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Today the world is full of inequality and poverty. Those who live in relative comfort and well being in wealthy countries do so at the expense and exploitation of millions in poor countries. We need to create equality for all and we need to get rid of all poverty. The 1 billion who suffer from hunger and who could be easily fed if they had the money, need to be helped.

There are also many dying from preventable and curable diseases who are dying because they cannot afford the treatment. In this way both in terms of hunger and diseases there is a price tag on life. Money is seen as the difference between life and death.

The Corporations and Banks control the labour of the planet through debt slavery and monetary corruption. The people of the world are not free. The bottom line of capitalist globalization is for the wealthy few to control all the labour of the planet and to acquire(steal) all resources of the planet. For the people of the world to be in virtual slavery to them for the almighty dollar. They do this without any empathy or compassion for others. With profit placed as a priority over the value of precious human life. Where a few humans amass wealth, while the vast majority struggle to survive.

As conditions get better in wealthy countries for the average person. They get worse in poorer countries for those people. Who are exploited by Corporate Greed, in order to fuel the staggering compulsive consumption that exists in the Free market economy. The people are complicit with the Corporations because they continue to buy from them and work for them for the crumbs off the table. These organizations consolidate their wealth and power and have become behemoths virtually unchallengeable.

It is up to us to stand up and demand that inequality and injustice end. We must determine together to create a world where all have enough to survive and live comfortably. Where the basis of progress is not profit for the few, but a high quality of life for the many. As such the debt and usury system must be thrown out. The power of banks broken, and the resources and wealth of Corporations used to benefit the many, not the few.

It behoves us that we understand that the only way we can create a world where happiness not suffering is the norm for all people, is through Love, compassion, empathy, caring and sharing. The more the wealthy few create profit for themselves, the unhappier and the more suffering the majority of people have. We the people need to come together and create a system that cares, and provides for all without exception.

Money, debt, interest, profit all need to be thrown out and replaced by Love, Compassion, Caring and sharing. To create a world of peace and happiness for all. We are coming up to a very important turning point in human history. It is our opportunity to stand up and take back the power that has been stolen from the people by a few. It is our chance to demand real and effective change, that rewrites the way we live and operate as a global community. Thus a supreme commitment must be made to stamping out all forms of corruption, ending all wars, and providing a good quality of life for all.

Obviously this change is not going to come from politicians. They are a complete waste of time. It must come from us the people. We must reshape society and government from the ground up. We must take back our rights and develop a system that is based on equality, freedom and sustenance for all in deed, not in principle or as an ideal. We must never again allow Royalty, Government or Corporations to dominate humanity. We must be free. Free to love and live in happiness and peace as it was meant to be.

There is so much possible now. So much technical achievement that means laborious and tedious jobs can be eliminated, done solely by machines, to free humanity to pursue greater things. No one has to be stuck with a tedious job. What is required is for the scientists to be freed from their obligations to those with big money who fund them, for patents to be released to the public domain, and suppressed technologies to be revealed. Working together for the benefit of everyone, without the agenda of big business, we can create miracles and a paradise on Earth.

Carpe diem. It is time to seize the day. The energies of the universe and the divine are now on our side. We must use the opportunity to stand up and create the best of all possible worlds for ourselves and our children. A future that will fulfill our highest destiny as a species an age of peace and love, in harmony with the Earth and the universe.

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