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Feb. 27 -Seven Days to Go to World Freedom Day 2011 by Steve Beckow

Seven Days to Go to World Freedom Day

2011 February 27
by Steve Beckow

This has proven to be a remarkable journey for me. I began preparations in a very strident mood and watched that be whittled away, or polished away, by numerous developments.

One is the series of reassuring messages from our sources. SaLuSa, Saul, and other voices we’ve heard in the last few weeks have said that the momentum of change is unstoppable. It doesn’t depend on us somehow storming the citadels of the elite.

Two is the realization that by over-organizing I’m going against the success of the event. If I were to seek an organizing committee in every city and town, I would create a structure so huge that it’s guaranteed that I could not administer it. I would need a second structure to administer the first structure and there isn’t time to create either.

Third is the realization that keeping the form of the event as peaceful as possible not only serves its purpose but makes it more easily accomplishable. Peacefulness is demanded if we want to minimize the harm done to participants, especially in countries where gathering could be resisted.

Fourth is that peacefulness makes what is accomplished more permanent by creating no karma that would see its gains later taken away. Those who live by the sword must die by the sword. Living by the sword creates karma which then must be acted out later on. Peacefulness promotes the very climate that is itself the promise of further spread and increasing success. It is peace itself which is the goal as well as the means to the goal.
Fifth is the help given by the elite themselves. The Republican governors in other states took up Gov. Walker’s decision to try to cancel workers’ rights in a manner that revealed it was a planned and coordinated campaign. The issue they chose was guaranteed to unite workers and professionals whose wellbeing is based on the preservation of their collective unions and associations.

While I don’t agree with tricking Walker into disclosure, as the false Koch phone call did, the cat was then out of the bag. Walker’s hidden agenda of union-busting stood revealed and any shred of doubt about the man disappeared. The elite may have relied on disguising the move as a budgetary necessity but the tricking of Walker removed any shred of disguise.

Sixth was the spread of dissent across the Arab world into Europe last week and the spread of American resistance throughout the states yesterday. Both show the robustness of the opposition to the elite.
And seventh was the realization that there didn’t need to be a benchmark that we reached. Anything that increased awareness of people on the planet, any increase in that awareness, whatever occurs on March 6 is all to the good. Even if we simply turn out and just look at each other and cheer, we have increased the awareness of the planet as a whole.

Even if we don’t even gather but simply think of the emancipation of the planet, we have created a thoughtform that the Light can use and given permission to the Light to intervene on our behalf.
All of this has either occurred in the world or occurred to me and mellowed my approach to this event. I now am in a place of looking forward immensely to whatever happens and seeing it all as good. It has become an event that is as much an internal victory, for everyone, as anything conceived of as external. And I am as much in that internal victory now as I will be on March 6. I hope everyone else aware of March 6 can make a similar statement about themselves.

March 6 has already been realized over here. I am living in the benefit of March 6 now. I am blissful enough already from what I’ve learned and gained that I’m thankful for the event already, even if the whole idea were swept away tomorrow in some overpowering event such as the world turning out now and not even waiting, those who are aware of it that is, for March 6.

March 6 is now. March 6 is later. The world is free for me now and I am free now. I have personally achieved the result hoped for for March 6 already. There is little to do later and much to celebrate now.
Sovereignty, freedom emancipation, liberation are always already now. Freedom is a present-moment condition. It is always now or never will be.

Freedom is not external. It’s internal. Freedom is an inside job. Freedom is a matter of consciousness, awakening, emergence. The world’s freedom is indistinguishable from my freedom. Not like I saw that before. But I see it now.

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