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Dear All,

Greetings in the midst of May. :)  

We’ll be posting an update about the New Earth Grid soon, and how the overall energies are shaping ‘up’, but will take a little pause (paws!) here for a moment to bring into focus a stream of the Leonine Light that has been quietly cradling and stabilizing the Earth’s subtle and physical planetary field continuously through the great Shift of vibration and consciousness currently in progress  ~ here on Earth, throughout the Solar System, and on a wider galactic level.

In the past few weeks, an amplified flow of the Mother Star Sirius has been bathing the Earth and Solar System, honed to particular node points of the Earth Grid through the lightship Sophia (see previous post). Flowing with the Sophia are many beautiful higher dimensional lightships of the Leonine and Feline beings of Sirius and Antares, whose origins in this galaxy go back to the constellation of Lyra and the first galactic federation…and beyond that, to other universes.

The Leonine ship most often flowing its vibration around the area where I live is named the Shem’Arua (Light of the Lion), a large disc-shaped lightship which you can find more about on the Shem Arua page. This ship is captained by a wonderful, loving White Lion Twin Flame pair, Altara and Arudia. They have at times projected their awesome light-forms around the garden here, and appear visibly as shining white orbs in the house, when we’re connecting and communicating together.

Their faces ~ and those of other lion and feline beings on board the Shem’Arua or associated ships ~ often take shape overhead in the clouds, signalling their close presence, frequently forming around or close to small ‘pod ships’ flying out from the Shem’Arua on various energetic assignments, often in a protective guardian role, transforming dense energies in this area (and all around the planet).

Our Leonine brothers and sisters ask for the photographs below to be shared now, which are vibrating with their love light, the feeling of being held in the arms of a super loving family of divine peace, harmony, happiness and constant affection. If you’re ever feeling fatigued or swirled by the intensity of the energies Shifting at so many levels around and within this beautiful Earth, open your Heart to the Feline Star Families of highest light and love, and give yourself the gift of relaxing in their warmth…and radiating that warmth and peace to all around you.

(Faces of Sirian feline beings, overlaid by a large white lion face (Arudia), shortly before a pod-ship appeared, April 16th, 2018).

Their pod ship first flashed as a tiny pinpoint of light directly beneath a small cloud with leonine faces softly forming in it.

(Tiny white pod-ship flashes below a cloud, April 16th, 2018.)

As the ship flew lower, in front of a thicker bank of clouds, its appearance became more defined as an elliptical-shaped silver-white lightship.

(Leonine pod-ship flies in front of clouds, its elliptical shape clearly visible, April 16th, 2018.)

More beautiful Feline and Leonine beings formed clearly in the clouds three days later, radiating so much Love, and they share this with all humanity, who they love dearly.

(Large-eyed feline being, April 19th, 2018.)

In the centre of this photo there are two merged feline faces, one looking downward to the left, the other looking upward and right. Can you see the sweet heart-shaped nose of the white feline looking upward, in the centre of this photo?

(Two feline merged faces with many others around them, April 19th, 2018).

Relax, breathe, and let yourself feel and appreciate the heart-warming, soothing, strengthening inner purrrr of the Lion Star Family gathered around this planet, dear friends of the ascending Earth. Stay steady on the course, and know that all is on track in every moment, as you/we continue to anchor unconditional love and unity, for all.

For more beautiful galactic energies, we’re delighted to be able to share photos and videos from dear friends and guest contributors on this new page: Guest Photos

And we’re also happy to announce the release of an ‘ascension assistant’, the Inner Divine Essence, which you can find out more about at Heart Star Essences if this resonates for you.

With Love, Joy & Gratitude to you all,


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Comment by Joanna on May 13, 2018 at 2:54am

Hi Amparo...oh, Happy Birthday! :))  Very interesting that you were born in a city named 'Lion', and it's lovely to know you feel a connection with the Leonine/Feline Beings. In 3D, the feline families express through 'predator' energies in the polarity, yet even so, their affection and warmth - and in lion family groups - deep lasting bonds - shine through. In the higher dimensional, they really are wonderful, gentle pure Loving Beings, who regard all human beings everywhere as their children....and indeed, there are quite a few humans on Earth who have Leonine or Feline Being soul energies and forms in the higher realms. Perhaps you are one of them? Or in the higher dimensions, work closely with Lion Beings?

Much Love and Blessings, Joanna. 

PS: I especially like the Lion on the Spanish flag in pink! The Higher heart colour. xx

Comment by amparo alvarez on May 12, 2018 at 8:57pm

Interesting that I happened to read this article about them on my birthday...May 12...


Flag of Spain

Comment by amparo alvarez on May 12, 2018 at 8:54pm

Flag of León

Comment by amparo alvarez on May 12, 2018 at 8:52pm

Comment by amparo alvarez on May 12, 2018 at 8:50pm

Mnnnn I feel connected to them...I was born in a city in Spain (Lion) in Spanish LEON...I wonder what connection do I have with the Feline race...Blessings and much Love to you Joanna and to them the beautiful Being of Light and Love...We Are One...

León's gothic Cathedral, also called The House of Light or the Pulchra Leonina


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