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I’m going to give a short update before returning to other aspects of this delightful spiritual work. Plenty of people have pointed out and built-upon the incredible drive to introduce and enact change on this world, and along with this drive I’m personally feeling an even stronger drive to fully anchor the higher realms to the surface of this Earth.

Hearing more about the Cities of Light in the recent messages from Genii Townsend and Goldenlight (1), (2), I feel more excited than ever to really work to help those cities descend down upon this Earth.

I am ready to work to educate the public on the very existence of those cities (and on so many other things). I am ready for the Earth public to know not just of the bad things the cabals have done, but of the truly wonderful and incredible things our ascended brethren have been doing for us for centuries.

The truth has long come out and been exposed; it is simply that those of us who have picked up on and accepted this truth are now waiting for the rest of the public to awaken to them. We cannot blame those around us for still existing in states of unconsciousness and unawareness as to them, physical and concrete Life is moving along as normal and while we perhaps feel it a tragedy that those around us are still stuck in the depths of unawareness; I’d bet that they don’t feel it is so.

Those around us are awakening in their own ways and just as Jennifer Hoffman recently did, I would encourage us all to let those around us smooth into their awakening rather than trying to push them into it. (3)

Even saying that presents a paradox of sorts for me personally (though it is truth) because again, I am more than ready to educate the public and help them to awaken.

This, my friends, is why we are working to continue to raise the Light quotient upon the surface of this Earth; because our doing so will be and has been helping those around us as well as the entire public to awaken to the truth of our existence and to the illusory reality that has been Created right under our noses, which so many unknowing souls are still feeding into.

As has been said endlessly by this point, it’s time to really get to work. It’s time to work on educating those who care to hear what we have to say, as well as increasing the purity of Light we give out in every moment so that those who don’t want to hear it eventually will. The Light is quite literally changing the perspectives of a plethora of souls who have been stuck in the illusions of physicality, pain and limitation, and we can freely give this Light along with educating as many awakening souls as possible.

In a recent writing, I spoke of the need to break out of our shells and emerge, and I should remind everyone reading this that that discussion was inspired entirely by Steve Beckow and his expressed viewpoints on emergence. (4)

I am not the first one to present the idea and necessity of emerging from our shells, but I will happily build upon that idea as much as possible in an effort to inspire each one of you to “break on through to the other side” to quote the Lizard King. (5)

I’m seeing in nearly every moment, the instances where I don’t allow myself to emerge; where I retreat back into my personal comfy shell and allow otherwise-important exchanges with others to fall by the wayside. In the same vein, I have been working to see beyond the measures and limitations I had originally planned for myself to exist under, and I’ve made more of an effort to communicate with people.

Communicating with another feels just great; be it with a family member, a close friend or even a stranger you may meet. Last weekend, my family and I went to check out some Native American markets that were being held in the museum of the Cahokia Mounds, and I connected with so many dear people (one in particular whom I had a great discussion with about music and the falsities perpetrated and passed-off as artful music) who I would not have connected with were I not making an effort to break out of my shell.

Of course, it wasn’t much but it was a start for me. I even had a short conversation with a man who is a part of a committee working to secure parts of this area with Cahokian mounds in them so that they can be preserved and while being short, it was a great chat indeed. Ordinarily, I would not have done that but with the pure energies and resulting inspiration I’ve been feeling, anything and everything seems possible.

Currently, I exist under such excitement; such enthusiasm; such readiness to fully anchor the new paradigm unto the surface of this Earth. As I expressed to my fiancé this morning, I’m practically jumping out of my skin!

So, this is where I am at in this moment. From a certain standpoint, things truly seem better than ever and while we are all still dealing with a difficult and testing Earth experience (myself included), a general sense of Light/ease has breezed through and I have to say that it’s really helping me build upon everything that’s been felt and discussed as of late.

It is hoped that what I’m feeling will motivate you readers to stand up and take action to begin building our new paradigm in any ways you can, and I trust that many of you are feeling the same inspiration and Light as I have been. Enjoy it and nurture it, for it is only to grow!

Wes Annac – A fellow awakening soul finding a greater Light within




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