Heavenletter #5024 
The Powerful Unification of Your Thoughts

August 27, 2014

God said:

The same way you know you are sleepy in the evening, the same way you know when it’s time to wake up, the same way you can know that nature does take care of you.

You don’t insist that nature make you sleepy. You recognize the sleepiness. You don’t insist that nature wake you up in the morning. You may even prefer to sleep longer, yet, nature says it’s time to wake up. The sun has risen. Nature on its own tells your body when it’s hungry or when it’s full if you listen.

Nature of itself will tell you when you have had too much sun. Nature will signal you in many ways. You may recognize you feel exceedingly well, or nature may say: “Hey, you are getting a little green around the gills.”

Nature takes care of many things without your instruction, yet, ultimately, you do signal to nature. Nature of itself does not decide that you are to have high blood pressure or low blood pressure. In some way, you send signals to nature that lead to the blood pressure you have and any or all symptoms that you may seem to innocently experience. No one, of course, deliberately and consciously orders an illness, yet every single illness was ordered unbeknownst to you, accidents as well.

It is not that you stand out on the road moving your arms in such a way as to direct traffic and call nature over, yet you are, nevertheless, directing traffic. It is for you to share responsibility with nature, not that you always know how to do this, for, if you did, you would prevent or you immediately cure. Here is more evidence of the many levels on which life is going on all the time. Somehow, somewhere, you do orchestrate your life even as you cannot possibly see how.

No one would invite illness, yet you do.

No one would invite heartache, yet you do.

You never would. Of course, you wouldn’t. No one in his right mind would invite what he doesn’t want, that no one would want, and yet you have drawn it to you. Whatever befalls does not come fully on its own, no matter how much it may seem so. Blessings and delights also come forth in your life and arrive through your bidding, consciously or unconsciously, all blessings, great and small.

This brings up the subject of karma and past lives. I have said there is no karma. At the same time, I say that your thoughts steer your life, that thoughts come home to roost, as it were. This is one excellent reason to let go of the past that continues in your mind -- just let it go. Get past all the past. Step out of it. You don’t need thoughts about the past any longer, not that you ever did. Besides that, there is no past. That which is referred to as past disappears the moment the current present arrives. The past cannot be located except in your mind.

Desire all good for everyone, and all good for everyone will more likely to come to pass. It is not possible for you any longer to desire only for yourself, for, as you grow, you come to grips with the idea that you as an individual do not actually exist. If Oneness is true, then you exist as One with Me where ill thoughts and illness do not exist and cannot exist. That you can cure anything with the power of your thoughts is not your perceived reality, yet it is so.

I will tell that you have experienced moments of your thoughts so powerful and of Oneness, only you are not aware of them. If you were presently aware of these instances, you might well get caught into the study of thoughts as alchemy. There is no studying the powerful unification of your thoughts. This would be off-track. The simplicity of this process is too simple to be studied. It is not a formula. In one sense, the comparing the power of your ordinary thoughts is like comparing ordinary energy to the power of a laser. The thing is that your thoughts already are laser-strong.

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