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Earth News Update; Bio-Warfare~ Chem-trails Now in Progress,Silent Weapons for Silent Wars: New "Avian Flu" Now in Belize !

Chemtrail spray danger 263x164 Neurologist Warns of Exploding Neurodegenerative Disease Due to Chemtrail Toxins

I write this from my own observation of what is happening now world wide and my past studies and reports on the Deadly Chemtrails. Every year at this "flue time" the DC sprays us with a more Deadly form of Chemtrails. And this year is even worse than last year,in which I was very sick for the longest time. Last year at this time I decided to change my diet to a 75 % raw vege, which I did for the 1st 6 mo's and now to a 50% raw vege. It helped a little and at the same time I pull out every herb and herbal medicine that I have. I have been fighting this Bio- war sense they began to spray the whole world back in oct. 98. They have been cooking us very slowly like a lobster, so that we don't complain or try to stop it and at the same time they are poisoning our food and water, which is shutting down not only our bodies but our minds as well, which is causing a lot of apathy. And like I said this is the worst year yet and the longest time that they are hitting us with the most Deadly form of Bio-Chemtrails that I call "Chubby Rain" 

 Everyone around me is sick all the time for there is no flue season anymore,its year around but this time of year is the worst yet. People are coming down with serious diseases and also dying. Every month 1 or 2 persons that I know or know of,have died.I myself am doing everything in my power to stay alive. The older you are the harder it is to fight and stay alive. As I wrote in my last report" I am sick and tired of being sick and tired"\. Even my animals are sick at exactly the same time That I am. They spray us with the Chubby Rain at the beggining of the wk and by the end of the wk, we recover a bit only to be hit again. My 3 dogs get loose bowels, throw up and have warm noses. The 5 month old GS pup crys a lot even in her sleep from stomach problems and is very thin and small for her age.. Even my plants are sick, half of my Dwarf trees have died, even under shelter. But people here and world wide are so dumbed down from all the poisons that they don't protest or even look up at the gray skies. The younger generation think that it is normal and that the chemtrails are normal sense that is all they have seen all the short life, they don't remember Blue skies and clear skies. What a time that we are living in, huh!

 It seems to me that the DC have turned up the flame under the Lobster to cook it or us a little faster as rumer has it that they are loosing the war against us. So they are pulling out all the cards. I wrote about this in my last book 7 yrs ago that when push comes to shove that when cornered in the last days of the war that they would release new or heavier Bio-Warfare on us, and what better way than to continue to do so in the way that they ahve already been doing on the whole world for the last 16+ yrs. sence no-one has stopped them.Even many popular light workers like Golden Light,James Gillard and Eckart tolle are sick on ther last vids. James said that when they sprayed his erea that even his free range chickins fell over dead. So think what that is doing to us.

My favorite herbal store, where I buy my herbs, reported to me that they too were sick and could not get rid of it. And that it started at the same time as last yr around the 1st wk of Dec. same as I said and that none of there herbs did anything to stop it. I told them I had the same experence and the reason was that it is not of or from this Earth, the Bio-war Chemtrails are manmade from alien genes. He dosn't understand, same as most people don't understand that they come form outer space mostly from crashed ET's and the minions of the DC.

This tiny country of Belize has now been chosen and hit by the same old virus which this year is now being called the Avian Flu ,almost the same name as was used some years ago, they are changing the names now instaed of inventing new ones like before, maybe because people have cought on to them, that every yr. they gave it a new name. Anyway two lg chicken farms have been closed down and in Quarantine when they have found the ''Avian Flue" in them and no chicks or chickens can enter or leave the erea. I bet there next move will be to expose humans as they did the birds so people will get even more sick than what they are now and then they will bring in the Deadly Vaccines, where they real virus will be contagious to other people.

{Note here; that I am not 100% sure if its coming from the sky or from the hands of special agents down here or if there really is a old  "Avian flu" not known to us.}

It is my belief that the org. virus is planted on the chickens,pigs or people , cannot spread without the help of the Deadly vaccines, which they may even force people to take by the health authorities. I wrote about this DC plan back in 2008. But I had hoped we would be able to avoid it. I have been so sick in the last 3 mo's that I havn't been able to do much of anything and of course this is exactly what the DC had hoped for, to slow us light worker down, especilly us Elders who have been into this mission a long time. I personally don't know how long that I can hold out, especially when there is so much Denial and apathy not only in Belize but the whole world. Even the new age light-workers don't seem to realize how serious this is. Some say the Slyths will eat the Bio-Chemtrails or that our ET Allies will take of it, many who think that way are younger and not effected as much by it. But this is not true! Wake up folks before its to late,the Lobster is cooking faster now and this Bio-War has to come to an end before we do,if we are to win,indeed! Adonai

Neurologist Warns of Exploding Neurodegenerative Disease Due to Che...

Christina Sarich

October 28, 2013

Chemtrails are real and they are dangerous, yet so many people still deny their existence. Well if a former Airforce veteran, chemicals and bio-environmental engineering whistle blower or other researchers aren’t convincing enough, then perhaps a neurologist will help people wake up to the fact that millions of tons of cancer-causing and brain-debilitating nano-particles are being dumped from the air by our government.

There are still people arguing about whether contrails are chemtrails, and the evidence is incredibly right before our eyes. Michigan is hazed out one week, California, the next, then back down south to hit Texas or Georgia. You can see the pictures others have captured if you don’t see them with your own ocular lenses.

Now, Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., called a hack and a self-promoting sycophant by his detractors, is warning us about what thousands of other average citizens have been for years. He says that the tons of nanosized aluminum compounds being sprayed on us via chemtrails are:

“. . .infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.”

The concerned neurosurgeon is only commenting on one known toxin, too. There are others, like barium and strontium, and a practically endless cocktail of carcinogenic constituents that can possibly cull the global population. Also speaking out against chemtrails is Dr. Edward Group, who explains how chemicals sprayed from chemtrails can “turn on” certain issues such as shingles within your body (under certain circumstances).

Aluminum exposure from chemtrails is helping to lead to aluminum-induced cognitive disorders among the population, as doctor Blaylock, suggests. Aluminum can even affect unborn babies, not just the elderly, since it crosses into the placenta via the blood.

Another toxin being found in chemtrails is Strontium-90. It isn’t any better. Neither is Barium.

The impact of these compounds upon human health is unmistakable. So why is this happening?

There are all kinds of theories, but gaining traction with the overt actions of Monsanto-monopolies, an utter disregard for nature by multiple corporate entities, the ever-present war-mongering that leaves us with tragedies like Fukushima, as well as a general disregard for human life run rampant, some are saying these chemtrails are to kill off most of the population. After all, we are waking up as a worldwide citizenry. But no matter the reason, 2 things are for sure: chemtrails are real, and chemtrails are dangerous.

If you want to learn about chemtrails, regardless of whether or not you agree with the current ‘conspiracy’ theories about why they are taking place everywhere, consider the following for your further edification:

David Keith on Geoengineering

Extensive list of geo-engineering patents

This post originally appeared at Natural Society

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on February 19, 2015 at 6:14am

Glad you agree Maria. I am sad that more people don't see this coming and now that its here on my doorstep it worries me more than a bit, especially sense I am a Elder and our immune system is weaker than those of younger years. But its not just the elders but many people around me are sick. The super market food is about 75% poison and all of it comes from the USA. The water is poisoned as well, so they are dumbed down. But the light workers should pay attention to this, but they are in denial as well. Seems that they are confused as what is going on and what to do, to be able to survive. I am doing a whole lot of things for myself and as an example to the people around me. Only those who are sick or got really sick and remember it, know what I am talking about. It seems all the compassion is gone after the 2012 F.F. and the many F.F. that has followed. Each year there are less and less comments on my posts, seems the energy of Oneness has faded away, waiting for a better day.

  How to you support yourself if you do not earn money? And what kind of dogs do you have? Your story of saving your dog is positive. I had to put my female down a couple of months ago because of cancer that she got when I mated her with my neighbors dog who had sexually transmuted cancer. They gave the cancer to many and it was a paster and wife that did this to me. It was a sad time, I did manage to extend her life about a year with Turmeric but it didn't cure it. I think the BIO-Chemtrails only made the matter worse. I pray people wake up soon as to what is going on, before its to late,indeed. Oh by the way I lived in Spain for a couple of years back in the 70s. Adonai

Comment by Maria Szurek on February 18, 2015 at 1:18pm

You are absolutely right.Since some yesrs I observed the same effects.I am vegan for years no and I was also ill together with my 3 dogs,of whom one I saved with big difficulty out of death.Here in Spain chemtrails are visible very welll.I observed the same as you did.The same days of the week...especialyy I depend of weather and work mostly at the weekends , with that artificial contaminated rain I scarcely managed to survive because I am not able to earn money for living.


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