Not a lot of UFO's in the media but our Sun has been in the head lines a lot in the last couple of weeks. Seems we have been having not only mysterious storms on the sun itself but also Geo-magnetic storm waves sent to earth that have not been caused by solar flares. No one has heard of that before . And non has heard of tornadoes on the sun but its happening. And no one has heard of Beta,Gamma, Delta waves coming from the son and I can't explain them but they came with this last solar flare of X-Class 5.4 and that's a really big one on the 7th and smaller x-class beginning of the week and many m-class flares last week and more coming. These are all throwing out large amounts of charged particles especially the x-class.This will begin to knock out satellites. Our audio and video systems will be effected as well as cell phones and wi-fi. And they will also knock out electric grids and the worst part of that is that it will cause the nuclear reactors  to malfunction as they need a constant feed on the lines so as not to overload them. There are 450 active nukes world wide that could soon start to overheat and melt down as these solar storms and flares get worse. No one was thinking about this problem when they built these things or where they? We are seeing the shifting effect of the earth as it heats up internally and all the resulting earth quakes daily and several volcanoes going off weekly and these will grow more intense as more charged particles hit the earth.Some of this is the DC work with the HAARP Weapon. We seen evidence of this with last wks M-Class storms producing 30 Tornadoes in the south east and this wks X-Class storms producing a unheard of 90 Tornadoes all with the help of HAARP.. DC's HAARP is also behind the big  and the many Earthquakes, steering things up and trying to make every Earth Change much worse than it was. The Trumpets continue to blow out warnings as the pyramids shoot energy beams back to the Photonic Clouds. All has been for-warned before in prophecies.

   Some think the Sun has a upset stomach from one of the comets it ate recently cause they pretend they didn't know where its coming from. But of course its the Galactic Plane, Photon belt again. Those huge amounts of charged particles are not only hitting the earth but also the sun, causing these storms. Another negative side effect of these heavy Charged Particles is that they are bringing down more parasites and non-earthly bacteria from the upper atmosphere. That is one of the reasons the chem-trails have been so deadly to us. And now in the final days of the DC they have made there chem-trails even more potent and then with the solar storms and those charged particles bringing down more. People have been really sick. And today we where hit with a big onex-5.4. I am up all night so I sleep in the day and I awoke with the most terrible headache coughing up huge amounts of mucus and it felt as though I had razor blades in my throat, one of my worst cases in 14 yrs. And remember these particles also have a positive effect as well. They are what is exciting mankind's and animal genes to activate.our dormant DNA 12 strand code. We have already stared to move up to the 12 strands to become first 4d then 5d humans somewhere around the Dec.pole shifting time. The Cycle of Cycles, Ascension time. It is believed that the New Earth in 5D will separate from the Old earth of 3D-4D. The Birth of the New Earth will take place here for all ''who has eyes'' to see.Sort of like a atom splitting to become two. Or from the dearth of one , new birth or life comes to another.

Reptilians are back in the News and I mean that literately. On you-tube there are several long vids on Reptilian hybrids and shape shifters like Rockefeller's. It seems there are many  News Casters and now for some unknown reason's there slit eyes are acting up and giving them away along with the tongue wagging. Most of these are in the USA but there are others around the world. This is being caught by there own cameraman's. David Ike first brought this to peoples attention by slowing down or freeze frame vids, news casting and movies. There are also movie stars and Rock singers who are Reptilian. There are shape shifters and hybrid Reptilian and cloned hybrids in many many governments. David IKE and David Wilcox say that all of the US House and Senate have been replaced with these hybrid clones except one in each (Ron Poul) and shows many pics of this. Of course they have also replaced acting Obama with several of these clones and the rest of the PM'S and Royalty that wasn't already Reptilian shifters or Hybrids, around the world. So what we are beginning to see is that there are millions of these Reptilians posed as humans all through out our societies including the very wealthy. They are everywhere and into everything. I have seen a few of these myself , a female in Aust.22 yrs ago and a male just recently here in Belize.There are several things to look for. First the slit eyes, they often hide behind sun glasses or contact lens. 2nd is if they stick there tongue out several times or bite on it, and 3rd is if they have broad shoulders and narrow hips and speak rather strange,like a foreigner with a marble in there mouth. Hopefully are ET friends will start to round them up soon. People will really be flipped out when they realize just how many of these Reptilians there are here or was I should say in control of our world through the DC..NWO..And they and all members of the DC will be arrested and put to trail very soon.

In the DC headquarters of the USA, News, they are Speaking of Trails,FOX and MS and BBC News covered the coming New Court Case by a sheriff in Arz. and the Tea Party that much research and evidence shows Obama's birth certificate to be False.And hopefully the real certicate which I posted here last mo' will be examined to prove that indeed Obama was born in kenya by a kenya Father and a USA mom. Which makes him a Illegal acting President. This may be the real evidence that News reporter and web master Breitharts was murdered for, by the CIA silent killer dart gun that causes heart attacks which at this time cannot be proved. He promised to bring Obama down by info to be released, many thought it was the vids of Obama and the underground weatherman group , his friends at Harvard in the 80's. so moving along, believe it or not FOX media also covered the Banking scam of 2008 and the 15 Trillion $ lost or stolen by the Bansters and the corrupt Finical system. WIN TV in Aust. alsojoined in with news of the DC's chem-trails that make people sick and brings strange weather such as the floods they have been getting. Other DC-USA news is that the ( Reptilian) Congress has ok'ed the $ for the 30,000 armed drones to be used in the USA in the coming yrs. to keep the terror-est at bay in the good ol USA.. Meaning of course to spy andcontrol the people. While DHS is busy making the TSA the new police force by now putting them in subways, train stations, bus stations and as traffic cops both on the highways and in the city's. These police force or law officers are not swarn in by oath or oppointed to office by elections of the people, they are the long arm of the Dept of Homeland Security.The are the New World Order Police. This all falls in line as Obama signed in the NDAA law Dec.31 said he wouldent use it unless its a real emergency then on the 7th of last mo. he sign it into law Declaring a National Emergency from Iran, who has become a threat to the USA and the world. He lied once again folks as the DHS begins to open the FEMA Camps for all those homeless people they created. Is Obama the real Anti-Christ?

The Good News is that our space brothers of the GFOL will stop there silly and extremely dangerous game in its tracks. Other good news is last week many orbs were sited around the world and this wk ufo's seem to be coming back to Phinex for a 15 yr. reunion. Also Kepler radar has now discovered nearly 24,000 new earth like planets. So there are many New Earths to choose from when its time to go. And speaking of time to go I'll see you in two weeks with more mixed news. Hopefully they will be more good news about Dis-closer and contact and the arrest of the DC. ADONAI

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  • Hmm interesting food for thought. Thank you

  • Thanks folks for the positive feedback. I didn't put everything into my news report. I needed more update and references. I am trying to learn all this Sun talk stuff because I believe it will be the biggest factor in our survival to Ascension next to the cause of all the shifting the Photon belt. What it comes down to is, I can't really say for sure but something big is about to happen soon, in the next 10 days concerning the Sun and Earth. I may post another fast blast blog on this tomorrow when I get more confirmation. It seems that the main source of info from NASA is NOAA which has been shut down then reloaded with old and false info. NASA has done much of this over the many yrs in charge but we have to rely on them cause we have no other source. Any way this is a warning that in the next 10 days a solar flare much bigger than the max we have now of X-class could happen. ITs not coming from the 1429 area that we are in now but on the side of the sun moving in our direction in the next couple of days. What is noticed is that the speed of the last 5.4  X-class was nearly 1 million km per second of charged Particles. You can still see that on the CME's coming from the Sun now. But every thing else is blocked out. The underground web news is from the Russians who say its a ''solar catastrophic'' event  that is coming. But only the Nations and govt.'s will know in advance, it will not be told to the people. There is a media black out as well as a web black out. All info is being censored that is being released to us. So this is a warning that something very big and possible bad is about to happen as the sun is bring heated up even more from all the neutrino and charged Particles from the Photonics cloud or Galactic Plane,I E photon belt. So get our supplies together  and be ready for some intense body changes. Hopefully our ET fiends have the energy field working that they set in place in 2006. I would say this is a yellow alert but a red alert could come in the next wk , I will try to keep up with all of this an give you flash updates on the inside news. Maybe our ET friends can give us some more updates as well as they are in the know. Be Safe, ADONAI

  • Thank you for your (rather complicated!!!) message ... I couldn't take in all of it, but it was very interesting to hear why there is so much ill health, not just in my family and community, but probably all over the planet.  The cloning of various people in power was rather a lot to take in, but I know the DC will do whatever is necessary to try and take power ... futile as their efforts are.  Thankfully nothing is going to stop this planet ascending and all those who are ready for the Golden Age.  Hang on to your seats!!!

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