Feeling Disconnected - Strange Night Happening.

For the past several weeks I have felt more and more apart from everyone around me. I can't help but feel like I'm peeling away from others, and society. Having an immense craving to just get away. Not just for an hour or two, but on a more permanent basis.  My mother and I have found a property up north. It is a real possibility. I hope it works out, because I feel like I'm being polluted. Not to mention this overwhelming feeling that something is just over the horizon, and I need to be ready for it. 

Now a couple nights ago I was laying in bed, it was late. I was trying to sleep when suddenly I felt very relaxed. My eyes were closed but I started to be able to see my room, my shelf, etc. It started to get a bit in and out, like a signal. Before I knew it I was starting to see other places, like I was there, plan as day, as if my eyes where open and I was standing there in the rooms. Then that morphed and I saw people, could hear them. I felt mixed up and then was pulled out of it just as quickly as I had slipped into it. 

I was feeling "not right" and got up... I was so thirsty. Right after there was a feeling to check on my son. Just as I entered the room he began to have a seizure. He has had them several times before, but it had been awhile. He now has been sick for the past two days. :(

I'm beginning to wonder if my mind is changing. I feel like it is, like I'm becoming something I wasn't before with understanding that others around me don't have. It's interesting, but lonely.

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  • What you describe happening to you when you went to rest and you were able to feel and sense you had traveled to other places is whats termed as 'Astral Projection' which is slightly different to the terminology called the 'Astral plane',it's a interpretation of an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it.

    Astral Projection is when your soul [within its consciousness only] leaves your body[OBE..]... via your consciousness you can travel all around the world and its sometimes real time or past life experience time to,as you enter the ether world in other words and can see as if you were in your body but your not really your sleeping,many people can do this at will when practised and trained themselves..READ MORE ON THIS:

    Astral plane is when you do the same type of thing either via sleep [lucid dreaming] or at night within night dreams or willing your soul to enter the outer cosmic dimensions,from lower planes to higher planes all are dimensions upon this planet.. this requires 'soul shielding'..READ ON THIS HERE... as there are many lower frequency entities on the astral plane that can attach themselves to your soul and you can actually bring them back into this reality with you when you return to your body,these feed off your soul energies,they can make you sick even, you in a sense really enter these planes[dimensions] via portals which you open sometimes subconsciously or consciously if you've mastered the Astral plane...READ MORE

    The other things you mention are as others have said 'Ascension symptoms',its common to feel alienated from others who havnt awakened,one tends to loose friends or move away from them, as they seem to not see eye to eye with your thoughts anymore for some reason,they may annoy you and you feel they are backwards or not right in the head and you question yourself what did I see in that person & why dont I feel they are good for me anymore,not seeing eye to eye or many other reasons things like that,it's common ..I hope these links explain to you more in detail and are of assistance to you,there is much more info in this site if you wish to research on your own..and many people to assist if you have any further questions..

    Shek-na-Krena Nekomei

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