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Past Life Regression - OR - Past Life Stagnation?

This past life stuff, I choose several years ago and asked my Higher Self specifically to keep this all hidden from me, because I'm am working towards clearing that Karma and trauma of those past lives from the other side of the spectrum. I believe this is far more healthy for the soul and far more empowering as well, to unlock our past in this way. Allow me to explain. 

When people ask a Healer or Guru for example, "Who was I?" This is the process of learning "FROM THE BOTTOM UP" or from the Physical on up, but what happens when we do this is we learn "WHO WE WERE" as physical people in our historical past and this may become etched into our physical brains indeed and perhaps we discern these things in the Mental Plane and perhaps we even confirm these things in our Sacred Hearts, but simply "KNOWING" is NOT enough, because these dark past experiences are not then fully examined and cleared within our BEING. This is what I saw several years ago as I will continue to explain. 

What I do is to discover these things "FROM THE TOP DOWN" or from the Highest GOD Self, down on into the Physical incarnate expression of our BEING. Why do I do this? Well, I have said many times such things as:

"Waking Up is not the end of anything. There is ALWAYS another question to ask.. another layer to peel.. another wound to heal.. another note to play.. another song to sing.. another bell to ring.. another seed to plant.. another tree to climb.. another "me" to find.." 

"In Humility before ALL THAT IS, we discover ALL THAT WE ARE.. In Gratitude, we begin reflecting this wisdom upon others." 

What I suggest in these quotes is the importance of HUMILITY. And that is the process I have chosen for myself, because I know deep within that KNOWING is not enough and that it is those EXPERIENCES that teach us WHO WE ARE and NOT the names or the Historical References we have available to us that tell us "WHO WE ARE" as these so called "facts" are indeed so very twisted from ABSOLUTE TRUTH. And indeed those EXPERIENCES are what gives us TRUE WISDOM and this is far more valuable to us than simply KNOWING. 

So how do I go about learning and clearing "FROM THE TOP DOWN"? As I said, "in HUMILITY before ALL THAT IS" is how. I humble myself before everything and this includes my inner self and truly taking responsibility for my thoughts and emotions. 

Sure, I too have been told and have confirmed "WHO I WAS" in several of my more known incarnations, but this information means NOTHING to me as that KNOWLEDGE IS NOT WISDOM and those harsh vibrations and situations of those past incarnations are NOT "WHO I AM" -not in the slightest. WHO I AM, NOW, are the lessons I've learned from those experiences, NOT the experiences alone! And that is the important difference here I am pointing out today; we still have much to reflect upon and to learn from those past incarnations. 

So in HUMILITY, I monitor my thoughts and emotions. And when I am feeling uneasy, or angered, depressed, sad.. whatever Human emotions I might encounter, I seek within and ask, "What is this showing me?" And in meditation, and perhaps even an entire sleep cycle later, I discover a breakthrough about myself in some clarification of my own behavior that needs to be corrected. These signals, or warnings, we experience as emotions and they certainly do come FROM THE TOP DOWN. And those emotions are our soul's TRUE FEELINGS being expressed in the physical.

And what I gain from this is often times forcing me to face dark experiences from my past. Sometimes I don't even know where they are coming from, but I face them nonetheless! The "where" and "when" is not so important. That WISDOM is so very much more valuable to me than KNOWING "WHO I WAS" because I AM NOT, "WHO I WAS" at all. I AM "WHO I AM" or more accurately.. I AM THAT I AM. I AM my Highest Self, I AM my Higher Self, I AM my past as much as I AM my future, but NONE OF IT MATTERS if not 1st BEING... HERE... NOW... the living incarnate man, I AM. 

This is my process. This works for me. I only share this to express another perspective. Be THAT WHICH YOU ARE, HERE, NOW, dear Brothers and Sisters! <3 Jacob

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UPDATE: The following Excerpt was Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-06-2013, from Archangel Michael I share this with you to express the importance of these techniques rather than falling victim to all the technical jargon out there which is only intended to confuse and redirect us all to continue seeking outside of one’s self when ALL THAT IS really truly is within each our own very Hearts!

As expressed through a proven and valid source:

“Do not be dismayed if your past is becoming only a hazy memory, especially the painful memories you experienced during this lifetime. It is time to heal and release the past, beloveds. It no longer serves you to delve into past lifetimes in order to heal yourself or to try to understand why you are acting or reacting a certain way in the present. That is the old way. The distortions of consciousness you created in the past cannot exist when you fill yourselves to overflowing with Adamantine Particles through the processes we have taught you. These magical particles contain the pure/perfect Essence of the Creator and will gradually transform/transmute any distortions in your auric field and your physical vessel. Slowly, but surely, the imperfections you have created both in your inner and outer worlds are being rectified. Remember, a slow steady pace forward on the Path leads to Self-mastery. It is the ego personality that desires more information and dramatic validation; it forever seeks excitement, drama and sensationalism. It has taken a very long time for the Earth and humanity to reach the present state of imperfection that is now so prevalent. The level of transformational progress that has been made by you, the earthly Legions of Light, in such a short time is truly miraculous.”

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Comment by merkaba999 on May 16, 2013 at 9:26pm

I find that it was not who I was in past lives that was important, but what emotions I still carry from past lives that needs clearance in this lifetime. The emotions and the karma and the lessons. Those are real. Especially at this final chapter in this frequency of our planet.

Comment by merkaba999 on May 16, 2013 at 9:22pm

Very enlightening post. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

Comment by Divine Willpower on May 12, 2013 at 5:33pm

Well, I wouldn't say it is THE right way Seban. It is however MY right way, okay. I suggested this because I saw how, for me, that this would teach me many more valuable lessons that I might otherwise miss out on. See, we all come with different Ray(s) of Light to learn specific lessons and to bring those frequencies into this world and to shine upon all humanity. All I am doing here is offering another perspective. So long as we choose to learn through joy, well I'd say that is the right way, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be as I laid out here, okay. The point here is to look upon ALL THAT IS with HUMILITY and then choose what is best for each of us. <3

Comment by Sebanyoth on May 12, 2013 at 12:09pm

Thanks Divine Willpower for the right steps for seeking past lives. Sometimes, I realized that most of people around me were the close relationship with me in the past. Even several town store managers I usually stop by are closely related to my past lives. So, I realized that many group people incarnated to a specific place and time as a Group.



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