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I am traveling a path of becoming a Reiki Master. The most significant obstacle I have is lacking diversity of people to practice with in distance healing. My sessions are productive, but I am at the beginning of this plight. I have yet to be stuck on a plateau, so I need to take advantage of this window of opportunity to crescendo my connection.  The amazing feature of reiki is that it can do no harm. It is subjected to the the recipient's will (on a soul level), the source's will (aka divine will, god, higher intelligence), and the recipient's receptiveness. I have had amazing experiences with it. It can be subtle or strong depending on your higher intention. If you are someone who would be interested in energy healing (free of charge), please let me know. Have a nice day :]

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  • Dear Michael my apologies. . . I posted here earlier, but somehow it got deleted. I wanted to express my deep gratitude for your assistance with your Gift Reiki Healing!
    Richard is feeling improved today . . .in face from 10:55 last night! I too experienced an improvement today!
    In addition, thank you for the nutritional info! Some was new some a reminder, which is very much appreciated!!!
    Bless Your Heart we are sending so much Gratitude to you and all who participated in the unseen realm!
    Blessings and Gratitude to you Dear Feather, for your info, efforts Healing Energy and links!
    Richard said," he was so moved that someone who did not know him from Adam, would be so kind!" And "Praise Jah for your Goodness & Grace"!
    A big BYH's from both of us!
  • This is good data, someone should start a health group on the site for alternative medicine and such :-) 

  • Well, if you were clearing mucus I would suggest pineapple and very hot peppers. But you were just suggesting another attribute of apple cider vinegar :]

    I find it important to not that with ACV you need to rinse or brush your teeth after consuming it. It is terrible for your teeth.

  • You can live so much longer based off of your breath,

  • Well on a physical level it compliments many body systems, but on an esoteric level it controls the flow of chi. It is related directly to your spirit (not soul).

  • Yeah, you can't forget deep breathing too. That article kind of mentioned something related.
  • Seaweed like dulse is a simple, cheap natural source for it
  • Your friend must be taking iodine too. That is essential for regulating programmed cell death relating to cancer.
  • Good sources matter too.

    I don't know your informational base so I feel a need to say these things :]

  • Thank you for the helpful info . . .I will pass it along!
    Bless Your Heart
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Yes, Marker Dragon, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have declared 'No more 'masks' or 'jabs', everything is to return back to normal.
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