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Evolutionary man finds it difficult to fully comprehend the significance and to grasp the meanings of Evil, Error, Sin, and Iniquity. Man has been very slow to perceive that contrastive Perfection and Imperfection produce potential Evil. He has been slow in perceiving that conflicting Truth and Falsehood create confusing Errors. That the divine endowment of "freewill choice", eventuates in the divergent realms of Sin and Righteousness. It is the persistent pursuit of Divinity that leads to the kingdom of God, as contrasted with it's continuous rejection, which leads to the domains of Iniquity.

The Gods neither create evil, nor permit sin and rebellion. Potential evil is time-existent in a universe embracing all the differential levels of perfection meanings and values. Sin is potential in all realms where imperfect beings are endowed with the ability to choose between Good and Evil. The very conflicting presence of Truth and Untruth, Fact and Falsehood, constitutes the potentiality of Error. The deliberate choice of Evil constitutes Sin. The willful rejection of Truth is Error, where the persistent pursuit of Sin and Error is Iniquity.

True and False Liberty

Of all the perplexing problems growing out of the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic default, none of them has occasioned more difficulty than the failure of "Immature Evolutionary Mortals" to distinguish between true and false Liberty. True Liberty is the quest of the eons and the reward of evolutionary progress. False Liberty is the subtle deception of the "Error of Time" and the "Evil of Space". Truly enduring Liberty is predicated on the reality of Justice. Inherently, this is the understanding of Intelligence, Maturity, Fraternity, and Equity culminating in the expression of Liberty.

Liberty can be a self-destroying technique of cosmic existence - When it's motivation is Unintelligent, Unconditioned, and Uncontrolled. True liberty is progressively related to reality, and always regards Social Equity, Cosmic Fairness, Universe Fraternity, and Divine Obligations.

Liberty is suicidal when it is divorced from Material Justice, Intellectual Fairness, Social Forbearance, Moral Duty, and Spiritual Values. Liberty is simply nonexistent apart from Cosmic Reality and Responsibility, and ALL personality reality is proportional to it's Divinity relationships.

Unbridled Self-Will and unregulated Self-Expression equal Unmitigated Selfishness, which is the acme of Ungodliness. Liberty without the associated and ever-increasing conquest of Self, is a figment of egoistic mortal imagination. Self-motivated Liberty is a conceptual illusion, a cruel Deception and License masquerading in the garments of Liberty, is the forerunner or precursor of abject Bondage and Suffering.

True Liberty is the associate of genuine Self-Respect whereas false Liberty is the consort of Self-Admiration. True Liberty is the fruit of one's self-control whereas false Liberty is the assumption of Self-Assertion. Self-Control leads to altruistic service whereas Self-Admiration leans towards the exploitation of others for the selfish aggrandizement of such a mistaken individual, in so much as they are willing to sacrifice their righteous attainment for the sake of possessing unjust Power over their fellow beings.

Even Wisdom is Divine and Safe, only when it is Cosmic in Scope, and Spiritual in Motivation.

There is no error greater than the type of Self-Deception which leads intelligent beings to crave the exercise of Power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these personalities of their Natural Liberties. The golden rule of human fairness cries out against such Fraud, Unfairness, Selfishness, and Unrighteousness. It is only true and genuine Liberty that is compatible with the reign of Love, and the Ministry of Mercy.

It is extremely audacious that the self-willed creature encroaches upon the rights of their fellows in the name of their own personal Liberty when the Supreme Rulers of the Universe (The Creator and His Co-ordinates) stand back in merciful respect for these prerogatives of "will", and potentials of "personality"...

No being, in the exercise of their supposed personal Liberty, has a right to deprive any other being of those privileges of existence conferred by the Creators. These priviledges of existence are duly respected by all their Loyal Associates, Subordinates, and Subjects.

Evolutionary Man has to contend for his material liberties with tyrants and oppressors on a world of sin and iniquity or during the early times of a primitive evolving sphere. This is not so on the morontia worlds or on the spirit spheres. War is a heritage of early evolutionary man, but on the worlds of normally advancing civilization, physical combat as a technique of adjusting racial misunderstandings has long since fallen into disrepute and non-usage (That is, those Systems that are not under Isolation and Quarantine due to the Rebellion of a System Sovereign and then the Default of It's Adamic Material Son and Daughter).

The Theft of Liberty

With the Son, and in the Spirit, did the Prime Creator project eternal Havona, and ever since then, has been obtained the eternal pattern of "Co-ordinate participation" in Creation. This is more simply put as - Sharing. This pattern of sharing is the master design for every one of the Sons and Daughters of God who go out into space, to engage in the attempt to duplicate in time, the central universe of eternal perfection - Havona...

Every creature of every evolving universe who aspires to do the Father's will, is destined to become the partner of the time-space Creators in this magnificent adventure of experiential perfection attainment. Were this not true, the Father would have hardly endowed such creatures with creative free will, and neither would he indwell them as the "Thought-Adjuster" to actually go into partnership with them by means of his own spirit. That said, the path of the Co-creator is one in which You are willing to share in it's contruction, while at the same time respecting every free willed creature's desire and birthright to do the same.

Lucifer's folly was the attempt to do the nondoable. To attempt to short-circuit time in an experiential Universe. Lucifer's crime was the attempted creative disenfranchisement of every personality in Satania (Our Local System), which was the unrecognized abridgment of the creature's personal participation - Freewill participation that is - In the long evolutionary struggle to attain the status of "Light and Life" both individually and collectively.

In so doing, this onetime Sovereign of your System placed the temporal purpose of his own will directly athwart the eternal purpose of God's will as it is revealed in the bestowal of free will upon all personalized creatures. The Lucifer rebellion thus threatened the maximum possible infringement of the freewill choice of the Ascenders and Servers of the System of Satania. This was a threat to forevermore deprive EVERY ONE of these beings of the thrilling experience of contributing something personal and unique to the slowly erecting monument of experiential wisdom, which will sometime exist as the perfected system of Satania.

Thus does Lucifer's manifesto of Personal Freedom, masquerading in the vestments of Liberty, stand forth in the clear light of reason as a monumental threat to encapsulate the theft of personal liberty and do it on a scale that has been approached only twice in all the history of Nebadon.

In short, what God had given men and angels Lucifer would have taken away from them, that is, the divine privilege of participating in the creation of their own destinies and of the destiny of this local System of Inhabited Worlds.

No being in all the universe has the rightful liberty to deprive any other being of it's true liberty, which is the right to love and be loved, as well as the privilege of worshiping God and of serving his fellows.

Peace, Light, Life, Love, Unity and Harmony.



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