Dr. Angela Barnett
AKA Mary Magdalene


SPACEY LIGHT ETERNAL- Feel the Light itself become full of space. Hear the sparkles. This is the joy that is being felt by the cells as they are being set free from their job of holding the body together. Hear the echo of the chakras sending their Neon Lights so far beyond the Galaxy and Universe that they can no longer hold the body together. The Light Particles become so etheric that they swirl into light energy that seems to be pulled through a Portal of Light into a New Realm of Creation where the Eternal Light of pure Etheric Light and Love wraps the new born infant in its arms.

VIOLET LIGHT- As all of the Neon Chakras become full of so much light that they burst out of the body and become the Fire that swirls up into the Chariot of Fire that allows the Spirit to Rise up into the Veil and the Portals beyond the body. The Sixth Chakra beams with Ultra Violet Neon Light and then pushes up into the firey light energy. Finally, the Purple Chakra, the Seventh Chakra, that sits on the Crown of the Head, becomes a NEON SPECTRUM of all of the Shades of Purple. The Purple becomes filled with White Light Energy and it finally becomes the Violet Light that lifts out of the body until the Pink White Light, the Silver Pastel Energies and the White Light Purity sweep the body away and it is pulled into the Light of the Veil to begin its journey through the Creative Realm of the Veil itself.

WHITE NOISE ETERNAL- The body has become so full of Light that it now only hears the Light itself. The Chakras have risen out of the body and the only sound that can still be heard is the White Noise that will be pulled back into the Music of the Spheres into a White Dust of Particalized Energy that all is Created from.

AIRY JOY--The Feeling of Joy itself. This Essence of a Level of Creation higher than the Source Field itself. This is the place where the mind must go and stay for long periods of time before the final stage of Rising through the Veil will happen.

This was the most difficult part of staying High Enough for a Long enough time for the Veil to see the pure, airy joy that is REQUIRED by the Veil. When the Veil sees this purity and joy, is when the body turns into light and it is pulled into the Veil.

The one who hopes to Ascend into the Light and Sound that is required by the Veil must FEEL that JOY that shows they BELIEVE that they have already succeeded. That is the SECRET OF ASCENSION.

BREATH TAKING- The feeling of so much joy that it takes ones breath away and they are gasping for the new air that is full of freedom and light and there is no more need for oxygen because the body has been transformed into light energy by the Veil. When the body goes within the Veil, that same essence of the Light and Frequency of Consciousness which will always be the same Frequency Signature is translated into a NEW BODY, a BODY in a higher Realm. The Body is manufactured by the Veil. Even those Cosmic Souls who will soon come down to experience a New Body do not know exactly what this new body will look like or what it will be able to accomplish in the next journey. The plan of Ascension of those on Earth- this Terra Firma- is a plan of a NEW HIGHER EXPERIENCE in the New Higher Earth called Terra Ha. If the idea of this New Experience Takes Your Breath Away, you will be ready for this adventure when it is your time to go.

As the body is taken higher and higher in Consciousness to prepare the Chakras to become brighter and brighter until they become neon lights and finally the firey flame of the Spirit, there is a time when the traveler's body must Soak in the feathery light Plasma energy of the Sun. The feeling of lying in a bathtub of Liquid Light Energy that is filled with a Plasma Neon Light Essence is what allows the body to become filled with this Plasma that expands the Consciousness of the Body beyond the Galactic Realm and into the Universal Realm.

DANCING IN WHITE LIGHT--This is the Victory dance. This is the dance with I AM THAT I AM. This is the ball room dance with the Cosmic Creator. This is when we wear the robe of white light and dance in the stars. This is the place where the mind needs to rise for hours and days and weeks at a time before the final translation begins. We dance into and through and within this White Light that cleanses and vaporizes and then Pulls the Spirit through into the Next Realm of Creation.

COSMIC LOVE ECHO--Listen to the Cosmic Love which is the Creation Energy that Creates everything that ALL THAT IS desires to be manifested into an Experience as it echoes down through the Music of the Spheres holding each Realm within this Echo that repeated over and over again until the infinite Echos return home as one grand new Manifestation of Purity and Love.

PURE LOVE- The process of Cosmic Creation pulling all of the Light and Sound of Creation into the Music of the Spheres for its final purification before this Energy is processed into the Pure Love of a brand new creation.


This music has a texture of satin. White light contains the infinite light and spectrum blended up into the highest frequency that now contains all of the lower frequencies of infra red, visible light, invisible light, gama, x ray, pink silver heliotalic pink white light all blended up into the white light of the original source.
Imagine feeling your body shimmering with white satin. Drench your body within this sparkling, pure white satin that is within this music.

This music is so pure, so refined through the layering of all of the Source Energy of I Am that I Am that it drenches the night sky in sparkling white satin and then allows that pure liquid light energy to flow through the veins and glisten through the cells of the body.

Feel the white light shimmer. Hear the almost invisible essence of the full spectrum of all forms of light layered on top of each other until the infinite white light spectrum envelops the listener with the pure light of All that Is.

HEAVENLY GO TO MY FATHER- This music contains the DESIRE to BE where I AM THAT I AM, the Source of All Light and Sound lives in the glorious Cosmic Creation Center with His Creators. Our Father comes here to our  Creation Home to talk with us about our missions and plans of Creation before He returns to His own Source Field of PURE SILENCE. Cosmic Creators can go to this Plane of Silence, but only for a short time because the Vibration is too strong, even for us.

GOLDEN PHOENIX- BREATH OF LOVE--This is the last Breath that is needed to PUSH you clear through the point of the pyramid of all of the Light and Sound. The feeling is an etheric essence of Pink White Light that is vaporizing the Violet Light into a Higher more Supreme Essence that contains great power and joy and dancing joy.

ON TOP OF THE UNIVERSE ---Feel the power, the power of Love, the power of Victory
You are now Rising into the Power of Light as you are standing at the top of the pyramid. You are now completely outside of all of the Rings of Fire. You are outside of the Cosmos, holding all of the light that was within the Cosmos within your Crystal Cells of purity and eternity. You have risen through and out of all of the mystery, the turmoil, the imperfections involved in those Realms who have experienced every Density of Reality. You are turning all of those Experiences into a new Pure Light that allows you stand on top of the Cosmos and be within the Creation itself.

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Mary Magdalene



THESE 12 ALBUMS contain the examples of the FREQUENCIES OF ASCENSION that must all be obtained by the Individual who wishes to Turn into Light and Ascend through the Veil.

This information was all gained as we personally rose from 35% Light into 99.99 % Light and waited at one quarter of an inch from the Veil while the Veil sent its shimmery energy around my Cosmic Soul Mate to create the Oneness Soul that has never existed before in this Universe. This rising began February 2017, when the Ascension Clock was re-set.













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THESE 12 ALBUMS contain the examples of the FREQUENCIES OF ASCENSION that must all be obtained by the Individual who wishes to Turn into Light and Ascend through the Veil.

This information was all gained as I personally rose from 35% Light into 99.99 % Light and waited at one quarter of an inch from the Veil while the Veil sent its shimmery energy around my Cosmic Soul Mate to create the Oneness Soul that has never existed before in this Universe.

Questions about this Ascension Process and the Frequencies we used and what happened at each stage can be included in the five questions per week that will be answered.

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