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Financial structure collapsing..... Now give me Your money...

I dont get it..... I simply dont get it.....


Maybe its just me, but I find it real hard to "believe" in beings, sites, channelers, masters etc. who claim to know what is coming, but who in the end will only "reveal" the whole truth if You buy this or that or sign up for their "courses" etc.


So what is it..??


I recall what my Reiki Master told me during, or actually right after my initiation:


You have a great gift. A very Powerful connection and a deep understanding of manipulating the energies, but U will always have a hard time using it, because the world U live in only recognize Money and if You dont charge for Your "service" they simply wont believe You are any "good".


That has been proved.. I have always "offered my service" free of charge and only very few have taken me up on the "offer". Those who actually have ofcourse keeps coming back ;-)


And the reason I am healthy, full of energy and never sick, ofcourse has nothing to do with my Reiki skills ;-)


So is that it..??


Do we have to charge a fee to have people believe us in this world..??


Is that whats going on with all those who "ask us for money" while claiming the end is near, the financial structure is collapsing, all wealth will be redistributed equally.etc .?


Cause in my opinion they say/claim one thing but act another, so as I see it they don't believe what they are saying themselves and I cant get the ends to meet..??





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Comment by whoami on April 1, 2012 at 12:51am

My dear Woofler. You nailed it. I never understood why a message from the divine,which is given for free, is passed on to us as a commodity- charged. I also give courses and workshops for free, with optinal donation, but people prefer paying elsewhere.

Spirituality costs only our efforts nothing else.


Comment by George on March 31, 2012 at 9:38pm

Dear woofler you are making an interesting point but the same questions can be asked for the religions, the way we eat, the way most of the people choose to behave.

Money, religions, governments, duality, event the planet we are on all are systems, ideas mechanisms. We need to use these systems in order for everyone to get their experiences.

It’s a transformation period so many people that have been exposed to the truth to what is coming are sensitive to the old world. What you mention affect us all but still we need the old system until they collapse.

Not to forget that many people still hold their understanding and their values on the old system. If we just threw it away many will lose their mind.

My point is that systems and transformations are necessary. But the place we choose to place ourselves is important. So we are connected with like minded people.

I think that all that training you had in being kind, caring, wise, understanding, willing to share and help. It’s not to be compared and challenged by any system. I believe that when the system goes down you will be one of the most wonderful people to have around and shine the light so other can see. Love to your way woofler


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