Recorded: 07/14/95
   In what seems to be a continuing series of channeling sessions based on the headlines of today, this would be considered part three in the series. Once again, Omal describes events taking place in 1995 as though it was the running stream of stories found at the bottom of a CNN broadcast. Civil unrest, economic turmoil, and climate change all came up in the conversation. This was a channeling session where Omal lets the girls loosen up a bit more than he normally would so side two has a slightly passionate tone as opposed to the serious tone he brings to side one. The title for this month's channeling session is named for the subjects of great importance Omal discusses in his time channeling. Those topics take up all of the first side but, of the two topics, the first is one of the keys to ascension and the second is ancient knowledge brought to the present. From the serious and G-Rated side one we move on to the PG-13 rated side two where the girls have been given fewer restrictions for Tia's sake. It's like a party that never seems to get out of hand. Despite the playful behavior off to one side of whichever speaker is talking at the moment emerges a truly educational collection of knowledge. It's a fascinating dichotomy between sides typical of some of the best sessions in the archives. The only correlation Karra and I can think of is a set of university courses with only a single male teacher. Whether online at a university preparing for a new term here on Earth or online from teachers in a literal school of higher learning, education comes in many forms. We hope this channeling session offers some educational benefits along with the humorous input from the participants.
   It's just Tia and Kiri in the room as the tape starts and, though not mentioned on the recording, a feather had been brought to the session and was being used by Kiri on Tia who had lost the battle to remain sensible. She does remind me of my offer to do a past life regression on her which was a tricky concept at best due to her being on Mars in an entirely different dimension. The solution we came up with turned out to be successful where she channeled through Mark after he left his body and I took her through a time-lapse regression method we'll be explaining in a future editorial. So it is that Omal provides a much more serious overtone which is a dramatic shift in speakers shortly into the tape. Those familiar with the past archives of channeling sessions will remember Omal's rule on asking questions after he had already asked for last questions. Repeated violations of that rule had racked an impressive tally of forty pushups I owed him from recent times in my eagerness to learn. It had cost me some calisthenics so this is the famous session where he demonstrated his masterful control of Mark's body to knock out fourteen of those pushups for me including four where he clapped between each one. It is also a masterful demonstration of leadership that remains just one of the reasons this is one of the best internships I could ever imagine. We start off the questions needing answers with the first being a request for a possible future timeline where small events to come would signal bigger events to follow. Instead, he devotes the bulk of his time explaining how only past timelines are possible to chart a path through the future. The areas he covers are an extensive number of possibilities ranging from civil unrest all the way through to Vulcanicity. To have spent only a small portion of his life watching the growth of our race from its earliest start, he has a firm grasp on the history of our planet. This is more of a class on how an interconnected chain of events led to our present state of affairs rather than just a simple dissertation. He adds to the lesson another on parallel universes that explains how realities split all the time and everything that can happen does happen no matter what reality we are experiencing. Class over, we move on to a study of devas. While most of the information we have learned about devas have come from Treebeard, Omal presents an excellent history of one of the most crucial groups of beings on this planet. Followers of this website know that the stories of deities throughout man's history have revolved around the actions of devas.
   Kiri jumps on after side two gets going and answers a question prepared beforehand of how technology, mankind, and the future are going to coexist. The question concerns smart technology and how much of it is really needed for the betterment of our species. Over twenty years later, we can see such technology has not ruled our lives to where all our needs are met. There is still quite a bit that AI can't replicate which we have to do ourselves. What it does do is open a door for comparisons on how much of that technology replaces the menial labor for those stationed on Hades Base. Kiri gives an example of how the interaction works and an analogy to explain more clearly the decision facing those up there and those of us down here. It also opens a door to a topic that Karra would expand upon once Tia makes the transition between speakers. An amazing fact is revealed by Karra who explains how the percentages of those who clean up their own apartments without the help of automation are about 45% female and 20%, male. It is an encouraging fact to know that pride in one's surroundings still gets some help from a personal touch. When people make the remark, "in a perfect world", what Karra describes, such as furniture that sucks in dust and stains could easily fit that description. Given the option on the third dimension, I believe the percentages would be a lot higher than those who would choose the option of letting the machine take over the housework. From a book Karra and the followers of this website are quite familiar with called "2150", we end our discussion by looking at the ability to direct the body's glandular centers to work in conjunction with the chakras to cause physical manifestations in the human body. The interesting fact of this conversation is that she confirms fiction can become a fact with practice and maybe some special equipment. That leaves our next speaker to channel which is Karra's daughter Alana. While a typical conversation with her revolves around the dolphins in Dolphin Lake, her girlfriend had been involved in a horrific accident and we hear about her status. To lighten things up, Alana reveals she is keeping a two-piece swimsuit she fell in love with due to being a model for Kiri's latest line of beachwear. Throughout her time talking she appears to be distracted by the girls in the room which makes for pretty funny listening as they seem to be trying to get her flustered. The trooper she is, she stays serious enough to give us a very thoughtful discussion on the subject of anger, something she was far from while explaining the emotion. Enough is enough so Tia jumps on to finish out the final few minutes of tape providing her opinion on the subject of anger that echos Omal's dissertation, everything serves a purpose. A truly classic channeling session worthy of its place in the archives. Karra gave me this phase while listening to it I believe truly captures the summary of the discussions recorded. Nowhere does it say the past can be rewritten but, also, nowhere does it say the future is set in stone. She couldn't be more right.
In love, light, wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra
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