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alchemyGreetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe!

The transmission that you are about to see is quite a fascinating one. Some parts of this transmission have intrigued me and I was guided all over the internet in order to coherently explain to all of you some parts of the message that our benevolent counterparts are trying to convey to us. After you read this transmission I will talk about what I have discovered. This information which should assist you in releasing and purifying yourselves even more is found further below so be sure to scroll all the way down.

Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received from The Intergalactic Council of 12.

“The exposé of the global quests for the benevolent creation of fire and water principles is unfolding swiftly throughout the deep waters of GAIA. The exposé of the said principles is making itself known and preparing each soul responsible for its coherent explanation to humanity enlarge.

For from within the planet the intercepted ideals of human consciousness are being examined and analyzed in order to fully comprehend the human agenda and the human way of life. The inner circles of the creative forces within are interlocking the triangular degrees of consciousness (Christ Consciousness) into the Metatron’s Cube (Alchemy). The interlocking of said principles is what is allowing the communication to flow freely from the ethers of the past into the ethers of the NOW moment in time.

The new road map is being created for all of humanity and shall be rolled out soon enough for those in your ethers who fully comprehend that the time has come for major changes to occur within and without. For the times ahead albeit fruitful are not without various pitfalls which could affect the entire human population and earth herself, and thus, it is imperative to co-create a reality based structure that shall benefit all involved in order to allow all of earth inhabitants to jump through the fiery principles and arrive on a completely new timeline from what has first been imagined by those in the know.

It is imperative to awaken to the core of each being, it is imperative to fully wake up and actively begin the soul purpose and missions that you have come here to uphold. It is imperative to release the blockages held therein within the consciousness of your being and to fully step into your own powers, and to fully step into your missions which you are urgently being ushered to by our guides, and your very own selves.

The time has come once again to unite into one front in order to rectify and bring forth the equilibrium that is being sought by so many on your earthly planes of existence. The time has come to shed your old identities and to fully, completely and actively step into your respective roles as way showers, healers, teachers, co-creators, engineers of a new reality.

And so and thus, let it be known that indeed you are being visited, and indeed are being prepared for taking an active role in your societies, in your very own families, in your very own lives. You are being prepared and gently pushed in the right direction for your soul’s purpose.

All that you are experiencing albeit the seeming bizarrely of the images and situations presenting themselves to you, is absolutely real, and is deliberately staged in order to fully showcase to you to that which indeed you are. To fully awaken you and allow you to shed the old and welcome in the new.

Many of you are now finding yourselves amidst turbulent changes, synchronisticly arranged to propel your soul’s growth and unfold the true essence of that which you are.  It is imperative that you allow yourselves to be heard. It is imperative that you allow yourselves to listen to that which is occurring within, for the within is reflecting to you that which is without, and vice versa. Your innate knowing is ushering you into balance, into equilibrium, from where you can consciously choose a new route for your present incarnation.

Changes abound for many of you, and no matter the turbulence we ask that you understand and allow yourselves to let go of the undermining of your growth by the outdated modules of thinking patterns ingrained into your subconscious and allow yourselves to fully surrender to that which you truly are. Accepting all the gifts of splendor and might that you bring forth to humanity simply by BEing on this very planet at this very moment in time.

For that which you are is a phenomenal magnificent beings of light who have returned to this very planet in order to assist all of her inhabitants in moving onto a different spectrum, a different light wave, a different frequency in order to align with her new destination of bliss, equilibrium and balance.

Gaia is traveling home and you are here to uphold the truth of all that is. You are here to bring back to humanity that which has been lost for eons. You are here to usher in a new age, an age of freedom of thought, for through your thoughts you manifest that which you see, through your thoughts you manifest all that you are, through your thoughts you manifest all that you wish to experience.

And so, with the assistance of your benevolent higher selves, with the assistance of your benevolent guides, you are weaving a new platform into being. Know that you are the ones representing all of us who are presently working relentlessly behind the scenes, behind the veil. Know that without you the ascension process would surely come to a halt. Remember that you have been prepared well for the mission at hand. Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that you are supported by all that is. Know that it is so, for it is.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for Now. ”

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  • Dear amparo,

    Along with Gaia we all the Light workers are returning Home...

    Time is the main important factor to get ready !!!


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