to sit still for twenty minutes. Therefore, if you would get into the habit of awakening a little bit early, you can meditate before you get out of bed. This is the ideal time, when you are still in dreamland ; the alpha state. Then you could meditate for twenty minutes before you retire at night, even as you lay in bed awaiting sleep. This is another absolutely time and in those times you can tell the Universe what you need. You can ask to be shown your pathway. You can ask your guides what your next steps are. It will be shown to you but it will be shown subtly. It could be through many, many instances and situations, including through people. The Universe employs many facets of like to show you your way. So be aware of the synchronicities of life ; the coincidences of life.

When you get to a point where you can speak with your guides, then you can ask questions and there is nothing in the world that you cannot know. For many it is easier to write than to speak and the simplest thing is to write upon awakening in the morning. Usually there are remnants of dreams that are filtering through your consciousness. If, at that time, you would take your pen and paper and write a question such as, " What do I need to know now, " then just keep on writing and writing. Your guides will tell you through your pen what you need to know at that time, or for that day or for the near future. Then you can ask a more specific question and you can keep your guides busy all day, if you want to. They will be there. Believe me, they are never too busy. If they become busy they duplicate themselves so they can give full attention to you. Yes !

Thank you for your questions. They will assist other people, Questor,

Help In Dealing With Issues of Control and Fear

Shamia : I have a question about the fear around health including viruses, vaccines and breast cancer. Should a person ignore what is going on, or what can we do about living through these emotional times ?

Ashtar: Once again, put up your personal protection and, with awareness, you can see what the media is doing in promoting the fear. Understand that in behind the media are the "powers that be" that wish to control the world and just decide you 're not going to be a part of that. You are going to love and you are going to live in joy. You will do your best to assist your family, your friends and yourself in the ways of health and survival.

Once again, your mind can come into this meditation, ensuring that you are well. You can send love to yourself, in your mind. Shower yourself with pink of Light or surround yourself with Archangel Lord Michael 's blue protective color. There is much you can do with your mind and more each and every month and year because in the Fourth Dimension you are manifesting totally with your mind and you are there ! You are mentally in the Fourth Dimension. You could be able to keep yourself well and fit through your mind. It is when you become worn down by the stories in the media and their sympathizing with other people that your own defenses, as well as your intent, become wishy-washy. You don't want any uncertainty. You want to live with surety.

Shamia: Could you talk about worry ?

Ashtar: Would you like to know how to get out of worry? Many people worry, of course. Any new situation can put them into a worrisome situation. Just remember that when you are worrying, you can creating. Your mind is always creating so what you are worrying about is likely to be things that aren't too good for you and you are creating that.

So here again in meditation, endeavor to come back to clarity, to a clear mind that knows what it wants and knows what it needs. As you know, worry never got a person anywhere. You must become efficient at keeping a strong intent and keeping your eye on the goal, not wavering but living your life with clarity. Make good decisions ans stick to them.

Thank you my dear. This is a very, very great teaching because so many people worry. To get out of that space is difficult but once you have decided on a way to proceed out of that worry, then you will feel balance. To meditate on it is the best thing. That will bring you back to clarity quickly and back to love. Every time that you come back to love, you are raising your vibrations and you are helping to raise the vibrations of the planet. Return to love ; return to joy.

We thank you for your questions. They will assist others. All is well in the Earth Mission. We are in control of the situation and enjoyed very much speaking with the Lightworkers of Planet Earth, this time for the year 2010.

I AM Ashtar with Athena at my side. "

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