It started with spots of indigo light, but now I see bright indigo fractals and sacred geometry at night when I try to sleep. These shapes are accompanied with understandings and wisdom i can't begin to describe in words. I'm also able to see geometric grids overlayed on objects at will.

I can also hear music when the images are the most intense. Sometimes I hear voices, see faces, and once I even saw the after image of a word (sadly, I can't remember the word except that it was 4 letters long and started with an "S")

Other times I feel my frontal lobes vibrating, as though they are numb or asleep, as I enter deeper subconscious states. I also feel head pressure in between the brows, on the crown, and in the back notch of my skull. I've also noticed I can see auras more clearly, as well as my room while my eyes are closed. I can even see studs in the walls.

What kinds of symptoms have you been experiencing? Do you see the geometry too?


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  • I've been meaning to ask someone about this myself!  This used to happen to me a lot for a few years but hasn't in a little while now.  It was upon awakening in the morning before I opened my eyes, I would see a bright orange sacred geometric grid or mandala-like circle of inter-connected triangles.  Any idea what it means?

  • It's nice to see so many others experiencing these amazing things in such unique ways, and at various lengths of development :)

  • I dont see patterns or grids, but when I close my eyes I see waves of light and dark in the darker background that is the inside of my eyelids. The major things that I experienced were when I was first awakening and I saw my room through my third eye twice when I woke up from sleeping and at the same time, both times, my chest was vibrating.

  • Only two of these so far...patterns and the auras. The patterns that I see however, are not rounded but boxed. I am also developing the eyes to see the aura. Right now I do not see colors I either saee a shadow or a bright white light (sometimes with green or blue outline).

  • I've been seeing rotating geometric shapes that flicker back and forth from 2D images to 3D images... but are mostly 2D.  They are also accompanied by either the taste of some kind of metal or the smell of something earthy (not sure which one it is).  This happens while I am trying to fall asleep and not during.

  • Yes, my family, I also share this sacred blessings with you. The third eye opening and revealing tromendous connections. The pressure gets more intense as you dig deeper. Deep sounds and the great fog. yes the great fog. The stillness of the garden follows to bliss
  • Thank you for sharing, Hydra.Helix!! =))

    I have seen a lot of triangles shapes that is together in a grid when I close my eyes. I just experienced this for 2-3 days ago, so it is totally new to me. Pressure true my crown and back of my head happen when I meditate and also when I listen to solfeggio Hz tones. I feel also it is a pressure between the it's pulsing.

    Love and Light to you! <333

  • yes ive seen it too :)

    enjoy the ride!!

  • me too!  I just posted a blog about the third eye, explains alot...

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