Forgive, Bless, Release!

By Lois Cheney In Partnership With OmTimes

Where do we put our words, our emotions, our thoughts? What place do they occupy? We used to believe they existed solely in our physical brain. The fact is that every event, every reaction, every happy, cheerful, angry, judgmental or blustery response of ours goes directly into each and every cell of the physical body. Yes, in fact each cell of your body knows the entire personal history of your individual lifetime on earth! That being the case shouldn’t we give our cells a thorough cleaning to remove the debris or negative input and leave only the positive constructive memories?

I recall receiving a massage from a lady some years ago. She was working on one of my arms when a picture complete with sound and color seemed to literally pop out of the cells in that arm and appear in my mind. It was an apparently unimportant event that happened when as a teenager I (with the company of my mother) was buying some little trinket in a St. Louis department store. I don’t recall whether it was earrings or a fancy pin, but something tiny.

The memory pointed out the fact that I had rehearsed one part of the event over and over. And this was that scenario: when the clerk finished ringing up the sale, she asked “do you want a beg?” She repeated her question at least twice and neither mother nor I could understand what she was saying. The problem was her local Missouri accent. She simply wanted to know if she should place the item in a sack (i.e. bag) or would we rather take the receipt and simply place the jewelry in one of our purses.

All of that seems awfully trivial but the truth is I had mentally made fun of her over and over again through the years. It was definitely time to change the whole judgment. What right did I have to see her as less of a person for something as small as her way of speaking and enunciating?

Looking at the bigger picture do you believe it is possible to instigate a kind of cleaning or negativity sweep-out for the health of our cells? Can we remove negativity from our bodies by a cellular cleaning? I believe that it is not only possible but advisable. I think we can create a change in our memories and feelings regarding our actions and reactions of the past. The time to start that work would be when a mental picture of an apparently undesirable past event or reaction such as the little incident I just described (or much worse) presents itself.

We all entertain unhappy memories from time to time. Occasionally we replay the plot and characters over and over again. Sometimes the memories are of situations where we feel we said or acted in the wrong way. Other times we blame someone else.

When you catch yourself in one of those replays, stop! Decide to look at the event and people in a different way. The first thing is to decide no matter how dark that memory seems, no one, including you, ever acts in any way other than what at that particular moment seems to be the only realistic way to act or react.

Even the most heinous act is initiated with the idea that somehow it will “fix” things.  Having decided that, it becomes much easier for you to relax and begin the process of forgiving all involved. It does not wipe out the actions but it does allow them to seem more normal, more to be expected or perhaps just more logical from the viewpoint of someone’s past experiences or conditioning.

Forgiving anything softens the memory, relaxes the body! But from my point of view forgiveness as I understand it simply is not enough. Many times when we forgive ourselves or someone else we are simply saying “I won’t hold it against you from now on.” To me that is still holding on to “you were wrong! but I am the bigger person”. It is still harsh judgment just an ego action to prove how noble we are.

So what more can we do if forgiveness is not enough or if it seems just incomplete? First and foremost we need to stop clinging to the idea that anyone or anything must be either right or wrong. We can begin to bless.

We can acknowledge that perfect divine spark of Spirit that exists in every human being. We can understand that our ways of learning are all different, are all unique. Because that is true we can start sending our own inner love and light to those involved. We can love ourselves. We can love others. That is the blessing we can offer.

The more light we send from an open heart, the easier it becomes to clear the negative aspects of any event. Ultimately we will feel the change and the true release will come! All you have to do is keep on keeping on till you feel the sweep of total change. It is so worthwhile.

What benefit can be gained by cleaner cells? A physical body that is filled with happy loving thoughts, pictures and emotions is bound to be healthy! Conversely we know the darker the attitude, the more fear or unhappiness we entertain, the more likely we are to encourage disease in our selves. Our bones, joints, hearts and other organs can react to imbedded misery. Forgiveness, blessings, love, light and non-judgment offer much better alternatives.

Take notice that I am warning you: when you begin forgiving, blessing and releasing, more and more memories will come to the surface demanding their own love-filled attention. That is a very good sign. You may congratulate yourself. You are on the right track!

Needless to say the best way to keep those cells of our body in a state of bliss would be to halt the judgments before we make them. We should be seeing everyone, including ourselves as “works in progress”. We should intend to always see through the eyes of love; however, until we become a little more perfect or adept at that attitude, we now have a way to clean and clear any troubling memories!

Bless, bless, bless. Send Light. Send Love. Let us make that effort. It will pay.

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