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Earth: The Big Picture My Three Suns [video];Patented hexagonal sun simulator

Patented hexagonal sun simulator

My Three Suns [video]

Patented hexagonal sun simulator

The fall rains arrived this month as a result of hurricane season, which is a good thing in the desert, and along with them came spectacular skies the likes of which I have never before seen. The clouds, lighting and shadows were breathtaking, and I snapped quite a few shots, some of which I’ve shared below.

I marveled at the apparent multiple light sources just prior to sunset, and on Saturday when Thomas Williams discussed our three suns in the Q&A they reminded me of my photographs.

Thomas confirmed we are actually in a trinary star system, meaning Earth has three suns. Obviously two of them are cloaked or hidden in some way, but we are reasonably certain the sky we see is not real, so it’s not a stretch.

For several years now those with eyes skyward have been capturing explainable images of “ghost planets”, a fake sun or sun simulator, multiple light sources in the wrong direction, and mysterious spheres and what appear to be lenses and refraction's that don’t make sense in the cosmic arrangement we’re told we occupy.

Planes are routinely spraying our skies with chemtrails and covering the early and late day sun with “cloud” and we have had to assume they are trying to prevent us from seeing something in the vicinity of the rising and setting sun.

Here are my photos from an October 21st rainshower at 5:15 pm. This is West, just to show the sun very low, about to dip below the horizon.

I don’t recall seeing clouds like this before, or reflecting light like this before. This is facing South, with the sun to the right, just above the horizon, but the clouds are so bright where the rain is falling, it looks like another sun.

This next one was taken within a couple of minutes of the above, and the way the light seemed to be coming from the East was very odd. It seemed like there were suns in three directions of the sky.

This is also facing East, just north of the photo above with sharp shadows and rays.

Below is the full Truth, Honor & Integrity Show from October 27th, which was the Q&A as well as some new updates with respect to the World Trust and the cabal’s relentless efforts to steal and block funds, and the various activities behind the scenes to remove the deep state, protect America from the caravan through Mexico, and maintain some semblance of sanity throughout the election period. The Q&A portion was eclectic, as always.

You can also listen at ~ BP

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on November 16, 2018 at 7:02am

Thanks Richard for ''like comment''.What I am attempting to do here is slowly bring people  up to date, that ''our sun is no longer shining''. Now that we have  scientific proof from a Dr. Cloudia Albers, who has credentials. See her many vids on u-tube,''the sun is no longer shining'' is a good place to start. I have posted a number of blogs on the sun and our false suns and artificial sun simulators of which there are many along with the holographic sky and moon. Now that we have scientific proof we must also consider Chem-trails and H.A.A.R.P..the chem-trails to hide the many comets and brown dwarf dead suns that is and was for many years stealing our suns energy to relight themselves up again.That's why were were seeing many suns in our sky's and also to try to keep some heat in our atmosphere as the sun simulators use L.E.D. lights and not much heat and they give off dangerous radiation. HAARP is to control the weather and try to simulate are old weather patterns. When my lupus is better, I will write a complete blog on this subject as the old Earth and heaven pass away and a ew Heaven and Earth is born in 5D. Until them do your own research while the web is still somewhat working.Adonai 


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