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In this most precious session that I, Mary Magdalene, had with God, I Am that I Am, the Source of All Creation, I asked my Father to describe the VEIL that I will soon pass through in order to be translated into the particles of light that will be transformed into my new body that will soon begin a new life and mission on Terra Ha, the New Earth, where all who are on this Earth will Rise to in Twenty Years.

This description of the Veil is a part of the series of channeled sessions that I have had with God during the past six months of my ascension or rising in Frequencies.

These you tubes will be left on Earth for those who will be searching for the Truth in the Future. We don't know how long it will take for the individual consciousness to search for the TRUTH, but it will be her when they are ready.

Please begin with the greatest description of THE VEIL.There has been so much written about the VEIL that has brought Fear and Confusion to those on Earth. And there have been some good descriptions of the Veil, that were not quite as complete as the ones given by THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM.

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