I wasn’t going to do a long post today but there I was, unable to stem the flow. What I DO want to share is the update Gene Decode did with Nicholas Veniamin. Nick let Gene run with it and he did a marathon; non-stop review and updates for one hour with incredible detail, and some things no one else speaks about very often. Gene’s updates are always riveting.

The situation in Ukraine is not only different from what the press is reporting, but it’s dramatic and for some, perhaps difficult to believe. I believe Gene has good sources and he reported that Kerry Cassidy shares at least one of those and broke the story before Gene did. If you don’t believe in “aliens”, buckle up. Nothing is what it seems. God bless the Russian military. May they be safe and victorious. Watch at the link below. 57 min.


Gene Decode – Explosive Intel on Deep State GESARA

As Gene mentioned, many misunderstand the role of Elon Musk. He is a “front man” in the operation just as Trump is. The military took control of the planet long ago by uniting with the forces in many countries. The military does not want to appear to be pulling strings. Again, it’s “optics”. Everything is about optics, folks. A lot of the people we see in the news and actively playing roles aren’t even the original person. Many were arrested and many have been executed. Some are still awaiting their military tribunals for the disposition of their fate.

Some say Elon Musk is not the original; that he is just an actor/clone doing what the White Hats need him to do. Let it go. He is doing a fantastic job in the “movie”, just as Trump is. Same with Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis, or anyone else. Whether these characters play heroes or villains matters not. This is a movie within a military operation and not real.

Q asked us what makes a great movie. The answer is “great actors”.

Q told us, “You and your families are safe.” I believe that is because this “movie” is a tool, and while it will do the trick to awaken and teach us a great deal so we are prepared for ascension, “we” at the soul level are safe and when this is complete, we will return to reality.

It’s complicated and there is nothing we can do but watch this train wreck and try to alert others. The filth littering our world and the predation of Humanity is nearly at an end and our Golden Age awaits. The psychopaths cannot vibrationally go where we are going and will be left behind. That’s just the physics of it.

Unfortunately, I came upon this Telegram at lunch and have not listened to the video clip but if you can, and have the stomach for it… consider the reasons why we cannot co-habit with these monsters.

The practice in that video above is so far beyond the pale that some may not take it seriously. I wish it were not true, but I believe it is and it explains why so many resources went into pooh-poohing the presence of “aliens”.

Here’s another Telegram clip of a baby that soldiers rescued from the tunnels. Link to Telegram. This little soul has never seen the sun, the moon, blue sky, perhaps not even his mother—if he or she had one. They have probably never heard music, a bird call, or had a loving, nurturing hug until now.

The satanic freakazoids who breed Humans like bacteria in a Petri dish must be eradicated from our world and all others. They cannot be redeemed or rehabilitated.

The bad news is, there most certainly are “aliens” who do unspeakable things on our planet. Who did people think were sexually mutilating cattle in the middle of nowhere with surgical precision, leaving not a drop of blood, no footprints, nothing?

Despite the challenging news and disturbing events unfolding on our planet we need to keep our frequency high with the best and highest possible quality of food, drink, supplements, reading material, entertainment, spiritual practices, exercise, sunshine… whatever we can manage to detoxify our bodies and minds and allow as much Light in as possible.

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