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Do We Need Our Ego's? Don't They Protect Us?

By Sabrina Reber

Our beliefs, feelings, emotions and thoughts create our current and future realities so if you believe you need the ego to remain within your being to protect you, then that is a very valid belief that will continue to serve your soul’s learning process. However, just because we believe something to be true for us does not mean it is the highest truth for our evolution. At this time on the Earth we are in a very intense period of transformation where we are releasing old distorted beliefs and energies that once served our highest good and we are replacing them with new more evolved beliefs that will help us expand our consciousness so we can move forward into our soul’s ascension. Ascension is a free will choice, but it is not a free ride. ALL souls are chosen to ascend, but not all souls will choose to ascend, which is the process of integrating more spiritual light from their higher self/higher soul into their being. Ascension is the process of spiritualizing our ego’s so we can merge into oneness with our true selves, which reside in higher vibrating dimensions within our energy fields. In order to access this part of ourselves we will need to surrender ego will to divine will so we can raise the vibrational frequencies of our physical, emotional and mental bodies up to the very high vibrational frequencies of our spiritual bodies – and we can not do this if we remain attached to the lower vibrational energies of our egoic consciousness.

If you feel you need your ego, you have the free will choice to keep it. However, the “Raise Your Vibration” teachings are motivated to help you acknowledge your egoic patterns, that keep you stuck in negative recreation over and over again, so you can raise the vibrational frequencies of your energy attracting the higher aspects of your self to be more involved in your life so they can work through you and guide you to create a more balanced, joy – filled, harmonious life for your self and all beings you come in contact with.

We have to decide which level of consciousness we want to expand within our beings – ego consciousness or soul consciousness. The choice is ours. For many lifetimes ego consciousness was a necessary learning tool as we chose to learn and evolve through the extremes of dualistic opposites. However, as the light from the galactic center and inner Earth continue to intensify on this planet those who choose to remain attached to their egoic/shadow consciousness will find it increasingly difficult to remain here on Earth. This is why there is so much chaos on Earth because many souls are resisting the integration of this light into their beings and this light is bringing up all their stored darkness and energies within their being they need to transcend. Aggressive behaviors, instability, control mechanisms and an epidemic of drug/alcohol addiction is reflective of humanity’s inner darkness rising forth very rapidly and people do not know how or they simply don’t want to transmute it into a higher vibration within themselves. Many are choosing to remain in their inhumanity (in human/ego consciousness) and this is why we are experiencing a lot of pain and suffering on the Earth. Eventually, the negative energy that is coming up to be released and transmuted into a higher vibration will either be the catalyst for their transformation or it will turn on them and they will self destruct as it is not divine plan for us to continue to live in our old ways. We are being called forth to CHANGE, to heal, to evolve and to remove the chains of our egoic illusions that bind us to the wheel of reincarnation and the duality of the 3rd dimension.

So, you need to ask yourself- Do you want to ascend or not? If you don’t want to ascend then your choice to remain attached to the ego is perfect for you. However, if you want to ascend then you will need to be diligent in removing the veils of amnesia the ego has placed over your mind that distorts the way you see everything, and this will require you to step into a new “ascension lifestyle” where you are proactive at releasing those energies within your being that no longer serve your highest good. Every single human on Earth has an ego that they will have to contend with. The ego is a fear-filled extension of the soul that has fragmented itself from the light of God consciousness that lives within our higher soul. The ego creates fear, and when there is fear there is defense, and because the ego is defensive it will react in very negative ways and then it will tell you that you need it to protect you from all the bad things “out there.”  In essence, the ego keeps you projecting all of your negativity onto others and it keeps you from going within yourself to heal the negative energies within that ATTRACT all negativity to yourself. The ego protects you from your higher self wisdom… protects you from having to deal with the very things within you that need to be raised into a higher vibrational frequency so you can return yourself to oneness with your higher soul. The ego builds up energetic blocks within your energy being that blocks you from receiving an unobstructed flow of higher self intuitive guidance. It blocks you from your own inner soul wisdom that attracts and creates all goodness into your life. That is what the ego protects you from… protects you from your true self.

We don’t need to demonize our egos, but we do need to be aware of them. Our ego’s are like negative, fear- filled children that that need to be loved and disciplined. We need to self correct our negative, immature, childish, fearful, reactive energies – and the only way we can do that is to first become aware of them working within us. When we step out of denial and allow ourselves to SEE where we have fallen out of alignment, we can then take dominion over our egos by integrating the light of our awareness into our fragments – bringing them all back into a state of oneness and unification.~Sabrina

If you would like to transcend your ego/shadow consciousness and you would like to ascend your soul – the “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION” book is a soul ascension manual that will help you understand exactly what the ego is and how it is working within you so you can SEE it – bringing the light of your higher consciousness into it so it can be fully integrated and spiritualized within your being.

About the author: Sabrina Reber resides in Destin Florida with her husband Todd and her two children ~ Alexandrea and Savannah. Sabrina is an artist, author of a soul ascension manual called “Raise Your Vibration”, ordained minister in the Lively Stones Healing Ministry, a vibrational energy healer and a spiritual activist on the “How To Raise Your Vibration” Facebook page where she helps people from all over the world heal so they can return to their truth and live a more joyful, compassionate, loving and spiritually abundant life for themselves and the people they interact with.


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Comment by Avatar on September 12, 2014 at 3:02pm

I can agree with those thoughts, Phylos. We do not live in a static world it is ever changing which of course means we are too.

Comment by Phylos on September 12, 2014 at 7:55am

Egos can be fun.  I think we all like drama.  I see a connection between ego, emotion, and any number of different "peak" experiences, possibly including the "ascension" we are always talking about.  The ego's drive to survive can become a drive to excell, even a drive to self-discipline and transcendence.  The Budda probably wouldn't have attained Nirvana if His ego hadn't of had a driving desire for it.  I wonder if we will really be all that much different, ego-wise, after we have ascended?  Seems like our egos would just be more relaxed and free of a lot of fear, at least until the next big change and the accompanying unknowns was again in our future.  I don't see an "ultimate" state of consciousness to be attained.  Plateaus, yes, but always another step.  there is no ceiling to Heaven. 

     What we face now seems to be just a beginning and it requires of us a return to our home as in re-connection with the living Earth, ego and all.  It is happening, but whether we have passed the break-even point and survival is in our future, I can't say for certain.  We have, IMO, passed a "point of no return" and things are going to be a lot different than they have been for the last couple of millenia, for better or worse.  Our egos are going to be in "the refiner's fire" for a while, it seems. 

Comment by Avatar on September 12, 2014 at 7:00am

Feather, yes, I too have made friends with my ego but she sometimes still gets out of hand so I have to remind her we're working on the same team.

Comment by Avatar on September 12, 2014 at 4:05am

When have I ever said I want or expect everyone to believe as I do? If you're not promoting peace then you're promoting war [that's a fact] and you're argumentative because you keep implying I'm saying to get rid of your ego which I never once said. I also never once said you cannot ask questions, did I? According to your ego apparently I did, Matey.That is fully within your right to do but expect to get called out on it. Actually, you're the one who gives the NA movement a bad name because of your stringent desire to always be right. See how that works, Barry, we can all play the blame game...the ego is not too particular about blaming other's for what it's doing.

Have a great day.

Comment by Avatar on September 12, 2014 at 1:53am

Hi Barry, I do not believe you have to have an ego to ask questions but besides that no one is saying to get rid of your ego but to learn to control it. You see, your ego is convincing you that you have to have it's input to function properly...that, in my opinion is not true and is what's making you argumentative. You are a perfect example of why we need to learn to control our ego. Your ego is convincing you that it has to tell you what to think and what questions to ask.

Wow, you actually believe that if we controlled our ego we'd all just be robots? What's wrong with everyone thinking the same if it's living on a peaceful loving earth where everyone is motivated only by love? It's all of us believing that way that will bring about the proof you long for...can't you see that? Are you really that invested in war and dissension because unless you change your thinking that is exactly what you're going to get.

Comment by Avatar on September 11, 2014 at 11:29pm

KnightyOwlet99...I'm not sure if extraterrestrials' have ego's or not. Since I'm just a human being I know we have egos. I've read not all extraterrestrials are alike and that some are completely baffled by our emotions because they lack them and is one reason they like to study us.

Comment by Avatar on September 11, 2014 at 10:17pm

LOL Malcolm...leave it to a Texan to get it all down in one little sentence and, of course, mention the government too. ;)

Comment by Avatar on September 11, 2014 at 10:15pm

I agree, is good! Thank you for adding such a great comment to this discussion.

Comment by Avatar on September 11, 2014 at 10:09pm

Phylos...This is the way I imagine it...when we were being created it was decided to put a failsafe system [ego] in our psyche. It was said this creation may forget to eat, or may walk off a cliff, or may forget to run away from an animal that wants to eat them or cause itself bodily harm, hence the failsafe system. After a while the ego started thinking [first mistake] look how important I am...if it was not for me this creature would die and whoa, if it died I'd die...I cannot let that happen. So more and more the ego started controlling the creatures' every thought and heck, the creature didn't even realize it. Then one day someone [probably Feud] thought why do we do and think the things we do and many times to our detriment? He said "aha, something in our psyche is controlling us." After much research he figured out it was the ego. He found that you could stroke someone's ego to the point you could get them to do almost anything you wanted them to do whether good or bad. Later on it was discovered [in the New Age movement] that if we wanted to move up [ascend] in consciousness and be truly self aware we must control the ego or it might destroy us and the earth and that's why it's called the ascension.

This is my theory anyway and it's only a part of our path to ascension but a very important one.

Thank you, Phylos for joining in this're making it very interesting. BTW, I'm not just stroking your ego. ;)

Comment by Malcolm on September 11, 2014 at 8:09pm

I view the ego as a necessary evil that must be kept in check or it becomes a monster.  Much like government!


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