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facing madness amongst ourAC community

Im involved professionally with mental health

My professional identity is a vast, vast, vast distance from the mainstream!!!!!


I see a number of posts on AC that indicate the presence of madness !

I am concerned about this and believe we can improve our assistance to these people !

There is very clear suicidality regularly being expressed

There is also delusions being lived through big time!!!!

Im going to try to define insanity…omg

Both point 1 &2 &3  are simultaneous

1) You see the world as your way and act towards it accordingly. Yet a deeper/different layer of your mind disagrees with your assessment and accordingly there is an inner conflict regarding the nature of reality that is in constant and irresolvable conflict. Ie “I’m waiting for and living as though the 5d will arrive now but Im very distressed that nobody cares nor even believes me. They just won’t accept the truth so I feel lonely sad and uncertain. My friends don’t like me anymore”

2) The result of internalising anxiety and emotional exhaustion to the point where there isn’t any more thinking space and so the only events experienced are inside a closed intellectual loop that other people can rarely join into.

3) This is typically associated with a discomforted state of mind/body. You are not having fun!!


Put differently……. you say XYZ is happening but you are unable to present any event that confirms your thinking even for your self and you are constantly dismayed by other people s inability to see the things you do . other people cannot seem to experience the facts you perceive and are often inexplicabley concerned or critical or even more commonly they avoid you.

obviously we’re all mad according to the “mainstream” of thinking but there is a big difference between “odd” and mad….insanity isn’t amusing to experience

So what’s our opportunity????

Doesn’t seem to work well to tell people they’re crazy. Doesn’t work well to agree theyre sane and all others are the problem( lie)

Medication is as ineffective. a band aide at best ( band aides can save lives in the short term) and how would you do it any way ( medication is in my opinion massively problematic!!)

Thinking badly of and or ignoring isn’t helpful

Presenting at a psychiatrist mental health agency with AC ideas is bound to be problematic J I personally would not do that since they would surely consider me mad

Maybe a special interest group or list of professionals that can sit with AC version of reality

Any ideas about how to better respond to the presence of mental dis-ease in our beloved community of souls?????

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Comment by hunter on June 6, 2012 at 3:01am

i got one of those( 88)

i will provide feedback as to how well it worked as it occurs




Comment by hunter on June 2, 2012 at 5:04am

@ nancy....i reckon you are missing stuff ! suicidality isnt an ascention symptom. nor is petulant assertions regarding leaving AC "now"...i see this repeatedly..what about the people that keep it to themselves and simply slip away into whatever life they lead ( or worse).

@ all

I buy that there is a quickening. feel it myself

i dont buy the mainstream rationale regarding mental illness/medication/obediance to acceptable discourse

fundamentally i think that real sanity( our AC intention /expectation ) is precursed ( interesting word eh) by the nessesity of dischrging the distress /pain/injury done to the emotional body in the experience of separation.

you cant be renewed till the old is removed :)

that is to say we seem as a species to be going through a rapid release of these emotions and there is a rapid learning that occurs in concert with this discharge.

and i assert here that this process is difficult. moreover the process itself can become an invitation to deepen and recreate the distress...make it worse not better

the people i see as on the edge of madness are having a hard time with the changes. indeed the difficulty might even risk that they give up in one way or another...

well....none of my business if you want to have a hard time. im not going to stop you or force you. but i do care and would wish to be of forward moveing service

personally i also dont want to participate in soft headed denials that support a person to behave badly towards themselves. let others agree whilst i stay silent.

hmmm...on the actively positive

FUN....yep thatll do it...jump up and down like you mean it until you do

getting listened to....AC does that pretty well....

included ...AC does that to

explaination....AC does that .. visa vi assention symptoms ( though i might say they still need to be faced rather than dismissed as a passing phase....might indeed be a passing phase if you acceot the lesson offered)

wing feather offered some interesting ideas particularly interested in the energy holograms...wouldn't mind hearing more testimonials if there are any

prayer meditation....we do that and inform we have a prayer group ? prob do and i missed it . if not then lets!( on the meditation issue . dont use it as medication to stop you feeling feelings finish !)

refer people to help

@ tabitzah... i totally relate to the ideas you are working with... i do past life recolection( therapy).. soul shard and child reintgration blah blah blah.. great to hear from you!!!! you and i suggest that people can find useful and congruent health practicioners in their area face to face

i reckon there are healers on these pages that could contribute in peoples local area ( we might even do AC people for free :))

thats all for now.....soooooo much to say but better keep a lid on it for now:)


Comment by Hannah_Peace on June 2, 2012 at 5:03am

Your a heaven sent to this site. :D thank you for finding us and sharing this post. x 

i agree very strongly with this post. i have both experiences with my own metal health and dealing with others. its hard finding the right help group. and well my new psychiatrist is very closed minded. explaining to him about my experiences with Et's . or that i speak and see spirits doesn't go down well with him. my old one was very open minded and once said that there's stuff they can't always explain. but making sure one is safe and in a good frame of mind is what's important.

people also do need to understand others who may not believe or understanding they way of thinking its nothing personal or attack on them. its just an other persons opinion. it's also nothing to get mad over. i know the frustration of not being believed but i found it made me grow because it made me question things more. and the more we question the more we learn and grow. you can't expect others to believe if they have not experience what you have. but that also doesn't give them a right to say your experiences didn't happen. but if you claim to be something people are bound to ask questions. life is a lesson for everyone. and we need all kinds of people to interact with us to help just enrich our experiences and growth. if at any time things seem to get on top on you. have a break away from it all for a bit. people need diversity in their life's and too much of anything is bad for our well-being and mental state. 

Comment by Paladin on June 2, 2012 at 3:50am

Your spot on geo'a, HAVE FUN!!!! Shortly after I started down my path having expressed nothing but Love and Hope inside and out I had an incident where my temper was WAY out of proportion. We all are still living in a very negative world and we must still deal with it one way or another no matter. I listen to alot of music and thats when I veg and contemplate things. I had not been vegging on anything that would give me negative thoughts and all my pent up anger just built till an incident occured where I could not control it and it all came pouring out. Add on top of that the frustration, anxiety, anger, and fear of NOTHING happening and were creating a perfect storm in a bottle just waiting to exhale. I've decided that I would neg veg on things to a minimal level so they don't build up anymore but I also found that just having a laugh, a little fun DRAMATICALLY helped. So if you feel like your on the short end of the fuse then indulge yourself in your favorite happy time activities. Also stop clock watching soo much, it also helps. Just tell yourself there is a delay in the plan according to what you thought was gona happen, chill out, and do happy stuff. It's what I have had to do lately and it has helped. Great post by the way hunter.

Comment by riderr on June 2, 2012 at 12:33am
great post
Comment by riderr on June 2, 2012 at 12:33am
great post
Comment by tabitzah1 on June 1, 2012 at 5:43pm

Interesting post Hunter,

 I know what you are talking about.

 Personally my work ( holistic practice) is helping  individuals with symptoms that you state on here that are awakening and need guidance.  We do seem to see a great majority of individuals that would present in conventional medicine as being 'mad' but we understand that they are in a period of purging, recalibrating and re-remembering.  Spirit guide those individuals to our practice as it is known ( we do not advertise, we ask that individuals pay it forward) that we treat the whole individual not just the symptoms unlike conventional medicine. We tend to work with the inner child,  birth trauma, implant removal and other things that most doctors would have a wobbly about. However that i feel is about to change.

 The human system is going through numerous upgrades, purges, calibrations, re-calibrations, you name it it is happening. No wonder individuals throughout the world are going into a sort of shock where nothing makes sense and you don't know what time it is etc, your cognitive functions  go haywire and you feel, see, hear,visualize things that others don't, you feel trapped and can't cope with everything falling apart this is Ascension. Sometimes just talking with someone helps however we all need to be mindful that we are all a work in progress during this period on the earth plane and together we can help each other.

Anyhow will stop now i could carry on for eternity (lol)

Love to all

Be blessed


 In Lak'ech Ala K'in  :-)

Comment by Geo:) on June 1, 2012 at 10:02am

having fun!!

this is the #1 most important thing. . this is the something that somehow must be done everyday. . basically that activity of joy.

. . though the energy shift makes the old things you may have done become boring to you. . this I find is where things get a little sticky for a while. .

Comment by hunter on June 1, 2012 at 4:08am

i agree these are the type of things that do help the distress resolve

and that the tendency to use brain instead of heart and third eye is the cause of distress

and but...there doesnt seem to be a substantial understanding of what could be happening

maybe some peoples assention symptoms are so scary/exhausting it sends em backwards!?!??!

i dont pretend to know the best wayu to improve....maybe thre is nothing that can be done to improve

i am saying i see people posting stuff that is very clearly( to me) psychotic and delusional and self harming ( suicde).....defined by their confusion and isolation and distress as distinct from their confident intuitiove power

perhaps this conversation can become an inventory of basic skills to apply when mental distress is present?!?!??!? 

Comment by Pet Rock on June 1, 2012 at 3:54am

Prayer, meditation, open the heart chakra, let go of this nonsense world and let the love and joy flow -a lot of people here are too dang cerebral!


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