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Does it have a soul? A question that keeps being asked of me. Well I have the answer. Yes... I hate it when someone says its just a dog is it? Its just a cat is it? Its just a cow is it? And so on.

Well the other day my cousin and I were driving down this mountain and a lady who lets her precious dogs run free all 45. Well a bunch ran out and was hard to miss them all one got hit. I jumped out of the truck before it got stopped. Called the cops and set in the middle of the mountain road. I looked in its eyes and seen a reflection of me.they see reflections of them through our eyes.

I layer my hands on him and prayed he was such a beautiful soul I could feel him through my hands.. the cop came and said just leave him he's just a dog and I looked at the cop in tears and said look into his eyes what do you see? He did surprisingly. And next thing you knew the dog howled he was in pain the others came around and laying their paws on him and started to Howl. If that dog had no soul how can it feel pain sadness or know to pray or love they know only love. They attack out of fear self preservation. Just like humans did when they first came about and still do except now they are bound by something deeper hate greed lust and a need to dominate. So next time you think something don't have a soul look in its eyes and tell me what you see. A picture of me in you and a picture of you in me. I am because you are and you are because I am.

Love and light
Lisa marie

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