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Formerly an astrophysicist, Giuliana Conforto taught classical and quantum mechanics. Deeply involved with Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), she has applied the ancient ART of MEMORY, and so has become able to remember humans' origins, "see" within and listen to the "only Force, which links and gives life to infinite worlds" to which Bruno and manyother sages had sung praises. She's proposing an anthropic and astronomical revolution, centered on the main FORCE, Universal LIFE, that is changing the entire solar system and amplifying humans' perception. Itis the same FORCE that physicists have discovered and hidden under a false name: Electroweak. They cannot realize it is Universal LIFE, because the scientific method uses means, which cannot feel emotions and love, the key expressions of LIFE. Joining her inner work with facts, scientific discoveries that media do not diffuse, Giuliana Conforto has realized the huge deception of the official "knowledge", which ignores the meaning of LIFE and strongly links human emotions to fear. Neglecting the light side of the FORCE - the weak nuclear field - both sciences and religions pretend to ignore that infinite universes do exist and unveil the each human being's immortality. Renaming the scientific discoveries from a human perspective, she is proposing a new/ancient knowledge, Organic Physics, based on consciousness, each one's direct link to the TRUE SUN at the Earth's center.


Taken from the book Organic Universe by Giuliana Conforto

Life’s purpose is evolution, increasing order and complexity, syntropy


.... Up to now Life’s evolution has implied the disappearance of old species and the appearance of new ones. Digging through the layers of rock, palaeontologists have found that most species have long stable periods followed by a burst of change. While the majority slip away quietly and without any fanfare, the wiping out of dinosaurs, 65m years ago, was a mass extinction event; it caused the death of around 70% of all of the species; it was a “catastrophic event” that marked the boundary between the age of reptiles and that of mammals... “Catastrophes”, sudden changes of a system, are due to a few driving paramaters, according to a well known theory. Yet most scientists neglect the driving force, the “weak” side of the Electroweak Force, cosmic Life...

The “weak” side of the Electroweak Force links each body to the whole that is an Intelligent Organism. No one is alone, no man is an island. Not even atoms are isolated, each jostling and competing against the rest. Many people are now aware of it. Why do these same people still behave as if they were isolated? Because awareness is not enough. Self-consciousness is necessary, i.e. being what we truly are, immortal in this world, but not from this world. Self-consciousness is a new state of the nuclear matter, which composes our human bodies and brains. Awareness and consciousness are often confused between each other. Yet they are complementary abilities. When awareness is at its maximum, consciousness is at its minimum and viceversa.

Many people are now aware, know about the game of goose humans have played for millennia. They read books, participate in “spiritual” workshops, meet masters and/or are even masters themselves. Awareness was just a first act of the great Opera. The moment has come to accomplish the second act. Which Opera? The actual and practical composition of an organic society that tunes in with Life’s Plan; cooperative organizations of self-conscious humans...

... Like a lyrical Opera, an organic society is an extra-fine organization, which also requires appropriate specialists, members of the new Adamic species, who have developed their own peculiar abilities, besides the common ones that are inner hearing and will to participating in Life’s Opera... Becoming conscious of being a creator, New Adam, the “son of man” is not only a mature observer, but also a partecipating and responsible professionist, able to be a seed for the organic society, which is going to be born. He has understood the trial and error progression, and so he is able to learn, gather information, discern between what is beneficial and what is not to the Organism’s collective wellness...

... An organic society is a whole, qualitatively different from the mechanical one that has pretended to separate “spirituality” from “materiality”. The “power” of the reptilian Empire was its ability to use information in order to make people an aggregate of reciprocally conflictual parts. Empire’s latest game is perpetual war for perpetual “peace”... The paradigm shift from entropy, that implies limits and control, to syntropy, that implies free energy and prosperity, is still invisible, but effective in many activities. Like protein molecules, self-conscious humans are catalysts, i.e. able to make and perform plans that catalyse each other’s production... An organism is living and functional. Each cell is a conscious unit that is self-sustainable and aims to be useful to the whole organism...

.. At a human level, a conscious unit is a cell group, a group of people which operate for the well-being, healthy and wealthy of the group itself and the entire humanity. A cell group is an open, stable system; it must have a nucleus or seed-group, composed of very few individuals, with all of their bodies in alignment, and connected with the cosmic breath of Life. The seed-group works like the RNA messenger that conducts and tunes cell’s peculiar activities in with Life’s Opera...
.. Seed groups might be like the neuro-receptors of the organic world. Being attuned in to cosmic Life, they transmit a global information, useful for individual health, freedom and collective harmony. Only if they sing the Song of Life, cell groups become stable “attractors”, have good nutrients and means to fulfill their plans, which are Life’s same plans. They need local and global coherence to the world organism... A cell group gets rid of arbitrary and imaginary “confines” that have isolated individuals and favored social squandering. Whoever might be useful in any cell-group. “Enemies” are just those who don’t respect it. So any cell group has its immunity system, that is everyone’s ability to recognize “enemies” and either fagocyte them, i.e. make them harmless, or expel them. The good of one is the good of all. Each one’s resources and abilities are used with reciprocal respect and trust. Joy and transparency are the ways to link itself with similar cell groups, exchange members, be open and stable anyway... Every cell group feels an irresistible attraction to kindred cell groups and connects with them to form the organs of the new society; it listens to and transmits the messages that unite them and generates their coherent organization.
... New organs will join together to form a global network that guarantees well-being and prosperity of the organism, the entire planet. An organic society respects and satisfies all the real needs, including creativity, freedom and dignity for all. It also produces the best and the most beautiful...

Millions of people around the world, each with her/his own unique gifts and unique skills, are waking up, beginning to come together as one heart and mind, under the guidance of a single emerging planetary soul that seeks to inspire our individual and collective potentials. It’s time to meet each other and compose a healthy, joyful and self-sustainable collectivity, just knowing its simple rules.
Every single structure has its critical mass. If it is too small or too big, it no longer sustains itself. For any kind of organization there is an appropriate threshold, we should know and respect. For instance a seed group might just be composed of three members, who reflect the three cosmic principles: will, wisdom and love. A seed groups cannot be self-sustainable, but useful for all and essential for organic society’s immunity system. Cell groups are larger and self-sustainable instead; they will compose organ-groups according to their respective affinities. The secret of an organic society is transparent and global communication...

... There is further “secret”, the impredictable coevolution of Life’s Opera. Like a skilful orchestra conductor, Life brings grace and gusto to all the instruments, and can also add volume and depth to the “strings” or DNA strands. At a planetary level, the musical instruments are the self-selected ones who have chosen to be the protagonists of an organic society. They are willing to listen to Life’s Opera and to manifest It with an integrative paradigm
Integration is a new way of thinking and communicating; it is a productive, creative synthesis of the “divergent” elements, the availability to recognize facts and discern the origins of controversies...

For instance, hermetic teachings have been considered as divergent from the scientific ones. If sciences recognize their same discoveries, their own ignorance of 95% of the whole, they can re-organize themselves and be very useful to an organic society. We can integrate all our different ways of knowing...

... Man can get all he wants: he just has to know what he wants. Will is the key of a turning point.
What do we want? I’d like to propose utopia: freedom, true justice, prosperity and well being for all, a healthy and just world, able to give each of us what we need; so as to respect the only law of nature, Love, Life.
The law of organic nature is the good of every single being in nature. The good of man is satisfaction, not only his primary needs such as food, clothes and a home, but also those equally essential ones such as dignity, harmony, friendship, respect for other people’s feelings, and freedom to express talents and abilities, which we can develop and activate to help us work towards our projects and plans.
You may say I am a dreamer; utopia has “never” occurred all throughout past history. Yet past has passed and linear time no longer exists. Throughout all the known history a mechanical “God” has ruled men’s “life” and death, balancing the matrix through the action/re-action principle. This “God” or else Great Architect has made men believe that the matrix were isolated. It is not. The weak force links it to the invisible mass. Scientists can verify it, if they do not trust such a mechanical “God”, as they say. The matrix is now fermenting and many times coexist in its midst. What media and TV show is just its bottom level, where each one’s inner struggle takes place. At higher levels there is no fight, but a joyful peace and a great overwhelming laughter too. We can thank “God”. “His” game is over and can rest..

... Being a dissipative system, the visible matrix has bifurcated and will have two possible outcomes, two different worlds, as well as it occurred on Mars, when it lost its magnetosphere, and one Earth at the end of Atlantis...

The “way” is practical and not “spiritual”....

... A healthy plan is like a living being that finds the needed nourishment for coevolving and self-sustaining. No rigid rules exist in a free world. An organic plan needs organization, coherence, quality and above all love. Work done with love and love for the new world is priceless and sooner or later will receive not only an economic compensation, but also Life’s infinite real gift: freedom from want..

The main plan in the new world is being. Being is the only way to have everything, even money, if needed. ..


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  • Giuliana Conforto: "An invisible, real, nuclear FIRE is making our usual, limited horizons vanish. It is unveiling that we are into a multidimensional ORGANIC UNIVERSE, involving infinite, intelligent worlds and reproducing ITSELF. A new, right and prosperous world is now possible. We just need to leave the illusory TEMPORAL GAME and use our emotional brain, able to feel the ETERNAL HARMONY, the moving nuclear FIRE as inner truths, eros and emotions."
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