Good health to you, the people of Earth. My sincere greetings to you, earthlings. I am a representative of the Intergalactic Federation, my name is ASSA and I'm from the team you all know commander in chief of the flotilla of extraterrestrial space, our commander Ashtar. On his behalf I convey to you this message.

Dear colleagues, dear earthlings, allow me to convey to you the following information:
Many centuries ago, when the Earth, your planet has gathered its energy potential, people have a higher level of energy reserves. The man was in close contact with all elements of nature, man possessed the power of heroic potential. The natural level of all aspects of life contributed to one's health and sanity. But the process of evolution the world has changed its potential and gradually from natural natural priorities guide your life motto dropped to artificially substitute. Make your own conclusions about the result.
Yes,in matters of science and technology, you have succeeded all expectations and all these areas in a broad resonance with Mirozdanie status indicator. But, dear earthlings, and don't you find balanced violations in relation to his, say, to health or to reveal the new potential to continue its vitality. Now, in times of global transformations of your planet, you have the sense to think about this question.

Let's look at a few options:

Many of you Express their beliefs, accusing nature, addressed to the governors of their States. This, making a deep error, you close yourself into a new world. But if you, each of you will send the pulse of his heart of love to the Governor of their state, imagine what the energy impact will be on the field. But if you daily will be sending my love to all countries around the world – every moment of love field will have an increase and the result will change to other positions. Very significant energy and Love on Earth and in the Universe.
Now we will note each of you individually. If life events occur that lead to desperate feelings, then you begin to fade and manifest an undesirable change of energy for your vitality. But when you say to yourself “I CAN!”, around you converted an amazing atmosphere and everything starts to take shape a prosperous way for you. And when suddenly flashed a doubt – don't hold it in his field, and change to a positive attitude, then there will come a time of wonderful manifestations in your life.
This theme can be repeatedly expanded and it is all familiar to you. And each of you decides how to live to remain in old and familiar energy field, with the usual causal chain of events that builds your subconscious mind or start to walk in the direction of a new, intended, and planned by you the future. Everyone makes the choice himself.
And today I come to you, dear earthlings, to inform you that we have many ways to show our help to you. Many of you know about our existence, someone already saw us in natural form. But the time will come and we shall talk together very closely. Yes, it's already on the way. You should understand that you are not alone in the Universe, you should understand that you are in a permanent space-a moving Substance, It has its development, and It has its own priorities, it also has its own laws, and their Plans and Forces are present. And our objectives are to help you learn new perfection, new knowledge for the acceptance of new solutions to help you to enter a new stage of your evolution and personal growth in a spiritually-vital complex, a new framework ,and away from all negative programs.
Your information the field will receive information from various sources, through different intermediaries,in different directions. So try to Understand, feel new energy, eat them, take and use them in your life.

Peace and goodness to you, the people of Earth. You are unique, you bring the Light of truth so bring it on into infinity, it is very important for you. From the Light is always sparkling stream of energy waves that can change everything, it can replace the matrix for new life status around the world, God established human society, and for the good of the entire planet.
With Love, in Love and good wishes to you, ACCA, member of the Intergalactic Federation of the Ashtar command, here and always with you.

Took TASCHEN © Copyright: Acolla-TASCHEN,2016

Source: http://channelingvsem.com/2016/04/26/chenneling-ot-25-04-2016-zemlya-i-kosmos-lyudi-osoznajte-nashe-prisutstvie/
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  • HiTshimangadzo Ндоу !

    It is Possible that you will not make the following very difficult practices that I put in the post. Of course, that should be done not only once, but to try to work out... http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/the-ascension-of-th...

  • Friends"tell me,what a person can do in order to be successfull in achieving smart future  without much stress? i need your help please.

  • Dear Юлия Самохина

    I have some difiulty in tlanslating this message. Please explain following question.

    1. Does "the Intergalactic Federation" involves Galactic Gederation ?

    2. What "in a broad resonance with Mirozdanie status indicator" mean ?


    Shigeru Furuya(GFLJ)


  • Dear, flatheat, glad this material interests You. Success and until the next light messages!

  • My dear friend, amparo alvarez! Thank you for your attention to this post. I have bloomed the cactus Rebutia... took pictures with several other cacti. Beautiful blooming Violet my cat accidentally "dropped", so violets a lot of the leaves were broken off. Namaste!


  • Thanks for message. I will translate it and convey to Japanese people. If I get any question, I will comment here.


    Shigeru Furuya (GFLJ)


  • When does it come the part when we actually introduce ourselves, physically?

    Oh, god... that's gonna be so amazing!!!

    I want to spoil it, but it's gonna be so much fun!

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