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Easton Connecticut Passes Resolution Calling for a Halt to 5G 

Breaking News, May 20, 2020


A 5G cease and desist resolution was unanimously approved by Easton Connecticut on May 7 2020.

This action follows extensive investigations into the issue. The 5G Resolution can be accessed here.

In January 2020, an expert forum — “What You Should Know About 5G” — was organized by the only state representative to vote against accelerating 5G wireless facilities in Connecticut, David Michel, D-Stamford featuring Frank Clegg, the former president of Microsoft Canada; Patti Wood, founder of the nonprofit Grassroots Environmental Education; and Devra Davis, an epidemiologist and founder of the Environmental Health Trust. A video of the Stamford Connecticut meeting can be found HERE.

See News story Easton bans 5G technology rollout citing lack of research, testing

“The town of Easton has decided to stop its 5G wireless technology rollout. Until research and testing show its safe for humans and the environment, a 5G cease and desist resolution was unanimously approved by the town on May 7. The American Academy of Pediatrics and hundreds of medical and scientific experts have advised the federal communication commission to test the long-term safety of 5G technology. Easton is the first town in Connecticut to ban 5G.”


1590086483_5G-Roll-Out-Banned-In-Easton-Connecticut-Due-To-%E2%80%98Lack.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xIn Easton, Connecticut, 5G phase out barred due to ‘checking’

Rajesh Khanna, Recently Heard, May 23, 2020


The City of Easton, Connecticut, has unanimously prohibited the deployment of 5G wireless technology, citing serious health concerns and lack of research and testing. …

“The City of Easton has agreed to pause the roll-out of the 5 G wireless infrastructure. Unless studies and tests demonstrate that it is healthy for humans and the climate, a decision of 5 G was overwhelmingly accepted by the city on May 7.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and hundreds of medical and science professionals have urged the Federal Communications Commission to test the long-term health of 5 G technologies.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. applauded the town for ordering Big Telecom to stop the 5 G rollout.

“Three Cheers for Easton Connecticut, the first town in New England to order Big Telecom to stop its 5 G wireless rollout,” Kennedy Jr said.

“On 7 May, Easton ‘s Town Selectmen, in a bipartisan vote, unanimously approved a resolution ordering these companies to” cease and desist “from building 5 G infrastructure until research and testing proves that it is safe for humans and the environment.

‘The American Academy of Pediatrics and hundreds of medical and science professionals have urged the Federal Communications Commission to assess the long-term health of 5 G technologies.

“A $25 million FDA study in 2019 found” clear evidence of cancer and DNA damage “among the myriad known 5G-related injuries.

“The amendment heralds a clash with the Titans of Telecom. If Telecom were to move ahead, Easton could either reject or refuse to process applications.

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  • Not just humans! Plant life, and bees, as well!


    Media is doing everything it can to debunk 5G's negative effects, of course. 

    There is hope though. Through a membership with Simon Parkes "Connecting Consciousness", which is free,

    you can purchase a device, that can be plugged into your computer, or cellphone, that provides 5G protection. It was invented by Swiss and Russian scientists, who worked on the Chernobyl problem, i.e. radiation being harmful to scientists, studying the effects on the area, surrounding the reactor. They came up with a device that rendered the radiation harmless. Simon Parkes is from Great Britain. You might want to check out his past posts, around December/early January, where he talks extensively about the device. And no, he doesn't benefit from the sale of the device. The money goes directly to the scientists, who are into higher consciousness, and want to help. He even had them do some videos, to introduce themselves. https://www.simonparkes.org/5gbioshield

    It's worth checking out. 1 of them costs over $200, but according to reports coming in, from those who have bought and tried them, they seem to have the desired effects.

  • Yes Carolin, it is a Weapon a slow kill, depleting all human life on this planet. 

  • Check this out: "Blockbuster Federal Lawsuit Threatens Future of 5G"


    IRREGULATORS vs. FCC: Exposing and prosecuting a vast, illegal financial scandal behind 5G
  • Yes, it's a weapon!

  • Finally! Someone awake at the helm!

  • 5G has no further use on or near Gaia.

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