Freemason identification of the star of Ra

PhotobucketWhy the lost symbol of Ra IS a 'lost' symbol: Including origin of Christmas Tree, Senmut Tomb and Freemason secret. Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol author dropped the Key of Solomon breakthrough with the stunning Hebrew Key of Solomon pictogram cipher. The cipher sourced from the Clavicula Salomonis - Solomon Key manuscript in the British Library. (Wayne Herschel - Hidden Records). The earliest evidence for the Lost symbol of Ra found in the Senmut tomb and the Freemason document are duplicated in the Solomon key cipher.It will challenge history and the human origin theory and rock the foundations of all religions. Wayne Herschel, author of The Hidden Records has all the historical detail online at:http://www.keyofsolomon.nethttp://www.thehiddenrecords.comhttp://www.oneism.orgThe Solomon Key is mirrored with a Vatican secret. The obelisks in Rome seen in Dan Brown's Angels & Demons trailer, the Washington DC layout as well as the original star map of Hiram Abiff with the lost symbol deciphered.After many heated debates on the Dan Brown facebook page with Freemasons it is high time we compare apples with apples as they say. So much anger has been expressed that Wayne interprets 3 orbs in the heavens on the First Degree Tracing board as stars (sourced from the original historical first document on record at the Bradford university - ref follows). Freemasons are saying the traditional interpretation of it as Sun and Moon and say Wayne's star map interpretation is absolutely crazy. The basis of the arguement from a traditional perspective has always been that the Ra symbol is the sun and not a star.For the sake of the debate and star map arguement of the ancient document, their Sun and moon depictions have been removed as well in 'an experiment' also their correlating pillars on the ground. (There were 3 pillars and the three orbs in the sky, leaving one pillar left on the ground for the Blazing star correlation seen in the image below).But the historical Freemason document with this little experiment removing common Sun and Moon references, clearly reveals the star secret!Image shows Vatican viewed from above - St Peter's Key - Masonic star map! Wayne Herschel's narrated full version following TV interview on Matrix TV interview using the special graphics with updates on Key of Solomon and the Ra symbol link to the origin of Freemasonry with the Hebrew Key of Solomon pictogram cipher and Xmas Tree. The cipher sourced from the Clavicula Salomonis - Solomon Key manuscript in the British Library. (Wayne Herschel - Hidden Records). It is the original and earliest evidence for the Lost symbol of Ra and it is about to reveal its shocking star secret at great risk to the author. Dan Brown dropped the story in The Lost Symbol novel suddenly and changed the title.The truth will challenge the human origin theory and rock the foundations of all religions.First fact... Remove Sun and moon as an experiment to see what is left (because scientists have learned all about both sun and Moon), and all you have left in the sky are stars. Note the Freemason references in green font to 'seven STARS' and the Blazing STAR.Second fact... The view is watching the eastern horizon.Third fact... The orientation of both seven stars and Blazing star fits the orientation of the Pleiades and sun-like star over the eastern horizon in Washington DC on the forgotten 'special' timing of the book releasing on that special day! (Dan probably forgot he set up the release date then said nothing).Fourth fact... The ladder represents the 33 steps or degrees in Freemasonry which coincidently is the same degree measurement by astronomers from the rising sacred cross of Orion's belt, which is coincidently also the same measure in the Testament of Solomon text of 33 units of cosmic measure to an important star.Fifth fact... The lost symbol in the document at the bottom of the ladder is found as a RA SYMBOL MARKING ON THE GROUND, which can only be referring to the title of the Blazing star which is the lost symbol of Dan Browns book and coincidently matching the Senmut tomb image that follows.Sixth fact... The pillar on the ground representing the star above in the tradition "As above so below" is a pillar... or obelisk... like in Egypt... like the very same Washington Monument which coincidently also has the same circumpunct RA SYMBOL MARKING ON THE GROUND like the historical Freemason tracing board!
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