Dear friends,

We in the UK have recently voted in a referendum, to LEAVE the European Union, yet still find arch-federalists attempting to thwart our collective will, both from within the UK and outside of it. What does it take to convince these Euro-fanatics, that Great Britain and the majority of people living here, will not be bullied, co-opted, tricked, fooled, nor deceived, into paying into the coffers of a failed EU superstate project, long after we leave the club, with seeming ad nauseum.... The German finance minister being a recent example, of the depths of treachery and averice, these political gangsters are prepared to stoop to...

As they see it, once in the EU mob, nobody may ever truly leave it....It is sheer villany and summons historical references again, in challenge...

Great Britain fought Germany twice and beat that country, so surely the German elites have learned, by this stage, how we behave, when bullied and threatened by elitist injustice and arrogance...?? We will not be bullied and the German elites had better be very careful about how they treat us, as we leave their sinking Euro-ship and re-engage with the wider world, as before 1973.

Indeed, they fear the unravelling of globalisation and their absurd Euroland pet project, thus seek to send the message to others who may be thinking of quitting, the consequences of what could happen....Using the UK as an example to others, they seek to punish us, financially.....Yet, we are and have been a net contributor and so they have more to lose from our leaving, than we have to gain, from our remaining...To place us in the same camp as one of the southern European members, is folly.....We would flourish outside of the EU and they know it and are in great dread over loosing a cash cow, for their parasitic avarice...

The EU has very little to offer the people of Europe and should decline gracefully...It is undemocratic and totally corrupt...The world would be better off without it's odious presence, which has become like a beastly monster, sucking the lifeblood from nations and especially those who are prosperous and seek to be free from a "one-world government."

If the EU seeks members to remain in place (and at attention) after we leave, then surely they should end their absurd open-door policy to economic migrants from just about everywhere...Shengen is not working and Germany has been transformed by it's ruling elites, into a basket case of unrestrained migration from Asia and Africa and turned into a threadbare "welcome mat" for half the world's poor and uneducated masses. This is not working and could never work...It is corporate-led socialistic claptrap and deliberately destroys the integrity of European cultures and national integrities.

The rays of the nations are not honoured by such absurdities as the EU....It transgresses the law of national and individual freewill.

I forsee Frau Merkel being booted out by the German people and it really is about time......

May we be free of tyrants and madmen/madwomen, who profess to know what is best for us.

Blessings of Brexit and the promise of many more exits to follow....

Col. Drekx Omega

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  • If Donald Tusk forces a further extension upon us, up to January 2020, it will be viewed as a HOSTILE ACT, by a foreign power. I advise the EU to avoid antagonising the British people, further. We must be free and WILL be free of foreign diktat, sooner not later.....

  • The EU will not offer an extension unless it serves a purpose; an election, a 2nd referendum, time to legislate for the Boris deal. The election offer has been rejected by the opposition. A 2nd referendum has been ruled out [rightly] by the government. A week to legislate the Boris deal is tight, even with Parliament's unlikely co-operation. Conclusion: No deal Brexit on Halloween, or Boris deal Brexit following a 2-week extension. 15th November could be offered by France...

  • I hope that observers are noting how the Light's psyop upon the EU deep state has played out today? Johnson and Cummings are playing those treasonous Scottish remainiacs like fiddles...4D chess to Halloween party Brexit, whatever obstacles upon the exit route....

  • Canadian conservatives want an Anglospheric Union of C.A.N.Z.U.K. but libtard; Justin Trudeau, must be kicked out, first....

  • Hello to all ,
    are ALWAYS to consider business, because Germany has the highest sales business with ENGLAND think they will not do anything to always keep ENGLAND in the European Union, but now
    Europe also melts due to INCOPTIONALITY ..... hello ...

  • Brexit is to the 21st century, what King Henry the VIII's split with Rome, of the 16th century, achieved for England: freedom, church reformation, national self-determination, trading prosperity and the supremacy of England in the newly discovered lands, of those times. Repeat history, higher turn evolutionary spiral.

  • UK + USA + Commonwealth = Bye, bye European Union

  • Anglospheric investments are way beyond little Euroland. Mutual financial & business investments between the UK/USA far exceed Europe. Are future is the wider World beyond the Euro-pipsqueeks, who got above their station. Think Commission.

  • The EU fears our economic and cultural potential beyond Brussels Eurocracy. Like a Singapour on their very

  • It is stupid when EU negotiators pretend that Britain would be alone in a big, bad world outside of Europe, if we leave. Great Britain is not Slovenia. We are at home and very comfortable, in the big, amazing world outside little Euroland....;-] U.K. economy ranks global 5th and totals equivalence to 19 EU member economies, combined. We are not Estonia, or Poland, by a long chalk.......We are truly global.

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