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Dr. Angela Barnett
Mary Magdalene

We are now in the beginning stages of a VERY FAST TRANSFORMATION SCHEDULE. First, we will have the Arrival of the Original Ones who are Creators, Angels and very High Dimensional Beings are Ascending from the God Realm directly through Mother Gaia to change the Future of the Universe.

They will arrive, communicate with our governments, prepare agreements to allow First Contact. They will then fly through the Central Portal. The Central Portal will work in synchronisity with the Skulls and the Star gates. The 12 Race lines will enter the Star gates, some will be able to see them. They will be helping the Creators on Earth who can see them change the Future of the Universe. They will begin preparing the Fourth Dimensional Earth for the Hybridization Projects that will allow the healing of all of the 12 Race Lines to prepare them to be able to Ascend through the Portals of Gaia in the Future. This is the beginning of the Fulfillment of the Universal Prophecy of Gaia becoming the Savior of the Universe.

The next thirty years will look like this:

January, the Original Ones will land on Earth.

The Original Ones from the Creation Realm will create a Technological Communication to all of the World's Governments Simultaneously. They will create a type of a SKYPE where the governments will be seeing them face to face as they communicate.

The Original Ones plan on communicating with the governments for at least one full year in an attempt to convince them that the aliens of the Universe are Peaceful and are only seeking Universal realignment.

Those of us who are Creators and those of Higher Consciousness who are on Earth can and should do everything possible to try to help our governments understand that these Beings came from the God World. They are Creators and Angels. They are the ones who are helping the 47 Creators who were Born on Earth. We are the ones who are setting the stage for the new future of the Earth.

The new future will come VERY FAST.

The plan of the Creators is One year of negotiating with our Governments, and then one more year of designing a PLAN.

By that second year of Designing the Plan the Governments will probably be considering the roles of the Creators on Earth because it will become known to them that the Original Ones are always communicating with me.

FIRST, the Original Ones land in January. Many of us will shift into a higher Version of ourselves in February. The Original Ones will begin communicating with our governments in March. In June Elijah will begin ministering the Word of God on Earth.

Meanwhile, as the Government's Consciousness is being shifted by this communication with the Original Ones, there will be a SHIFT IN OUR ECONOMY taking place side by side. There will be a domino effect of all of the Normal Currency of the World being broken down and transformed into a new type of currency and other types of exchange.

This shift in economy will reflect the shift in Consciousness that will be caused by the Original Ones Landing and by their Communication with the Governments of the World.

This will all take place within 2017-2018. When we come to the place in our time line when the Governments of the World have made agreements with the Original Ones for the new Universal Peace Agreement will bring us to the moment when the Original Ones decide that they are finished on Earth and they are ready to Fly their Ships through my Central Ascension Portal.

This brings us to the MOMENT when the BIG CHANGE WILL HAPPEN, and this moment will help you realize why all of this that is happening could not begin without the Central Portal being opened first. The Central Portal now Contains the Frequencies of the Entire Cosmic Realm of Consciousness within it. It contains the Power to allow the Original Ones to Travel through it, and at the same time as they are traveling through it, the ENERGY and POWER and Frequencies of Consciousness of ALL THAT IS will become Ignited within Planet Earth and Mother Gaia through out her Universal Essence.

THAT MOMENT will activate all of the 12 Ascension Portals in the Pacific Ocean and then those Portals will Activate all 12 Star gates on Planet Earth. Meanwhile the 12 Skulls - actually 13 Skulls that are each owned by a member of the Council representing each one of the 12 Race lines who will connect into each of the 12 Star Gates and the 13th Skull that will act like a Remote Control Device to the other Skulls will all ACTIVATE MOMENTARILY -- not Exactly, but within a day or two of time.


These Events can all take place very soon in our future now because the Central Portal was opened in Time, and actually ahead of Time. The Original Ones will arrive in January, which will change the Consciousness of Earth and allow the Consciousness of all on Earth to shift greatly as they are landing.

The album set titled THE LANDING contains that Consciousness that is coming in January. My Consciousness is completely attached to theirs already. I am ready to give permission for their landing. I have already seen the landing, I have begun my communication, I have already seen the future of Earth.

There will be these grand events taking place side by side. As the Government is not telling us about the communication they are having with the Original Ones, I will be telling you the communication that is taking place.

What you guys will be seeing is the Economic Collapse, and you will not be told the truth about why it is happening. he Economic Collapse is the Collapse of the Cabal and the Illuminati. They will have no reason to hold up the Economy with their False Manipulation of making us think our Currencies are Valuable because they will know that the Landing has taken place, and there is no way they can maintain their Control after that happens.

So, it will look like a bad thing, but it is actually a good thing. After the DOMINO EFFECT of the Currencies Collapse there will be a SHORT PERIOD of less than a FEW WEEKS when there will be a bit of panic and chaos because most people will not like the fact that all is changing.

And then, there will be the LANDING. Consciousness will NEED to change very rapidly because the First Contact will take place almost simultaneously with the Collapse and the Re structuring of the entire world.

There have been many talking about this event of the world changing in 2047. Well that timeline of everything changing by 2047, but what was left out of that scenario is the fact that EVERYONE WILL be Gone by 2047, except those who were not ready to change their Consciousness. Those who are living in the Fourth Dimension will come back and teach the ones who are still here at that time.

Meanwhile, the transformation does not begin in 2047, it begins in 2017 when the Original Ones arrive, and then the World Governments become ready very quickly because the Original Ones will make their Consciousness change very quickly.

The Original Ones have already said that they only plan on being here ONE YEAR which means that they think they can change the minds of the Governments in about ONE YEAR.

I know what will happen after that point in time, because I know how my Ascension Portals work. The moment the Original Ones fly through the Central Portal, everything else is set in to Motion. The Entire Consciousness of Everyone in the Universe Unites at this Moment when they TRAVEL THROUGH the CENTRAL PORTAL. THAT CENTRAL PORTAL will activate and open the STARGATES together with those who own the Skulls and those 12 TRIBES of CONSCIOUSNESS including Aramantena, Lyra, Orion, Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromenda, etc.

That is the moment when everything will change. Just as there will not be very many of us who can see and communicate with the Original Ones who are landing because they will remain in the Fourth Dimension, so will it be with the First Contact which is the opening of all Twelve Star Gates or the Gates into the Twelve Star Systems. Only those who have Raised their Consciousness high enough into the Fourth Dimension will be able to see these landings. They will be walking among us long before they are seen.

So, this brings us to the period of 2017-2022 when some of us will TURN INTO LIGHT and BLIP into the New Reality of the Fourth Dimension. Those who go through this early transformation will be living in this reality where they can see all 12 Star Gates connecting Earth into her Reality beyond what was known within the Galactic Realm of Knowing.

The Consciousness of those on Earth will be expanding very rapidly from that point on into 2039 when the eighteen month period begins the transformation of billions into Light. And then after that short period of Transformation, those who are left behind will be helped by those who return.

I am now welcoming the ORIGINAL ONES who are the TRAVELERS from other areas of the Universe who are Ascending from the God Realm and now preparing their Passage through Mother Gaia. I am the greeter and hostess for these Entities because everyone in the Universe knows me. They will see me when they arrive and I will give them permission to use the Portals when they are finished with their Negotiation Period with our Government.

This process of directing the Travelers through the Portals is bringing me great joy because these people are necessary to go through the Earth's Time Passage that will bring them into a greater realm of understanding as they Ascend beyond this present Universe into the Omniversal Structure of Reality.

This will also bring a great new awakening to Earth. This will bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. It is on its way. I am given permission to see some of these Beings, but I can hear and communicate with all of them.

These Beings are coming from the God World and they must pass through this realm. These Beings are Angels and other Realms that are very high, and must pass through the God Realm to make their final passage into the highest dimensions.

I am the greeter and the one who informs them of how to go through these Portals. I have this knowledge because I created the Portals. Through my complete Dimensional Selves I know all that needs to be known about the Portals and how they are to be used, and how it works and how it is a part of the Prophecy of the Universe.

These Portals are creating a new world upon this planet. This is how the Kingdom of Heaven will be brought to Earth. And this will affect the Galaxy as a Whole, and the Universe as a Whole.

This particular passage will be for this particular Universe, however it will have some affect on other Universes as well.

But God wants it to be for this Universe because this is a specific Time, a special place and for special reason.

I was given all of the information that I needed to perform this Project for God.

I was also given protection during this project of Greeting the Travelers. They sent me a Protector who is a great and powerful one from many centuries ago and many centuries to come. This is a precaution. If those who come to the portal entrance who do not belong there, the Protector will move them aside and will not let them pass.

When I take on that particular essence of Godliness sometimes it can only see that which is good in that which is coming, and the Protector can see if the Being should not be permitted to enter in. The protector will remove the negative energies from entering in.

The arrival of these Beings of Light will bring the Consciousness to Earth that will begin the awakening of the human to grow back into that perfect form that will be presented on Earth by these Beings and by the 47 Co-Creators who are already on Earth, but only 32 have Risen into their Identity.

These Portals have placed Mother Gaia on a New Time Line of Reality. This means that the Consciousness of those on Earth will begin to think like one big family. The DNA from each of the star families will be shared as a bio-regenesis project of transformation back into the original God Creation Consciousness that all creation was meant to be.

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