EMERGENCY ASTROLOGY ALERT: Washington D.C. Full Moon of June 3, 2023 may indicate major news and/or scandal is about to break in D.C. area.

This report will look at the Washington D.C. Full Moon on Saturday night, June 3, 2023.  The ancient practice of looking for important stars in the event will be employed, and the horoscope chart will be based on an old-fashion Ptolemic equal house system. But please remember: nobody can predict the future, because the future is never logical. Just ask the managers of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM). This organization was a financial hedge fund managed by Nobel Laureate winners and the best talent Wall Street had to offer. And it blew up in 1998, and reportedly had to be bailed out to avoid serious crashes in the financial markets. Nevertheless, here is the Full Moon chart below.


And below are my notes of the event, with key star combinations:


On Saturday night in Washington D.C., the Full Moon will be high in the sky. Here are what my notes say about the stars involved. The Sun will be within two degrees of the star of Tabit:


Strong, dignified, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety; prosperity in trade & by voyages or abroad; danger of treachery & poison.


12° Gem 14'


Jupiter/ Saturn
One of several "π" stars in Orion's lionskin shield.

And the Moon will be within two degrees of the star of Rastaban. This is significant; this star is known as "The Dragon's Eye."

Rastaban *

The Dragon's Eye. Impulsive, honourable, good for astrology, government, writing, sports, finance, the arts, accidents, wounds, blindness, criminality


12° Sag 17'


Saturn/ Mars/ Jupiter

β (Beta) Draconis
G2 (yellow) Mg.3.0

The transiting Venus Opposition Pluto placement crosses both the east and west horizon planes (drawn in blue above). This suggests "a crisis or transforming event (Pluto) concerning relationships (Venus) will require trade-off(s) of some kind (Opposition) in the environment (Ascendant)." The Nodal Plane (in blue above) may define this event to be more intense, and possibly with altercation and conflict. This is because the Nodal Plane will be forming a Grand Cross with this Venus Opposition Pluto transit, and this could define "a crisis or transforming event (Pluto) concerning relationships (Venus) with connections with others in a most intense way (Nodal Plane) in the environment (Ascendant)." I have noticed serious health and physical conflicts occuring with T-Squares involving the Nodal Plane, but physical violence outbreaks may be difficult in D.C. (since Washington D.C. contains more police per population than any U.S. metropolitan area). Thus, the conflict or scandal that may take place may involve the powers of Washington D.C. (a.k.a. the people in the suits who play God) to be in conflict in some way, and this is especially true if the elite are involved (since Pluto can rule "activities of the elite" [as stated in my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation"]). Below is what my notes say about the stars involved with the Venus Opposition Pluto transit:


Tarazed -
The Plundering Falcon

Spoil and plunder, imagination, strong passions, will, clairvoyance, fame, powerful mind

1° Aqu 15'


Mars/ Jupiter

γ (Gamma) Aquilæ
K3 (pale orange) Mg.2.8


Good-hearted, charitable, faithful; dangerous passions; danger from or fear of darkness and night; liability to dog bites.

29° Can 51'



η (Eta) Canis Majoris
B5 (blue) Mg.2.4

And below are the stars involved in the Nodal Plane:

Stella Mira

Well aspected: prudence, perseverance, versatility, progressive spirit, problem-solving. Poorly placed: failures, fiascos, enmity, melancholy, suicide. An eclipsing binary, its dramatic variability can range from invisible to peak at Mg 2.0, over a phase of around 11 months. In necklace of Cetus

1° Tau 50'


Saturn/ Jupiter

ο (Omicron) Ceti
M6 (garnet) Mg.3.0 var

Princeps *

Ability to research; keen, studious and profound mind; business, government, law, science, arts, lies

3° Sco 29'


Mercury/ Saturn

δ (Delta) Boötis
G4 (pale yellow) Mg.3.5

Now the news. Mercury Conjunction Uranus (in black ink above) will form an Opposition to the Midheaven (Mc). This will be a great test to see if there will be any important breaking news to take place at the time of the Full Moon (but since we now have censorship demonstrated to be possible, we may not know details until mid-June concerning any crisis associated with this event). Here are the stars involved: 


Good health, high morals, disillusion through love, success with the masses

24° Sco 07'


Venus/ Jupiter

β (Beta) Centauri
B3 (blue) Mg.0.61 var.

Alpha Serpentis *

Success followed by fall, suicide, insanity, accidents, success in war, politics, writing, problems in love, forgery, shipwreck, loss, earthquake

22° Sco 24'


Saturn/ Mars

α (Alpha) Serpens
K2 (pale yellow) Mg.2.8


Love of knowledge, science, much travel, many changes, position of authority, accidents at sea, drowning (influence of Eridanus)

21° Tau 11'


Eridanus, "The River", traverses several Signs

δ (Delta) Eridani
K0 (orange-white) Mg.3.7

This event is likely to involve politics, government relations with the public, or finance. Please don't forget that Pluto can rule activities of the elite (including their involvement with human trafficking, business, Hollywood, banking, and having fun with the money supply). Either way, expect possible intense conflict in these Pluto areas that may be news-worthy, or greater in importance than usual. Note also that "Meet The Press" may be renamed "Meet The Depressed" (or "Meet The Duress").


With Saturn entering the U.S.A. 10th House (and the Democrats being defined as the ruling party), I would expect major news concerning Washington D.C. politics (i.e. Republicans versus Democrats) is about to manifest as we enter summer of 2023. There will be hard choices that have to be made concerning these two parties, and it may concern friends or organizations with certain elite connections. Something has to give.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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