Entanglement With 'Particles Of Space'

Entanglement With 'Particles Of Space'

I have seen that some people like to think of space as though a physical object. It is a road, a fabric,a tunnel (and also it doesn't exist ). But we don't need this contradictory view of 'space' to present those ideas. We can present the idea of aether. What they want is to locate things relative to something else. I am in Cairo, to get to Johannesburg, I must first get to Khartoum,then to Nairobi, then to Harare. Since objects not regions are now seen to seperate me from Johannesburg, another way round to getting to Johannesburg becomes conceivable: you can 'recurve' the planet and bring the city itself! That is now sounding like a sensible way of acheiving what the concept of a wormhole, is meant to achieve in a senseless way whereby empty space is taken as a literal road!

But thinking in terms of aether rather than space has even more advantage. You can think of the aether as to be made of molecules that are capable of quantum entanglement! Like I said, consciousness recognizes 'nearness' and 'farness' in terms of communication. Two photons that are quantum entangeld appear nearer to each other than the disentangled one, even if one of the entangled ones is in andromeda! If you don't believe this, consider the fact that when you dream, the moon appears to be far up there yet it is just in your own visual cortex!

But we want to create a 3d space and locate things, mapping them to be 'near' or 'far'  based solely on how they are quantum entangled, caring less of where they actully are in the spatio-temporal sense.  With this, we can say you are in cairo if you are entangled with the city. Why should we not say this if such entanglement allows you to interact with the city in all ways? But generaly, it is not the visible objects that I want you to think of as being entangled with. Rather, it is the molecules of aether. If you are entangled with a certain molecule, then you are at the same point no matter how far it is. It is the information that makes something appear near, not 'spatio-temporality'. As long as information is in your visual cortex, for instance, an object appears as though infront of you!

We can go into details on how to create a notion of 'up', 'down', 'far' etc. It is simple to do that. Two photons that enters a barium borate crystal horizontally comes out entangled in such a way that their total momentum in the 'vertical' direction is zero. So whenever one photon 'pushes' the other, its own momentum reduses. The two photons seem to be sitting just next to each other along the vertical line, no matter where they are in the universe! By a similar process,  we can creat another entangled photon, but now which sits next to one of them but along the 'northern' axis. A photon is 'further' away from another if it is entangle with it in a secondary way, i.e. if photon A is entangled with B, and B is entangled with C, then C is 'farther away' from A than B is. On and on we can play, creating an ensemble of particles to form an omnipresent object, with a notion of 'intactness' or 'solidity'!

At this point, you can now understand why we should rather talk of 'entanglement with paticles of aether' rather fhan entangling say the electrons directly. We also want to create a notion of 'this electron is far from the other' but with 'empty space' in between them. We do this by entangling one electron with one aetheric particle. This aetheric particle is, in turn entangled with another aetheric particle. It goes on and on till an aetheric particle is entangled with the other electron. So we say that one electron is 'far' from the other if it is entangled with it indirectly with many aetheric particles 'in between' in a 'chain link'. 

 A question worth contemplating about is: might the brain have made this game of entangling all its particles so that death will be irrelevant to its continuation?  Such a death is what I call 'homeomorphic death'.

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  • This entanglement is necessary if you were to explain our 'omnipresence' by supposing that our brain is linked to the quantum field which pervades everywhere. This is because it is best to understand this sense of 'omnipresence' as to be similar to the sens that we are 'omnipresent' in our own brains. This means that the whole universe is like a huge brain that we are connected to! But since it is quantum, it is hard to understand such a brain as there is no sollidity in quantum world. But the explanation above squarely brings back the notion of solidity.
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