E.T/I.T Contact.. why not me, why not now?

hello dear readers, i have a question that buzzed my mind for a few times, and i thought about it a few seconds ago so i figured why not ask my spiritual friends if they know what is going on

you hear about all the storys of people being "abducted" or "invited" into big ships and they went to other worlds and it was all a great experience for them.. 

i know that most likely 50% of those people are lying to sell books or even movies, and maybe a few others just want attention.. but nobody and nothing can make me believe that theyre not there

but when me and my younger brother are losing our beliefs/knowings about our starfamily, we feel like being left out like were not good enough.. 

and at the moment we think that, this voice/feeling crawls up the back of our spines letting us know its alright and it needs time or something, and we automaticly apologize, and then it starts all over.. we feel alone, left out, and apologize.. 

the main question here is actually, when and how will the contact with them be the reality? 

and when will the fake world finally end because all the companys that are driving me crazy with letters that tell i owe them money for nothing and i will be punished if i dont coorporate.. 

last but not least, sorry for my bad english, i feel a bit upset and english is not my mother language but i know my way with it

please let me know something

i love you

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  • thank you all for the wonderful messages, and the help that i needed.. 

    i thought i was such a great being in the 3D world, that i was the lightbringer in need 

    and i am, but in reality im just a little kid that still need to learn alot to become the one i thought i already was

    i think a conversation with my starbrothers would just be a confirmation that everythink im thinking about them is real, and not a hoax.. 

    but i see now that desperatly looking for the confirmation, is just giving power to the fear of all of this being a hoax.. so with good intentions i was focussing on the wrong thing.. Thank you guys so much for i know that the energys are around me, they prove it time after time and i love them for not giving up on me, for i will never give up on them 

    Love and light to all of you 

  • sending them and those that want something from you ,love  is the answer I feel you are looking for.

    Our brothers and sister from other places will respond to love ,is it  not what they have told us to be ,to do,to forgive those who seem to always want something we can not seem to give them.

    you may be at a point where you need to look at what you are thinking and change that which you can and release that which you can not to your higher mind to deal with.

    Know that all will come out for the best in the end.Try to see beyond the physical and remember that we all are

    spiritual beings having a physical experience,that means sometimes the worst 3d  things are  actually the best times we grow spiritually .

    If we can hold onto love in all our experiences it will change the world around us,this includes those who seem to want to do bad things as well. They seem to leave our space as they do not like the love they get from us.

    Have you seen any stars that seem to move in the night sky?If so project love to them and they may so you  more.

    I did this for a while and used a phrase you might try.It was  SHOW ME THOSE THINGS I NEED TO KNOW.I did this for a while and have been shown several things that I need to change in my personal life to make things better for me.

    I have meditaed for years and I see Auras and the like which is one of the ways they contact me.They can and will use all five sinces as they all have a higher aspect to them but you need to calm the mind to recieve them.

    we love you and wish you well Bob

  • Can I suggest that you become flexible in your approach to contact.

    if you are open to them they will get in touch with you.

    Their communication methods are not always obvious.

    It once again comes down to raising your vibration to the point where you begin to notice patterns.

    In communication, behaviour, and appearance.

    It is like following a trail of frequency specific bread crumbs.

  • Well I don't think they can just go to everyone who asks for it, an take them aboard a ship lol That wouldn't be good protocol for a number of reasons. I'm sure the time will come eventually, until then, you just have to be patient and wait.

    I've talked to people who've been visited, like real manifestations right in front of them...but I've never experienced it. I don't even think about it, it'd be nice if it happened, but...it's just not something I think about. If it happens, it happens, if not, oh well. It'll come eventually...until then, why stress over it. I think a bit of patience is in order...and sometimes these things need to happen, as a test of faith....we need to learn to keep the faith, no matter what's happening, that's part of inner strength.
  • Aliens visited me past 2 years verry much, but only flybys.

    It is/was always verry nice and they give me a lot of hope in the past.

    Personal contact whit the aliens wil not solfe youre problems.

    I got only extra trouble because of them.

    They are not doing what they say and my troubles only get bigger.

    They appear to be good but i start loosing my trust in them.

    Total disclosure is what i`m waiting fore but i hope it`s not taking to long because then i must change there status from friend to foo.

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