They say, " People in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones."




Sept.9, 2011


They say, " People in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones."


For those stones will come back and bring down the very house you call your HOME.  Here in-lies THE riddle of the masses....THE conditioning at it's very essence.  Our entire planet IS a glass house.....ONE that WE constructed to "house" a mass variety of "species" .  WE provide all the required "nutrients" to "grow" within this Glass House we call Earth, by our very actions....or more specifically, our thoughts.


Over  time.... "The People" of this planet elected a number of various "Gardener's" to tend to this MASS Green House, while we were all so very busy keeping up with the new "teachings" from our newly elected Gardener's, as we "thought" they knew better about "growing" and "maintaining" our young "seedlings".  They offered us NEW ways to maturity.... provided us with "artificial light" for 24/7 convenience..... created NEW and SUPERIOR products that did away with nature all together.....and slowly over time.... we've come to rely on these "gifts" as a better way to grow......independently from ONE another.


But like all artificial "supplements"..... the more ONE uses......the more ONE becomes dependent.....until eventually you become a "new" species......ONE that is much easier to control.......or regulate as the "food" you now depend on, has become boxed.....labeled.....and priced out of your reach......unless you comply to the NEW teaching of your Gardener's.


This "Garden of Eden" has now reached to all four corners of the Glass House.....or more specifically....the 4 Pillars of Society.  Weeds are abound where ever one looks......but most don't even notice them now as they themselves have become the weed......and the Gardener's we elected to help nurture our "growth" are eating the "fruits" of our labours, all while telling us that we need to do more to help them "combat" that problem .  WE as a living "species" have outgrown this "house"......there is no more room.......and after looking around both up and down and left to right....we have ALL come to realize that the Gardener is no longer needed......in fact....it IS the Gardener's themselves that have become to LARGE, thereby taking up and "occupying" OUR SPACE.


They say people in Glass Houses shouldn't throw stones.....


I say......WHY NOT?


Bring it down.....and watch the Gardener's wither.......






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  • Thank You Brother for sharing this......

    Love and Light

  • Precisely why Shiva's essence is the only Deity I need!  Thanks Karma
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