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Global Meditation for the Transition to the Universal Plane

On Feb 10, 2011 we will be entering a new cycle together with Mother Earth, the Universal Plane. Healing on all levels wants to take place.

Choose 7:00, ensuring that the collective energy of love is being released for a certain length of time on this day. If 7:00 is not suitable for you, then just tune in with the beings who are currently meditating when you have time.

Take a crystal that has been cleaned the day before and placed outside for 24 hours. This crystal is a gift for Mother Earth, so choose one that you are prepared to return to Her.
The energetic potential of the Universal Plane will remind humanity of its connection to Mother Earth and return us to a life in unity.
Mother Earth has served humanity patiently and devotedly for a long time. She gave us nourishment, She gave us our bodies, and She was there for us so that we were able to experience ourselves as human beings at all.
Now it is time to thank Mother Earth and to pursue a new path, a joint path in harmony and unison with the heartbeat of the Mother.
It is time to show our Mother that we are ready for it and return something to Her as a token of our gratitude for Her generous gifts. Your chosen crystal is the symbol for your willingness.

As a last step, you return the crystal to Mother Earth, on the day of meditation or in the next days. Choose a stretch of water near you, a river, a stream, a lake or the sea, if you live nearby. Throw the crystal into the water and allow the love and thankfulness to be carried around the earth by the power of the water, so that all other beings will be reached, who are still caught in the deep dream of forgetting. If you receive an impulse to repeat this ritual with other crystals, please do so.


Sit comfortably back and count to 7 in mind and breathe slowly through your nose. Visualize you, like light through your roots and crown of the spine along streams and accumulates in your heart chakra.

Count to 7 and keep in mind while his breath. Watch the ball of light in your heart center.

Count up in thought, 7 and exhale through the mouth. Imagine now how the light in all directions through your energy field to the outside enters and cleans everything Spent and removed.

Count up in thought, 7 and hold my breath. Watch what happens.

This breathing technique repeat 7x in a row and then allow just how the energy moves. Most feel so easy that you could drift with the wind. Experience the feeling of freedom.

After a few minutes you can go ahead and go in the conscious connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Let your heart center in a ball formed out of love for Mother Earth. Remember just to the wonderful places she has already shown you, and send this ball of light into the heart of Mother Earth. Wait, wait until she answers you. It will say, because she loves you. Let all her love into your body and your energy field to flow. Let your heart center in a ball formed out of love for father sky for what's beyond Earth. Remember, for example, to a starry sky and send all your love to father sky. Wait until you answer Father Sky. He sends you his love. Let it flow into your body and your energy field.

You are now connected in love with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Enjoy this connection to the first 10 minutes to have.

Then, imagine how you are floating along with all the other people who meditate just above the planet in the universe. It forms a circle around Mother Earth and keep yourself while on your hands.

Now think of everything for which you're grateful mother earth. Say it silently or out in your mind:

"Mother Earth, I thank you for my physical body, I thank you for your beauty, I thank you for the food, I thank you for the patience that you have placed in us your children. Etc ... .. "

Stay for 10 minutes at this picture, as you hand in hand with all the other people were floating in the universe, and thanks to Mother Earth. If you think of anything more start, simply from the front.

Then return to your body now and take the crystal that you have set before thee ready and hold it to your heart center.

Now breathe deeply into your heart and imagine there remains a shining sun. This sun is now charged with all the love and gratitude you feel for Mother Earth. to breathe deeply now for another 10 minutes and see how the sun always shine brighter start breathing out, and let the love and gratitude will flow into the crystal. Charging her with love and gratitude in your heart.

Then gradually return back to the here and now.

Heart Greetings
Shari and Anna

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