The Sacred Triangle

February 11, 2012 GOF Lecture
The Sacred Triangle 

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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We want to explore in greater depth the concept of the Sacred Triangle. The Sacred Triangle is a paradigm that is representative of a unity. The Sacred Triangle is representative of a unity of consciousness that comes from three separate forces. These are forces that, when united, become powerful beyond each individual separate force.


In quantum thinking, the sum total of the unity is greater than each individual part. When we look at the Earth situation, we can say that one force alone does not seem to provide the strength or energy to implement and activate the new balance and new healing that is necessary for bringing this planet into the fifth dimension.


I can look at each side of the Sacred Triangle and say that that side alone is not strong enough or does not have the capability by itself to implement this new balance. If we can find a way through this project to unify and teach the energy of the Sacred Triangle, then we can accomplish and influence the Earth in a far greater way than anyone could imagine.


To begin this analysis of this new paradigm, I want to look at each side of the triangle. I want to discuss each side, and then I want to see how each side can become stronger when it is unified with the other two sides. Then I want to talk about how the teachings of the Sacred Triangle can be transmitted throughout the world and how that teaching will be able to influence people to act. In fact, the biggest challenge in this project is to activate as many starseeds as possible. Activation means that there are people who are waiting to do their planetary healing work, but for a variety of reasons, do not have the energy or the knowledge of what to do.


When they, that is, these people who are not awakened yet, hear about the Sacred Triangle, then this will activate them to act. One of the goals of the project is to awaken the starseeds. Not all of the starseeds on this planet are awakened. This is especially true of the age group between 20 and 25. There are many starseeds in that age group who are just waiting for their instructions and waiting for their information and waiting for the correct stimulation to open their minds and their thoughts and their energy fields to this teaching and to the fifth dimension.


The activation for these young starseeds is similar to the concept of activation for the fifth dimension. We know that there are Codes of Ascension, and that these Codes of Ascension help to unlock the inner workings of the mind and the greater mind and the greater superconscious so that each of you will have the necessary tools and knowledge to work towards your ascension.


There are also activation codes for awakening the starseeds to this work and to the fifth dimension. Many of the codes and the stimulation are present in the teachings of the Sacred Triangle.


Let us now look at the first side which we have figuratively represented by the beautiful face of Jesus/Sananda, whom I will now refer to as Sananda. The idea of this side of the Sacred Triangle is representative of the higher teachings from the religions on this planet. Each religion has been based on a revelation or a direct contact with the fifth dimension. Each prophet that has come to this planet has found and experienced a unique intervention, a unique direct experience with the fifth dimension. That has given each of them a knowledge base and tools for assisting others in the sacred work of ascension. Each religious experience, from this side of the Sacred Triangle, eventually is focusing on the ascension to the fifth dimension.


People are making the distinction between the revelation and the higher spiritual energy that these prophets experienced versus the structures that developed after their revelation. Often, structures developed by their followers attempted to create a process that would allow others to experience the same revelation - the revelation or the spiritual energy that was the primary experience. Then there was the structural part that followed. This structural part sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't work. The structural part sometimes created great unity and great brotherhood, and in other times, the structural part created divisions and were used for political purposes.


When we, the Arcturians, are looking at this side of the Sacred Triangle, we are not looking at the structures that followed. Rather, we are looking at what we call the mystical interpretations. The mystical interpretations represent, as close as possible, the direct revelation experience that each of the prophets had. There have been many different revelations on the Earth and throughout the Earth's history which lead to the fifth dimension. The beauty is that each time period often has a different perspective on how or what is the best way to reach and experience the fifth dimension.


We, the Arcturians, are also noting that each planet that we have visited also has a different perspective on spirituality. One perspective is not better than the other. One revelation is not better than the other. Each revelation, each direct mystical contact, carries a unique perceptual experience. Because of its uniqueness, direct revelations have a universal appeal. We say that the mystical sides of each of these prophetic experiences are centrally united and are important to use as tools and keys for accessing the fifth dimension. They are also important for using these revelation experiences to provide links to the two other sides of the Sacred Triangle.


There are many religions, and we cannot list all of the religions on this planet. I can only say that this planet is unique, and one of the uniqueness things about the Earth is the number of religions. Most of our visitations to other inhabited planets have shown us that most of these planets do not have the numerous religions that the Earth does. Most of the other planets do not have the different revelation experiences and the different prophetic experiences.


On the other hand, the Earth is a free will zone. The free will is expressed in many different aspects including the ethical, the actions, behaviors and also in the mystical and religious choices. It is natural to assume that because the Earth is a free will zone, then there are many different choices and many different perspectives for the revelation and prophetic experience that lead to the fifth-dimensional portals.


This side of the Sacred Triangle has to do with this prophetic experience and the mystical experience. We believe that the prophetic experience that links people to the fifth dimension is available now. It is available in 2012. In fact, one of the powers of the energies of 2012 is the fact that there is more prophetic energy available. The prophetic energy that comes to different time periods is linked to the energies of each particular century. For example, you know that there was a period in your European history known as the Dark Ages. There were generally not many, if any, revelation prophetic experiences in Europe at that time. There may have been some. The Dark Ages is not known, obviously, as a time of great mystical light or prophetic light.


2012 is going to be and already has become a time and a period in which prophetic energies and links to the portals of the fifth dimension are becoming plentiful. This is a powerful mystical time. I know that there are other teachings that say that the prophetic powers have stopped and that those prophetic powers were only available to Man during a certain time period. However, you are living in a high-vibrational active period where unique energies are now available - unique energies which will help many of you have greater prophetic, or mystical, experiences. We are defining prophetic experiences as the ability to link and to directly experience the fifth dimension. As great as all of this energy is from this side of the Sacred Triangle, we still have to note that there are many limitations. This side of the Sacred Triangle by itself is not strong enough to provide the healing and the balance for the Earth that is necessary.


Many people may find this a controversial statement. Many people who are into their religious , spiritual and mystical energy may think that this energy and this practice is strong enough to create the new balance and the new light that is necessary to bring the Earth into the fifth dimension. The fact is, from our observations, that this side of the Sacred Triangle has some serious limitations. For example, the idea of the Earth, and the place of the Earth in the galaxy, usually is not mentioned. The second thing is that this side of the Sacred Triangle, which is focusing on mystical and spiritual light, does not provide a strong basis for implementation of any actions towards protecting the Earth.


We have not found that any of the major religions, which are involved even in the mystical sides, have programs or plans in place to create a new balance on the Earth. In fact, most of the religions and most of the spiritual energies that are on this side of the Sacred Triangle don't even talk about the Earth as a spiritual being. The concept of the Earth as a spiritual being is really found more directly in the Native teachings. Because of this limitation, this side of the Sacred Triangle by itself is not strong enough to implement directly by itself the energy necessary to link this planet directly to the fifth dimension.


Let us look at the Native Peoples and the Native energies. One of the great strengths of the Native energies has been that they, the Native Peoples, have developed a close relationship with Earth. We are particularly linking ourselves through this channel to the Native Americans who are living in North America. There are many other Native Peoples throughout the world in different areas. We are not saying that one is better than the other, but we will just say that there are certain tribes in North America and also in Mexico, such as the Mayans, who have direct experiences with the Star Family.


These Native Peoples throughout the world, and in particular in the North American area, have a direct experience with the spiritual energy of the Earth. They speak of the spiritual energy of the Earth. They speak of the spirit of the Earth. They refer to the Earth as their Mother, and they are often seeking to find a way of being in harmony and balance with the Earth. Also, the Native Peoples don't separate their spiritual energy or their religion from the Earth. In fact they link it all together in a unity. Unlike the European or Western mind, the Native thinking does not separate their spiritual work and their religious work from their Earth life. That is because they are always living with the Earth. They are always breathing with the Earth. They are linking themselves with the Earth. They have a profound connection to the Earth.


This is beautiful and we acknowledge their connection to the Earth. We always like to point out one of the greatest truths in the Ascension. This truth is that the Earth is the basis for your ascension. This is a rather complex statement because so many of you are anxious to leave the Earth. So many of you are tired of experiencing the many different energies of the Earth. Yet, the truth is that when you are connected to the Earth more deeply, then you can have a greater foundation for your ascension.


I am aware of the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood energies among the Native Peoples. The White Brotherhood and Sisterhood is a group of fifth-dimensional Ascended Masters and is directly connected to the energies of the mystical religions of the world. I also want to point out that the Native teachers also have fifth-dimensional masters. We should also acknowledge that the Native teachers, such as Chief White Eagle, have their fifth-dimensional Ascended Masters that are working with this planet.


One of the unique aspects of this side of the Sacred Triangle is that the Native Peoples feel a commitment to the Earth. Their commitment is so strong. Their commitment to the Ascension is especially evident when we speak of the Ascension. For most starseeds, there is a great desire to leave this Earth and ascend to the fifth dimension. Some of the starseeds don't want to come back to the Earth. Only a few of the starseeds say that they want to come back to the Earth. Many of the teachings that we, the Arcturians, have given are focused on this point. We are recommending that you not make the decision about whether you are going to come back to the Earth until after you ascend.


The unique energy of the Ascension does offer you the opportunity to return to the Earth as an Ascended Master. At the same time, some of you have soul missions that are directly related to other planets. Some of your soul energies and work on the Earth are a going to be finished when you ascend. You will be finished with the Earth. You are going to graduate from the Earth. You will not have all of the information about your soul and where you are supposed to go until you ascend. Do not make your decision about where you are going to go after the Ascension until you ascend.


Native Peoples often have made a strong commitment to the Earth. Many of them as a group will agree to return to the Earth. Remember as I explained, their whole spiritual practices are tied into the Earth. They are guardians over many of the Earth's energies. But, unfortunately, their energies and their strengths are limited. They have not been able to establish international links and provide the power to implement the change around the Earth. In fact, the 20th century, the 19th century and even the 18th century have been periods in which these Native Peoples have lost their ability to direct the Earth and to direct the teachings so that the Earth can be protected. The powers that have come to dominate this planet can be referred to as the Western civilization. The approach of that civilization is focused on using the Earth for capitalism and business. Many of those practices for capitalism have all been in direct conflict with the beautiful spiritual teachings of the Native Peoples.


Native Peoples have not been able to develop the power to hold their sacred land. They have not been able to develop the power to hold their sacred teachings. They have not been able to develop the power to protect the sacred corridors. They now need to unify. They need to unite with the other sides of the Sacred Triangle. Their power and their connection to the Earth are unique and their power and connection to the Earth need to be taught and needs to be spoken about.


The third power of the Sacred Triangle is the galactic forces. I, Juliano, am representative of the galactic energies. Actually, we link Sananda to the galactic energies because the name Sananda is representative of his galactic energies. We know that Sananda has visited many other planets. The Earth is not his sole planetary mission. The galactic energies are important, necessary and are key for rebalancing the Earth.


Let us look at what it means to be a galactic teacher. What does the galactic energy have to teach mankind? The galactic masters and teachers on our level are fifth dimensional. There are other planets in this galaxy that have ascended and gone into the fifth dimension. When a planet goes into the fifth dimension, that planet loses, or shall we say, drops off its third-dimensional coat. This is similar to you. When you ascend, you take off your body. Not only do you take off your body, but you also take off part of your astral body which is connected to reincarnation on this planet. There is an astral body, an astral etheric level in your aura that is connected and links you to reincarnation on this Earth. When you ascend to the fifth dimension, you take off that coat as well.


The Pleiades is an example of a planet that ascended to the fifth dimension. Arcturus is an example of a planet that ascended to the fifth dimension. Each of these two planets contains or possesses many Ascended Masters. These Ascended Masters are actually on the level of the Archangel energies that are also connected with the first side of the Sacred Triangle which we link to the White Brotherhood, White Sisterhood.


The galactic energies are linked to a group of Ascended Masters called the Galactic Council, which is overseeing the spiritual development of planets in this galaxy. That is to say that there are many spiritual energies in this galaxy. There are also other third-dimensional planets in this galaxy. There are other third-dimensional planets that are somewhat similar to the Earth. Not all of the planets come to the evolutionary point that the Earth is coming to.


There are different levels of evolutionary planetary development. We travel around the galaxy. We have seen other planets that are in the same phase of planetary development as the Earth. One of the teachings and one of the perspectives of the galactic energy is to acknowledge these facts: 1) there are other planets that have life forms just like the Earth; 2) there are evolutionary stages in the planetary life; 3) that these evolutionary stages must be successfully accomplished for the planet to continue to evolve and ascend; and 4) if the planet does not successfully complete its stage of development, then the life of the planet and the life forms on the planet may terminate.


One of the most powerful teachings from this side of the Sacred Triangle that is the galactic energies is to acknowledge that there are planetary stages. It is also important to acknowledge that there are other masters and teachers like the Arcturians who have witnessed these planetary stages and who know what the stakes are and who know how to help a planet avoid the pitfalls of self-destruction. (Tones OOOOOOHHHHHHhhhh.)


We have visited planets in exactly the same evolutionary state as the Earth is now in. We have seen planets successfully resolve their conflicts. We have seen other planets that did not. We have seen both sides. We have seen those planets that did not destroy themselves and we have seen other planets self-destruct. We have looked at the history of the galaxy and the history of the many different species and evolutionary processes. Long before Earth, there have been other advanced species. The Earth is not the first evolved species in the galaxy. I know that seems simple and obvious to you, the starseeds. Yet that concept is so revolutionary, that if it were to be integrated into the teachings of the religions and spirituality, then it could dramatically create an upheaval in the thought processes of the world.


There were other beings in the galaxy before mankind. Some of those beings were very advanced and successfully evolved into the fifth dimension. One example of those evolved beings is the Pleiadians. They are human in their appearance, and they were able to ascend. Even they had problems with their planet at one point. They needed an intervention from the Galactic Council to help them. They were stuck at one point in a scientific, astronomical space experiment. That experiment was miscalculated by some of their scientists. Because of that miscalculation, their planet was placed in an interdimensional zone which created total energetic chaos and electromagnetic disruptions. If those disruptions continued, a planetary catastrophe would have occurred.


But, the Pleiadians at that time had many advanced souls and because of their advancement and because of the spiritual work that they been doing, the Galactic Council recommended and helped to implement an intervention so that the planet was brought out of this interdimensional zone. Their planet was allowed to move into the fifth dimension. This transition occurred successfully. The Pleiadians then were able to evolve at a much higher rate after this, and they became committed to other human beings, and they also wanted to help in the evolution of the Earth.


One of the missions of the fifth-dimensional beings in the galaxy is service. That service takes the form of providing non-karmic intervention in the planetary evolution. You will see that there are many higher dimensional beings on this Earth who are Pleiadian based but actually incarnated onto the Earth. There are also Pleiadians on the Earth who are walking on the planet who are fifth dimensional but assume a third-dimensional form. They have become so skilled that they know how to live on the Earth without making mistakes that lead to karmic problems.


One of the basic problems of the fifth dimension and fifth-dimensional intervention on the third dimension is incurring karma. A fifth-dimensional being must be careful not to make strong interventions that bring them into karmic situations. Here is a question that many people have asked: "Why don't the Arcturians, why don't the Pleiadians just come down to the planet and solve all these things?" The answer is that by directly intervening in the third-dimensional Earth, then we and others would be taking on the karma of the Earth. There are, as you know, certain types of possible interventions. Remember that there was an intervention that allowed the Pleiadians to continue on into the fifth dimension. That intervention was done with the support of the Galactic Council. There are exceptions and that is related to the overseeing of positive shifts.


There are other evolutionary histories of higher beings on other planets that are noteworthy. For example, some beings come from planets around Sirius, and there are also planets that contain people that have an insect or reptilian-like appearance. There are planets containing beings called the Grays. There are other planets which have been unsuccessful in resolving their problems and have actually sought galactic assistance. Sometimes the assistance was granted and other times it wasn't.


There have been many discussions about the Grays or the Zeta Reticuli. These are beings that developed without an emotional body and without an emotional energy field like humans. The Grays have developed high levels of technology, but they live in a world that does not have free will. They did not develop the heart energy. They do not have the Heart Chakra that mankind has. Even though Man has so many problems and even though Man has so much violence, there still remains a uniqueness and a God-like energy of Man. Part of that divine energy lies in his Heart Chakra energy.


These beings like the Zetas do not have the heart energy. There are other energy beings like the Sirians and the Reptilians who have advanced to high in technology. However, these beings also are lacking in the Heart Chakra energy. You cannot go into the fifth dimension unless you have the Heart Chakra. One of the requirements to enter the fifth dimension is the opening of the heart energy.


The Zetas, or the Grays, came to the Earth looking for this link in their genetic systems that would allow them to evolve with the Heart Chakra. They made some serious mistakes when coming to the Earth because they directly intervened into the third dimension. They directly intervened and took people through such methods as abduction and genetic manipulation of the Earth species. This intermingling represents a karmic intervention. Because of the karmic intervention, they have been unsuccessful, and they will not be successful in propagating their race. Their species will have difficulty developing their Heart Chakras. That means that they are in fact limited, and they have also been castigated. They have been punished by the Galactic Council because the intervention that they were attempting to do was karmically unjust.


The galactic energies because the galactic energies are such an important part of unifying the Sacred Triangle. The galactic energies are important for you to understand because of some of the other planetary situations that have occurred. That is, some of the planets were destroyed and other planets were involved in wars with other species. Remember that we are also aware that the Earth technologically is close to being able to access the dimensions. By being close to accessing the dimensions, that means the Earth is close to doing interdimensional travel. The Earth is close to bringing their weaponry and their mindset of dominance into the interdimensional realm. When you travel in the interdimensional realm, then you can also use that interdimensional corridor to go to other third-dimensional planets.


Traveling interdimensionally means that you can go to the fifth dimension (if you have evolved spiritually), but it also means that you can go to the third dimension. I know that once the Earth develops the technology to go interdimensionally, then they will want to travel to other third-dimensional planets. We know that other planets in the Earth's situation did do that. We know that those planets brought weaponry. We know that that process led to more intragalactic wars or wars within the galaxy.


We believe that this galactic side of the Sacred Triangle brings so much perspective and so much wisdom to the Earth. Galactically, there are evolved beings like the Arcturians who have seen all this, that know about the other dimensions, that know of the conflicts and the destructions that have occurred in planets. We know that it is possible to resolve these problems, and also we know that there is a Galactic Council that oversees and wants to help this planet. There reaches a point of self-annihilation and that point is unnecessary. We know that the galactic energies can be integrated into your other teachings.


That knowledge of the galactic energies united with the Native teachings and united with the spiritual teachings of the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood or the mystical people is a unity that is opening up a code. It is a paradigm that activates ancient memories in your consciousness. The Adam energies, the energies of Man, contain the galactic memories. We talked about the subconscious, the conscious, the superconscious, or the higher conscious. There is also a galactic conscious. There are archetypal memories. There are archetypal dreams. There is archetypal information that each of you have about this galactic history that I briefly touched upon in this lecture. There are archetypal energy solutions within your mind and within your spiritual body that can be unlocked.


Some people have said that the Earth is an experiment. Some people have said that there has been downloading of newer energy and newer light on this planet that will help to unblock and help to remove this primitive part of Man and move Man to a greater unity, a greater light. That light is already contained in the teachings of the Archangels, and it is already contained in the teachings of the prophet. It is also contained in the wisdom of the Native Peoples who are related to the Earth. This wisdom is also contained by the Galactic and Ascended Masters who are working with this planet.


If you work with and unite those three energies in your own self, then you also will gain a new perspective. You also will gain a new power because you can take the energies from each side and unify them within yourself and provide links to the fifth dimension. The galactic link to the fifth dimension is powerful. The Earth link to the fifth dimension through the Native Peoples is powerful. The link to the fifth dimension through the prophets is powerful. When you can unite all three of them, then you are representing a new evolution within yourself for the Earth.


Let us spend a minute meditating on the unity of the three sides of the Sacred Triangle and bring that paradigm directly into the reticular activating system, which is the perceptual valve also referred to in some areas as the assemblage point. Bring that image of a perceptual valve into your subconscious and your superconscious now. We will go into silence as we focus on that. Let that image of the Sacred Triangle be emblazoned in the screen above your Third Eye. Now, with the Omega Light, let the image become bathed in light. All you need is the image. You don't need all of the words I just said because they all are now contained in the image. Let that image be emblazoned by the Omega Light. (Tones Omega Light...OOOOHHmega Light.) Let this image of the Sacred Triangle with the Omega Light drop into your subconscious, activating within you a new code of inner wisdom, inner power and inner healing now. Let it drop into the subconscious with the Omega Light.


You are teachers of the Sacred Triangle, and with this power you have new tools of energy to aid the Adam species in its evolution. You can access new powers of protection for yourself and new powers of healing for yourself and new powers of connecting with all sides of the Sacred Triangle. In the light of the Sacred Triangle, I bless each of you. I am Juliano. Good day.

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