Great Guidance

If you start to evaluate you will have lost touch with the intuitive knowing, because now you’re going to the mind for guidance again, so stay open and present. That’s all.Don’t listen as if you’re going somewhere, as if there was a goal to achieve: not to get something, be free of those things and let it all be on the premises of Life/Truth.Whatever comes up you’ll know if its for you or not. It will feel right somehow. You will know.When the sign is fully received and understood, when you feel that inner aha – don’t analyze, but instead start moving in the direction you’re guided towards – don’t ponder too long – decide to trust and simply start walking.Don’t try to make logical sense out of the signs.Many times people don’t follow their hearts because oftentimes the guidance don’t make sense to the mind and the heart can’t be understood by the mind/logic, and that creates fear within the individual so they don’t go there.It takes practice and trust to learn to discern with the heart, and to go where you don’t see the next step takes courage, but that’s where our real life is – where the heart leads us.The mind is not a good leader as it’s driven by fear basically; fear of loosing something or fear of not getting something.The heart wisdom simply says “go there, do that, call her, don’t talk to him” and so on and your role in this is to not ask “why?” because Truth never explains itself.You only need to trust it.Never think you made a mistake, never blame yourself if you know that you didn’t listen to the inner voice last month or ten years ago, or feel bad because you didn’t see the signs or because you did but chose to ignore them.Always be here now – always show up to life Now, completely uncluttered by the past.Spirit don’t care about your so called “mistakes” or if you have come off path so to speak, it’s only always interested in if you’re here right now and if you are it says “let’s go, this way!”.Always in the present moment.You decide, don’t let the signs themselves decide. (Static “signs” are merely beliefs that you have accepted as “truth”).Instead listen within, be attentive to things that come your way, conversations you overhear – it’s always about if what you see and hear touches something with you, it’s not about the signs themselves.Maybe a book comes to your attention several times, people mentioning it a lot, or you start seeing it everywhere until it becomes totally obvious to you that you should read it.You may even find yourself in a bookstore and that precise book is staring at you from the shelf and you just know, you get the inner aha which will make you smile inwardly.Only in hindsight can you see the whole string of events and signs that lead you to finally get that book. So is it with all things that comes from and by the heart, we can only see after we have actually taken the step how perfectly everything was orchestrated.The signs were there for you and they have no meaning at all for others and vice versa.Signs are not to be ‘believed in’ but to feel resonance with – they need to touch you on a deeper level.And when they are recognized within you, say “Thank you, and keep showing me, keep talking to me God”.If you feel that it’s difficult to hear and see clearly simply ask for more clarity.A simple heartfelt prayer like; “Please be more clear God, make sure I really get the message” is enough, and then let go.Trust that Spirit will show you what you need to see in perfect timing.- See more at:
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"Well as spiritual beings we are way beyond our genetics, but as spiritual beings evolving in physicality, it is in our individual and collective interests, to safeguard our genetics, so that we may each ascend to higher physical perfection, as…"
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"Drekx said: "Human DNA is being impulsed by cosmic rays"

Agarther question: but parts of the DNA can also be activated/deactivated with intent/will, we are not determined by our genes?"
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"The idea of human angels, is actually a misnomer, as I stated last week.....However, as Agarther pointed out, about Islam, and archangel Gabriel meeting prophets, the idea of "angels" providing "virgin births," was actually an Essene community…"
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"The third strand of DNA would be sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation in so-called Human Angels. I kind of read that somewhere. It's been a long time. Isn't that the Bringer of Dawn?"
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"Not certain of their percentages, but the developing third strand, far from being "junk," or detritus, (the medical term,) is an increasingly active, communicator strand, activating transformation to eventual 12-strand DNA........The galactic human…"
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"and Drekx is it correct that the Human Genome Project mapped only 5% of the genes and 95% were classified as Junk DNA because inactive? I read something like that, since you mentioned the limiter gene"
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