So much alternative news and where to start. Have you heard of the strange box's found on the beach in Stone field beach also in Odence Ore. these metal box's were found up and down the beach ,they stick up from the sand 20in. and are 5ft. by 5 ft and no one has yet been able to move them. It looks as though they were buried there or  dropped from the sky. A lot of UFO sightings were seen the night before on 11 Feb. It is said that UFO's and ORB's like to hang out in that area. No report how many of these monoliths there are but several were found on these beaches and reports are in that they go down to n. Calf. I am still waiting for update on these box's. And has the gov't came and try to remove them yet. But the biggest question of all is,  What the heck are they and what are they for  and how did they get there, more next time.

Now speaking of UFO's there were many orb sitings and a few ship sitings last week end, world wide And for the first time ever the MS news also in the USA reported on them and didn't dis-credit them to much. this was great news and one giant step for mankind. Of course they had there d-bunker's speak out on them, trying to say it was swamp gas ect. but they were made to look stupid because of the evidence of UFOs on professional cameras, splitting up becoming brighter or fading out and most of all the configurations that they made. So now things should really take off from here, hopefully on a weekly basis, so that soon there will be talk shows on them and other media events. What would be really nice while we are waiting for the joy ride that was promised to us light workers by the GFOL them selves is this. Why don't they our space brothers take pics and videos of them selves and there ships and maybe another planet or two and send them down to us on these sites or also to u-tube for the whole world to eventually see that they are real. That would be great would it not? Then it would be combined with more up in your face type of sitings and then we would be well on our way to disclosure and contact for our time down here is running out, the clock is ticking. What do you say to that idea?.

The Photon Belt is alive and well and did arrive on the 11-11-11 as was predicted but NASA hid it like it did to the Planet-X, Elenin thing and of course all the UFO' sitings above earth and in outer space. NASA also likes to play name games and has called the Photon Belt a Photonic cloud. And the photos of this cloud surrounding our Galaxy. It is seen as a pinkish maroon  cloud several hundred thousand miles thick cloud. This matches the Photon Belt theory of a huge doughnut or wheel in which many of our solar systems must pass through. It is said that it takes 2,000 yrs to pass through it and is known as the light stage and another 10,000 yrs outside of it before we come around to the other side known as the time of darkness. Which is where we have been now, days of half dark and half light. And we are about to enter the 10,000 yrs of light only. No night as we know now. Our nights will be as our brightest full moon light. There are a lot of other things that will be different to. Such as the dimensional changes and the great effect these photon particles will have on our body mind and spirit. The Photon Belt will play a lg. role in our Ascension event.

I believe it is the Photon Belt that is causing the sun to shift and to have so many solar storms many huge x-class solar flares. So that the earth is bomb-boarded not only by the Photon particles but also charged partials and Nutreno Partials, plus the magnetic storms. All of this together has caused the earth to heat up inside and to begin to expand, once again.And as she does the continents will move as the plates and mantles move. The north and central Americas have now broken free and are moving side to side. And as you can see there is a major earth quake nearly every day, that is a 6.0 or larger and new volcanoes coming alive almost daily and several big ones going off weekly. This is mother earths way of releasing all the built up pressure inside of her and their is much more to come. Soon the sky will be filled with ash world wide, big earth quakes,tsunami's and great flooding that we haven't seen sense the last time the Photon Belt was here 12,000 yrs ago. Many great city's lie under the ocean now that has been discovered but hide from us like everything else that they don't want us to know. That all of this has happened before.

As the Photon Belt approached another strange event has started to happen. The pyramids of the world has started to come alive as well.. The worlds pyramids have started beaming energy to the mysterious Space clouds, known as the Photon Belt.Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the regions of the alien Photonic clouds are well documented. And at the same time the world begins to hearing and recording scary sounds. Noises that seem to be coming from the Photonic cloud AKA the Photon Belt.And the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan  in Mexico transmitted a column of raw energy into space and was just the latest to do so. In 2009& 2010 the Bosnian pyramid of the sun beamed a pencil thin ray of pure energy into space towards the Photon Belt. The amazing incident was followed by a vortex blast from the Pyramid of the moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico city.All starting stress waves on Nov.15, 2011 and that a huge energy release''stress waves'' signal indicating the transition of the earths internal energy, into a new active phase.The Giza pyramids are beginning to transmit this energy beams as well. Which in return has started the strange sounds that is being heard around the world.

These sounds seem to be a direct cause of the inner earth changes including plate movement and is being bounced of the ionosphere  all being caused by the photon belt. I think that these great pyramids were built by or with the help of our space brothers to help release some of this built up pressure and not only on this planet but all inhabited planets. For instance Mars and the moon has pyramids as well. And according to the book ''the keys of Enoch, from the early 70's. these pyramids are set on vortex's , connecting many grid patterns around the world,where the earths energy connects, like the human body meridian points.They also said that spaceships will be very active around these points, especially Mexico because it was there head quarters the last time this happened. And it will be the best place to get picked up when it is time to be rescued. I wrote about this in my e-book ''2012 new earth'' I also remade and updated the map that they have in the Keys of Enoch book. Mexico will be a very important place when all of this takes place, that's one of the reasons I am next door here in Belize. (Note; my e-book's will be free next month)

There are two more blogs relating somewhat to the Photon Belt and the great earth changes that are upon us now and much more to come. In the blog Ben posted info from the Starship Athabantian, they speak of the Plane of Galactic force. I posted on this in a previous news update and they called it the Galctic Plane which is one and the same as the Photon Belt. In this post they also talk about the great earth changes brought about by this Galactic Plane and the shifting of the Magnetic poles and well as of time as we know it and the shifting of the con tenets. Which by the way I wrote about in the end of last year, that all of the Americas have broken free and is just floating.The ET's also spoke of the Paradigm shifting, which is another way of saying the Ascension shift. So were in for a lot of shifting. Hope your up to it. Next we talk about Adama of Telos, who is reporting from a mother ship because they the inner earth people of Telos city has left because of the earth changes that are and will be brought about by the Photon Belt. I find it a bit strange that 23 years later I am still writing about the Photon Belt, but of course from many different perspectives now. Also I saw it in my 2nd Vision 41 yrs ago.

And here we are still talking about it and the reason is that it is the cause behind all the shifts and earth changes and I believe the Ascension shift as well. I noticed that many people have been talking about the Sun, moon and earth shifting and all the great earth changes that are resulting from it but never say why, whats the cause. call it Photonic clouds,Galactic Plane or the Photon Belt it is the reason behind all the changes. Anyway Adama says that DC refuse to give up the NWO and they will go down fighting and they will go into hiding in there underground bases and city's that the ET's can't reach, Adama said ''so be it'' they will let them die there. The space brothers and the spirit realm have had a damper on the Photon belt that has been holding it back and keeping the energy force at bay. But they will now release it and let it do its job, which will make old earth uninhabitable for a very long time as she recovers and heals herself into a higher dimension.

All those who want to leave will be taken on board the ships. The rescue plans will continue as was planed many years ago.So those two story's are much different than what salusa and the GFOL is telling us. Or maybe in this Dimensional shift we get to choose which reality or story we wish to join. I for one want to go up on the ships, and that is an Ascension to. I don't know if I will make the higher Dimensional shift that they talk about. I am inclined to believe that also will be 20 to 30 years from now for those who chose.I suspect there are a few of us who are ready now. But for me a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Meaning I know I can make the ship rescue plan. Until then our jobs down here will be to help those who haven't a clue as to what is going on, that is once disclosure starts to take place, Hopefully by the end of next month.

We really need to speed things up because most ''normal'' people want be able to handle the expose of the criminals of the DC  and Disclosure and contact and then the great earth changes brought on by the Photon Belt and then to be told we have to leave on those ships, that Hollywood and Religion has been telling them that they are the bad guys all these years. So our job is going to be a great one in turning this around,once we are allowed to start and that should be anytime soon. We can only go up now as the inner earth and the Hollow earth are no longer a option? By then we should know which is the true story.Sadly many people will die there body's it will all be to much for them to handle and we have to except this choice as well, that they have made. And of course the DC who are not rescued to holding planets, who choose to hide they too will have a whole lot of Karma to pay. And its all about Karma. And that's one very good reason to Ascend into the higher dimensions, to stop the wheel of Karma.I am all for it, what about you my friend, bye.Adonai

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  • Oh my, I guess there is some confusion about the pics below. The one right below is my drawing of the Grand Master Universe and has to do with the Urantia book and all that is in Creation so far as of 1940 or so. The 2nd pic, the one Eve posted for me is of the Photon belt, which I  talked about in the above blog an I believe it is the main cause for the Earth Changes and the Dimensional changes or Paradigm shift. And is on the back cover of my 2nd booklet revised in 1990 of the same name #1 but is out of print now. The 2nd reason would be the Planet -X, which is being seen now in certain places as a 2nd smaller sun. I hope this helps clear things up  a bit. There are many pics on the net of Planet -X or Elenin ,which is actually one fairly lg. rogue Comet or Dwarf Star with a tail of 5 smaller ones or moons following it. There are pics and vids of this as well on u-tube. I even have it as a moving pic on my web. site, 2012 New Earth That e-book will soon be for sale as donations only to activate the pay pal. Also I have posted many more blogs on this in the last year on this site as well as others , just type in the subject or go to my blogs and do the same. More to come soon.Adonai

  • Well I tried, as you can see in the pic, its off to one side, so a few words are missing on the right side. And when I blow up the one on the front cover of my book, it becomes huge, so there you can see details and here you can see the whole at once. Then you can go and get a free down load of the UB or read my blog here where I attempt to make it simple. Just type in on this site; Grand Master universe and the chapter of my book will come it. Thanks all. Adonai

    this image of the Urantia universes is copyrighted by rev.joshua skirvin.

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  • FW, you are still there, really nice pick surrealistic? . So your ready for anything huh. Not much of what we thought would happen, happened. Planet -X and the Photon belt are still out there, but most of what is happening is on the inside of us, but we do like to have outward signs, so that we can show other people, some call it "a sign of the times". Some people saw things happen at the ruins in Mexico, others saw nothing on the 21st Dec. No Disclosure or contact but a few good sightings around the world on that date. Most of us are looking for a Miracle to get the hell out of 3D cause nothing there has changed either, the DC are still in power and refuse to give up and they are spraying more than ever with the Deadly Chemtrails and Nanobots, what's the old saying things are the darkest before the morning light, or things will get worse before they get better. One thing is for sure "change is a constant, it must happen, how much and when well thats another story, to be told on another day. L&L,Adonai

  • Thanks Eve. The pic that I was talking about is in the center of the cover page you posted below. Click in the pic, then click on the center pic. It will enlarge and then you can see what I was working on for so long and what we have ben discussing here in these comments and the original post. It will then be easier to understand, because one picture is worth a thousand words. There is another photo of it on the Urantia book club site along with others who have received this same inspiration to make a pic to explain it all or at least shed some light on it.L&L, Adonai PS. Wow almost a yr later and still going strong 5,214 hits, we must have done something right huh,lol.

  • dear rev,copyied,pasted this this photo and dictation from your link,is this the photo you requested,blessings eve.  

    A Guide for the 2012 Paradigm Shift & Exodus

    This Paradigm shift and Exodus of 2012 is the most important event to ever happen in mankind’s history. It is not just one event but many different kinds of events all happening at the same time. This culmination of events has never happened before to mankind or the earth and for that matter it has never happened before in the universe nor is it probable that it will ever happen again. And that is why we must prepare for it now before it is to late. Because in May of 2011 we will start the second half of the seven year Tribulation that started in mid 2007 and will end in mid 2014. The great earth changes that are happening now will escalate as Planet-X brings us a preview of what is to come when the photon Belt arrives and then of course the great Galactic Alignment. All of them and much more will be happening at the same time of the ending of the old Mayan calender on Dec.21,or 22,2012 , depending where you live.

  •  dear rev,which photo are you talking about,is it on your site,i will check later to see,love,light,blessings eve.

  • Eve I got your e-mail but when I tried to go to the link , it was blank. Anyway my site is the same as the books name just add .com. Here it is again ; 2012 new earth Sorry you had trouble. Get back soon and if you could could you please post that pic of mine here for all to see. I can't seem to make it work, its important. Ta, ADONAI

  • Your quick. Its 1.15 in the morning here what time is it down under? And yes that is one of the pics I was talking about. It also looks like the one he used on the 2012 link. As for the UB I still have that large one with the white cover from when I was in Aust. 87 to 92 I sold several of them there. But today I use a newer version from a break away group. Its only soft-cover but it has a built in concordance or index in it. Much easier and faster to find what you want. But do go to my site of my book and find the pic I made .It took me 6 mo's to get it right. And it is said that it helps greatly to understand what they are talking about in the Grand Master universe. Try it and please let me know. Also I did write that comment with the help of the Holy Spirit. Please read it and send me some feed back on it to see if I got the message through without the ego involved. I know its going to upset some people but I believe it was the correct thing to do. My body is hurting all over must lay down for awhile be back later.Ta mate.Adonai

  • dear rev,sorry you have not been well from the chem-trail flu,and i know that you are very busy,because you are such a dedicated soul essence to your role and mission.i have the large format Urantia book,it has a loose white cover the covers the hard back cover,it is very heavy to carry,and is in great detail of the universes,omniverses etc,glad you liked the 2012 link,i have this image on file,if you have not seen it,then you may like to add it to your pc files,so will add it here with comment,love,light,blessings eve.8108980299?profile=original

  • Eve,sorry I didn't get back but was sick from the chem-trail flu. Anyway you read my mind the link you sent me for 2012 was needed as I have been researching Planet -X, Nibiru ,Elenin again.There has been recent sitings again in the N.pole and its really big this time. you can see where it was hit, part of it is missing. And the second sun is back,mostly seen in the north but also in Hawaii.I got through 4 of the 16 vids. I am preparing to write my Galactic news. Also govt. in USA is hiding earthquakes there from the public on the east coast. As for the Alfa and Omega, I am not impressed, I even went to there link. The Urantia book has a better description of it. I did a chapter on it in my book.2012 new earth You can go there and scroll down on my blogs til you get to the drawing I did on the Grand Master universe. Then you can go to the down load of it that I put here on this site last year. If you can't find it on my profile I will put it up here for you. I think you'll like it very much. Did you read the blog Ben put up from Athena about the Merkabah? And the false god they are pushing called the ''most high God Tsebayoth''. Its a false God. I wrote a long comment on it and several other things that I disagreed with and I lost it as my safari shut down, but I am going back its my duty as a messenger of Gods words to warn those poor souls who are lost following this stuff, anyway.Ta,Adonai
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