FEEL(ing) ISO (lated) ? - KH - January, 2015


 FEEL(ing) ISO (lated) ?
...or for "the common man"...
Are YOU feeling isolated?
Especially of late?
Symbolism a"bound " and all around YOU.
NOT from "side-to-side"...
...but rather from TOP-TO-BOTTOM.
As from ABOVE...
SO from below.
YOU, the "current" (frequency) reader...
ARE NOT "them"...
...for YOU the "current" reader ARE SO MUCH MORE.
Two worlds colliding?....lol...
Two worlds SEPERATING ?
The VEIL (Oops, misspelt.....EVIL ) HAS LIFTED.
Turn off your N.E.W.S. ( North / East / West / South )...
...and BE released from this 3rd dimensional matrix.
...back to the start.....
ISO....as in: "iso"lated.
Lol.....of course YOU ARE.
Look up the ancient Greek word "iso"
Not a standardized acronym created in 1947 ( of course )...
I told YOU....symbolism is ALL AROUND YOU.
FEEL(ing) I CH(ing )
The Book of CHANGES...
...to where and what YOU originally were ( meant to BE )
Reptiles can only slither or barely walk on their bellies...
YOU can stand tall and walk, run and skip over their shadows....
FEEL(ing) ISO (lated) now?
...just (think) different.
MISSION (BEing) accomplished.
Enjoy "the show"
Ta Da.
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