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Enter the Delegations Revised and Expanded

Given that the delegations are already underway, Suzi Maresca and I have revised and expanded Enter the Delegations.

This book joins Who are the Galactics? The Disclosure of Our Star Family and The Return of Our Ancestors: The Ascension Phase called “Disclosure” in disclosing the presence of our galactic family and neighbors and their attempts to make their presence “officially” known.

Our hope is that these books will assist lightworkers to know what’s transpiring on Planet Earth and help them explain to others who may be confused or concerned.

The public arrival of our star family (they’ve been here, cloaked, all along) marks an historic occasion for Gaians. It’s a reunion with the galactic families that peopled the Earth with homo sapiens in the first place and have watched over this planet since then. (1)

This book is an expression of the hope and desire that all goes peacefully … no, wonderfully …  with the meetings.

By “peacefully” I mean without retaliatory action from those who want to keep humanity ignorant.

I wouldn’t expect to hear about these events through normal broadcasting channels. Not until they’re interrupted by videos of the delegations, broadcast on all media.

Isn’t it a sad state that we have to fight the media – who are there to inform us – all the way to broadcast news that will elevate the entire planet.


(1) It’s actually been only a few millennia since they were last here in numbers. See “Archangel Michael: What Happened to Civilization in 1200 BC?,” Golden Age of Gaia, November 24, 2017, at

When they left, Mediterranean civilization collapsed.


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