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Headlines, Updates for May 19, 2020: New Q & the Changing Landscape of Tyranny [videos],Dr.Buttar & Dr. Barke

AWK News 5.18.20: "We caught them!" said President Donald Trump. Week 3 Booms coming!

We must continue to be cautious of who and what we listen to because the cabal's shills and trolls are doing their best to disrupt the information flow in the independent news community. They will sow division by publishing outright lies and you have to know your subject to avoid being thrown off by their disinformation war strategies. Saying something doesn't make it so. Truth and facts matter.

If someone you (and we) find a valuable resource is suddenly said to be acting or talking like they are part of the deep state, then it could be an attack to drive confused and uninformed people to disregard their information. It's unfortunate when good people who have sacrificed their time and reputation to educate us are forced to spend valuable resources defending themselves and their message.

Case in point: A particularly bright light in the alternative news, Dr. Rashid Buttar, seems to have been the target of some disinformation and someone suggested he is a proponent of fiveG. It's the opposite.

I've been researching in the medical field for about 20 years and virtually everything Dr. Rashid says is in line with what I believe to be true. I simply don't believe it will come to the point he is anticipating because the White Hats will probably step in but people need to know the cabal's plot, regardless.

I'm going to share another excellent discussion from Dr. Buttar from May 18, loaded with factual, basic information to further the greater understanding of the current situation in which we find ourselves, worldwide. His scientific knowledge comes through in basic language anyone can grasp and makes it easier to have a solid knowledge base from which to draw if we find ourselves in a position to impart information to others.

He explains that wearing a mask is like putting up a chain link fence to keep a fly out. It does not provide protection against COVID or any other virus. In fact, the mask is the worst thing we can do, and he explains why. It's not rocket science. It's just more common sense for the Common Sense Revolution.

Dr. Buttar is recognized by patriots everywhere; from Moscow, to Madrid, to Montreal, to Montana and Melbourne; he's a star and the big picture comes into clear focus with this discussion. It's so good, I can't shut him off.

He tells us of an exciting event upcoming with hundreds of doctors. Big names all coming to North Carolina for this conference; the only "medical conference". Tickets required for this two day event; live and virtual. May 23-24 Memorial Day weekend. Sounds amazing. He discusses that after the 50 minute mark. Links are beneath the video on YouTube.

He gives particular attention to a special call on the Sunday night of May 24, 8:30 pm Eastern for law enforcement, military, firefighters, etc. because he says when the second wave comes and they hype it up and scare people when they're getting sick again and the uninformed are screaming for the vaccine the cabal will provide, there will be civil disobedience and the peacekeepers and civil servants need to know how to handle it; to remember their oath to protect and keep the peace.

He says we must not use force or violence to get people to take the vaccine because it will kill millions, and will destroy quality of life for others, even in subsequent generations because it will affect our DNA.

Dr. Buttar says thousands of LEOs and military have contacted them and said they want information and they will uphold their oath. Please listen to the end as he discusses being in contact with the White House, and Trump's plan for the vaccines. Remember---optics. Keeping the peace. Removing fear.

Our power comes from knowledge, love, and unity. Hold onto the love and gratitude.

Public Weekly Live Stream of May 18, 2020 | Dr Rashid A Buttar

Why do we continue to speak out about vaccines? There is no question as to the dramatic effects that occur in some cases mere hours after injecting children with the toxic ingredients in these concoctions. Watch the seizures this infant experiences.

Too many cases of this. These are people’s children. Not ok.

— l E T 17 (@Inevitable_ET) May 19, 2020

Bottom line, folks, the situation is what it is, and we will rise to the occasion and come out the other side, stronger, wiser, and empowered. Oh---and FREE!

This is another excellent viewpoint from Dr. Jeff Barke in California, about being sidelines, blocked and attacked, and the problems the COVID plandemic is causing.

He mentions a report that in Ontario, Canada 30 people died because their heart surgeries were deemed unnecessary or "non-essential". Who gets to play God?

He says, "Driving in your car with gloves and a mask on---we've entered into crazy town." Don't miss this one. Concise and to the point.

Orange County Dr. Jeff Barke Breaks His Silence on COVID 19

We need to keep putting out the information that will enable the masses to understand the big picture, stand up for their rights, and stamp out tyranny. The removal of the parasites must be understood to be the only way forward. Crimes will be exposed, and appropriate consequences levied.

Aside from genocide, the most heinous of all the crimes perpetrated on Humanity are the Human Rights abuses; Human trafficking, child s** crimes, cannibalism, and satanic ritual abuse.

Covert ops are underway to stop this and it is the true global pandemic. Other crimes are secondary but far more visible. The scourge of vermin on our planet will be eradicated, but it's a lengthy process due to the sheer size of the Human trafficking web and number of pedophiles.

Most people will have great difficulty accepting what has been happening on our planet. It's time to break through the trance and make it all public. That is the only way to stop it and prevent it from ever happening again.

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Comment by 1 darkstar on May 22, 2020 at 1:22pm

Dr. Buttar is good, and so is Dr. Shiva.

Comment by 1 darkstar on May 22, 2020 at 11:18am

I don't think that people will put up with another lock down. 


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