Energy of the Blue Azurite - 1/1/2015

This message arrived on Thursday, 1st January 2015 at 11am.

I am allowed to publish, and hence wish to share with you all. We could not have hoped for a better start. Enjoy.


Energy of the Blue Azurite will reign 2015. This is an Energy of Love, of Decisiveness and of Peace. We will go to Peace. Planet Earth will go to Peace. Humanity will go to Peace. The Universe will go to Peace. That is the decisive act.

Do not mistake our Love and Compassion for Weakness. We are the Energy of the God-Source. The intervention will be direct and decisive. Consciousness has raised, and will continue to raise. We will work thru many channels, all around the Universe, and all around and in and on Earth.

PEACE IS. Earth has ascended, and a large portion of humanity will ascend with Her. Peace is. Our direct intervention is molded by the God-Source. Many changes will take place, and they will be peacefully, in co-ordination and in co-operation. The rulers of long will be consulted, and either they will go for the Peace plan, or they will be pushed aside.

Long have we waited. Our patience has been timeless. Now is the time for Action, for Love, for Peace, for Compassion, with a multitude of souls who have suffered for a very long time.

The game of victim and aggressor is over. No bomb will work, no threat will work. The Light is here, the Blue Azurites have conquered the Planet. The Blue Azurites have flooded the Planet. A new game is starting, as of now, 1st of January 2015. An era of peace and prosperity. Working together, joy, laughing, happiness, festivities.

The yoke of duality and of tyranny is over. Enjoy, take your freedom towards the Light. It is us, the Azurite Light, the Azurite People. We are You, and You are Us. Allow us into your life for we are peace and freedom, abundance, joy, happiness, respect, love, compassion, wisdom, sincerity, harmony, youthful energy, old-age patience and consideration.

We are the Blue Azurites, the Blue Azurite Energy is on the Planet. Be in Peace, be Love, be Azurite.

We thank you.


And I see a blue veil hanging all around our planet, of an azure blue, not light light not dark, azure is the right word. The closer to the planet, the lighter the blue. 

Physically, the sun is radiant, a beautiful winter sun, in an azure blue sky.

You may use the following confirmation:


And see how the Azurite Blue enters your light body, from all directions, thru your Heart and then spreads thru your physical body, and then out again, in a constant flow in-out whilst breathing in and out.

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