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The stonnage answer to the question of what a soul is was the joker card: 'beyond understanding'. The 21st centuary answer to the question is another question: is it possible? If yes, then the brilliant body will surely take advantage of it in its stage of evolution. So the mindset change from proof beleif know to explain understand creat. It is a type of a never failing TRANSHUMANISM. However, things are still not that easy for those who may want to get stuck on a flat earth hypothesis for fear of falling off a round one.
Well, it is possible that there is a beginningless soul. However, I find nothing to worry about such a soul because past is past, I see no reason to long for past. Actually if you are going to worry about the existence of your soul in past because you think that eternal past imply eternal future and vice-versa, then you are totally mistaken! Time is ASSYMETRICAL and as such, no such demand. The question of our past eternity is fatly irrelevant!
Now, I was hearing some materialists talking about how the brain can create images in hallucination. They dismissed such things as NDE by saying that your brain CREATS realms because that is what it wants to beleive.
Q:Say what?
Ok, lets put it together. So we know that the fact that you have a NDE means that your brain want to beleive that it is is realy never going to die. To cope with it, it creates realms as in heavens to make you beleive that your not realy going to die. The gist of my point is the question: how about if you hallucinate your own soul.
Q:Has your brain then created the soul?
Q:Why has it done so?
A:Because it want to beleive that it is never going to die!
Q:Has your body created blood cloting?
A:Because it want to beleive that you are no bleeding!
So the question immediately turns from an 'if' to an 'how' and this is exactly what I wanted! If it is possible for there to be a soul, the brain will certainly create it simply because it want to beleive that it is not going to die. So henceforth the question of the existence of soul loses relevance and we replace it with a brainstorming on how the brain will creat one or has already created one! This is not to deny the possibility of an eternal soul. Rather, it is to say that even if there is no such a soul, the brain will certainly seize every chance to create it. I am just putting the pseudoidea that death marks the end just an extra mile away.
first, lets make it crystal clear that the body DO infact creat. Infact, it created itself in what is termed as growth. The process of growth is like that which happens when vampire zombies bit normal people to turn them into their fellow vampires. When you ate the bread, it was modified to become a part of your body and you grew. So might your body 'eat' the ether too? Why should this eating be limited to the visible objects? After all you take in almost everything in your surrounding. You take the water, the air etc. When you take the ether, the soul grows just as it is that the heart grows when you take the proteins.
So lets come back to the issue that 'materialists' were raising. 'Ah! Those etheric realms are mere creation of your brain. It creats them just because it want to beleive that it is there" first of all, the question is not whether or not the brain do create realms. The question is can those realms somehow bubble out of the brain and float in the surrounding 'void'. With the modern physics, it is hadder to understand how this can fail to happen than how it happens! The thoughts themselves are particles. Perharps we should call them 'thoughtons'.
So does it matter that the realms you see when you close your eyes or when you dream are created by your brain? No! Not any more than it matters whether or not serotonin is biosynthesised in your brain! If anything, the paradise created by your brain is the desirable one as it does for the best of you. You can tell this when you meditate deeply. At times images comes over the eyes and you may feel lots of euphoria and that you love the images a lot. Why do you feel that you are loving that which doesn't exist? It exist and it is itself!

If you think that your capacity to create in the etheric realms is low, remember that you are not alone in the universe doing so. Every object does. You only have to create your own HOME in the astral world. Do create a palace of your dreams!:) This analogy might help: Supposing we all humans had a huge tank to pee to it and store our urine there. How much urine will we have stocked since stonnage? But our bodies do create the urine in some good sense.

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