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There is much to report but I would like to start with what I think is the most important, May 20th Predictions and events. Seems there is a list of events that is going happening that date. Our space brothers of the GFL has been given us warnings in the last month of floods that are coming and rescue plans. Also in this week they have begun to warn us of major Quakes that are coming but as usual no dates on them except on the ocean floods by the end of Sept or first of Oct. So I did some research and there is much concern over the date of 20th May.Much has to do with the alignment of the earth ,Sun and the Pleiades star system, that will cause a Solar Eclipse on the northern hemisphere. Nostrodomus predicted a huge Mega Earth Quake on that date NASA and NOAA unofficially predict it to be in the Ring of fire area, which matches Nostrodomus Prediction. And some think that the Rev,4-20-14 in the Bible predicts the same Mega Quake and Solar Eclipse and Great upheavel of the Earth Shaking over much of the world. Note here. I think that the shaking could be the Shifting of the Poles that is Predicted.

Japanese scientist also confer that the Pole's will shift at this time and that a Mega Quake is likely.They are not sure if it will be a 50% or 100% Shift. This Shifting of the poles could also explain the flooding of the costlines world wide , as the Poles we have now will melt in the next 6 to 12 months. If its a 100% Shift it wont be as bad as a 50% shift. The Yucatec Mayans read the Mayan calender for this date of alignment of the Rattler (snake) ,meaning the Pleaides to end its 60 days of activity with the Solar eclipse and also that its a warning that its the begining and there is more to come. Such as a Mega Quake and a huge release of energy from the Kulkukan ruins . Even more so that the ones I reported on last month when beams of energy shot out of it and others world wide. I suspect that the others will go off as well.They also see the return of there ET Messiah Queztaquactal from that date to the 6th of June. The 2007 Crop Circle and some others refer to that date as a extraordinary event and the 6th as a lessor event as well. They crop circle does show the Solar Ecelipse and the alignment on the 20th of May and the 6th june event, what ever that is. Maybe its when Discloser will take place and then Contact and the Return of our ET friends like the Mayans predict. Fore sure its going to be one heck of a ride on the 20th of May. Its also strange the G8 summit in Chicago is on that date and the War games with the Russians in the mid west begin around that date.

They have already had drills in Chicago with the  Special Op's Military ( homeland security) around those buildings last week . And CBS reported that the govt. and the Red Cross will relocate some people in that area to shelters  and the FEMA Camp is now open for them as well if you want to go there in case of unrest. I would be very leary of the FEMA camps. Also Israel is having a national holiday of Independence of the 1967 War. So its a busy time.Oh ,yes and that Preacher who predicted the Mega Quake, and floods on the 20th of May 011 was just off by one year. But all joking aside we should prepare, put food ,water and energy supplys aside for this event it should be a good show. Also tell our friends and family to prepare. Better to be prepared than Sorry! There are many more events and Predictions concerning these dates that I will update you on the next report, stay tuned folks for the big event!

Easter bunny alien on the run as US troops land in Aust. and new Zealand to prepare for Alien invasion on OZ it was announced. Aussie and New Zealeand troops will excercise with US troops both in OZ and New Zealand to fight Aliens if they invade. This was put on OZ TV as US troops landed in OZ. But the Alien Easter Bunny escaped in the bush.

8.9 QUAKE  April 10 in ring of fire Pacific sea of Indonesia. No tsunami warning issured. The plates moved horizonally side by side ,no problems this time. But still a MEGA Quake.

7.2 Quake hits Mexico 4-11-12, Indonesia 8.6 + 8.2 after shock; Oregon 6.0.Mexico 7.0

Huge fireball seen over south west states in daylight on good friday

7.2 + 6.9 April 11 Quake western Mexico

EGG size hail falls 4ft. High in Texas 4-12-12 from one storm. Road crews stumped.

2 Big Quakes hit Baja Calf. 6.9+ 6.2 April 12

Obama meets school children in upstate wearing a Alister Crowly T-shirt (devil worship).

Quake 7.0 April 17 Papua New Guinea also 6.9 Chile where PM of Canada on visit.HAARP ?

Breivik of Norway Massacre is 30+% Freemason and admits also to be knights templar, Dark Cabal. He is proud that he murdred 77 people for the NWO, his country and Europe.

IMF World Bank gets new cheif. Jim Yong Kim from S Korea but now american as well.

USA and Phillipines troops play war games amid confratations with china over some islands. But Ben Fulford says its over the last of the gold hidden in bunkers and caves on many islands. That the Dark cabal want to prop up there failing US $. White hats say NO.

USA military exercise with friends in straight of Hormuz still on going,

How many USA and friends military exercise's going on around the world same time? why?

Black OP's military Helicopters Exercise in Chicago for G8 summit in May 20

NAZIE Party now in Washington as legal lobbyist and as Obama friends

April 19,20 Sun Shoots fire balls at Earth,will cause satellite & power grid problem 25,28

Obama partys in America's summit, says no to legalize drugs for the DC but against central and S America wishes .Party for Secret service body guards and military go's bad cause they don't want ot pay call girls high price. Most sent home, some fired but what is real story. Does the Homeland Security want to be the only security for the acting President?

Canada pilot mistakes bright venus for another aircraft and drops plane down several thousand feet and nearly hits another plane. Injures many passengers.Venus was to bright.

IRS revoking passports of people owing them money, including 30,000 military troops.

 900 Dolphins die,beaching them selfs in Peru in the last mo's. How many world wide?Why?

Obama trail in supreme court for eligibility of President,no US birth certificate,impeach!

4-22 Russian Fleet arrives in China Port for War games same time as war games in USA

Explosen  at Japanese chemical plant still burning 4-22. Nuclear waste on site is 3,379 barrels. Same time reactor at fukashima #4  also has a explosen and possible melt down, much worse than Chernobyl.May take 10 yrs to cool down. May do great harm to world !!! Great danger to people,must leave Japan and GFL rescue ?

Spain bans cash payments of over 2,500$ in tax payments. Must be electronic to track $

Ron Poul gains back stolen votes and wins back Iowa goes on to finals,wins 20 of 24 seats

Suns solar cycle of 11 yrs past due. Will switch poles at 13 yrs. May 20 maybe more storms!

Mexico govt catches 260,000 rounds of ammo coming from the USA in Simi from states.

4-25 Russian stock Market shuts down declares emergency,dosent want to reopen soon.

Neaderlands PM resigns and his cabanet with him, calls for new election without him.

Hollond is pressured by the DC and USA to shut down all pot cafes to tourist after 40 yrs.

Romanian govt shuts down,yes once again this yr.big $ problems and of course the EU.

Ukrain X-jailed PM is on hunger strike, she says she should not be responsible for the $ collapse 

4-25 /10 ton Meteoroid explodes over Calf. & Nevada . Big Bang & about the size of a van.

Another week of Geo-magnetic storms in the mederate level but bigger ones coming.

Big Bangs & Booms still happening, near Madrid Mo. also many small Quakes,somethings up.

DARPA Robots to enter US military, new generation smarter to be used by Army and marine

New USAF smart drone can take off, hit multi targets and then land all by itself,what next?

Red Dawn Chem-trails are being sprayed on us . This is the most deadly of them all. Salusa says every mo. that they have stoped them but untrue they are getting worse. How do they expect us to do our part and our work when the DC keeps spraying us with poison?

I hope you like this new format where I do more news thats not too negative and less comments. Its a lot of work but the Creator told me to give less opinions ,so make up you own mind. Things are moving ever faster now and I am working hard to catch up. I try to stay away from all the Fear based News the MSM is putting out and the DC is still feeding off of. I am finding it very difficult to read through all the fear to find something that is note worthy. Most all of it comes from the Alternate news source. Let me know what you think. Be Safe . Blessings , We are all one. ADONAI

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Comment by Indigolady on April 28, 2012 at 6:03pm

Here is a calendar for all earthquake in the world.



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