I have been asked questions from reader’s so I’ve compiled a FAQs list for you!


What is A.P?

Astral Projection is a form of OBE (out of body experience) which involves being AWARE AND CONSCIOUSLY having the experience.

Since ancient times many people believed in the power of astral projection.

The Egyptians believed that the body was a vehicle for an out of body experience whilst The ancient Indians, as well as other spiritual teachers have also explored the art of astral travel.

Science has also been researching OBE’s and it led to discovery.

IS astral projection/ OBE dangerous ?

It is not dangerous however caution is needed because during a OBE journey you need to always follow your own inner guidance and intuition at all times to avoid any setbacks.

Why is A.P good?

Because it helps you reinforce belief in yourself

increases your overall confidence and self love

increases your health and vitality (when utilized properly.)

Awakens you to learn spiritual wisdom, truth, about the universe, and beyond.

Increases your happiness and vibration: realising the possibilities are endless.

You can Learn about other levels of reality without having to rely on an external source for information (as all truth is found within.)

Exercising the pineal gland which increases information and download flow.

These are just few of the benefits!

Can you give me a quick tip to make my A.P much easier?

Take time daily to allow your mind to rest and wonder.

In that balanced state between rest and pure wonder, eventually you will start to become more and more aware, and when you become aware it will make your own A.P projection experience much easier to manifest and then work with.

Final Note:

Skeptics may scoff and think OBE are hallucinations but most are not.

The reality is, is that the human body is capable of amazing feats and there is so much potential within us that need to be tapped in and turned on!

Some scientific research also points to the true nature of OBE being very real:

This partly explains why a lot of people in our world do have them and why some know things about the universe which they never should have known.

The spiritual teachers on Earth were all in some way accomplished Astral projectors and many of the truths they told their groups are from what they had seen during their own A.P journeys which later have been proven true by science.


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  • I've just been to the frequently asked questions! Was fantastic! Answered all I needed to know! Especially about the Ankh, amazing article! Thank you! Love, light & blessings :-)

  • This article was really interesting! (Like your others!). I was told, many years ago, that the Egyptian word for "spirit" was Ka! Just thort you would confirm that for me please? Thank you in anticipation! Love, light & blessings xxx :-)


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  • gold-ankh.jpg

  • Thanks Jazerka :)


  • Yes Alveta mostly everyone AP's when sleeping but most are unfortunately unaware what they can do in their dream or OBE states. It has so much to teach :)

  • ~Thank you for sharing  Eve and I will have a look at that link:)


  • Eddie - yes astral projection and OBE can have a link to pineal gland if the "subject" activates it , then they will be able to travel "freely," and bypass the long winded stuff :)

  • Nancy ~ yes some cases which have come to light document an OBE seeming to the "subject" as occurring for hours... when in reality it had  occurred for only some seconds,  minutes, or just a few hours. ~ 

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