Genetic Dreams

I have this dream that I've had over and over (I call it a repeating dream) for years. I have many repeating dreams, some about flying, floating, anti-gravity jumping and a host of other things. But this one is the one that really gets my attention. For a long time it never did. I just kept...dreaming it over and over for years. Come to think of it, I hardly recall when it started. It's just always been there. And the dream is simple. 

I am chewing off my hand, nonchalant and all, and it just grows back. Like nothing. That's it.

It's pretty weird. The last time I had the dream it was staged with me at the table having tea outside with someone. "Excuse me," I said and began to chew my hand off, a few inches above my wrist like it was perfectly normal. And about 30 seconds later another hand grew to replace it. The hand I chewed off was on the table beside me and I just looked down at it and then went back to drinking tea. The same dream will play out in many difference scenarios; me on the bus, me walking down the street, me in my living room watching a movie. Just anywhere, really. 

What gets me though is that there isn't ever any blood. And in the dream it doesn't bother me or hurt. I am not sure why I do it-I get the idea in the dream I do it just because I can.

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  • Kinda joking

  • Lol if you are concerned about me eating my own flesh I don't think you need worry. And I think the dream has literal meaning for me as well as my body is meant to regenerate fully. We have ultimate control over our avatar and latent genes that were switched off can be turned back on-and they are. 

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