Do The Body Trap The Soul?

Many people's hope for afterlife comes from the belief that the body is a shell or a container etc that house an invisible entity termed 'the soul'. The soul, so it is said, is the cause of our consciousness and sometimes it is equated to the consciousness itself. One difficulty that arises from this idea comes from the fact that we cannot exit our bodies at will. Why can't we simply leave our bodies behind once and for all and go to heaven and enjoy the bliss forever? This gives rise to the notion that our bodies somehow 'traps' the soul. Since our bodies are composed of charges of opposite signs etc, it is tempting to suppose that any such a system such as a computer can similarly trap the soul so that just like the way we can never exit our bodies, someone might, in future, invent a device that can hopelessly trap us forever inside say a machine, and possibly torturing us even forever! Thus the very hope of an afterlife is effectively turned on its own head!

The 'original sin' comes from the baseless belief that our consciousness is due to an unseen, entity that the supposedly understandable matter can somehow 'trap' it without itself being understandable, and hence 'there being no need' to carefully think of, and attempt to understand what we are believing in. I vehemingly reject this approach! We should try to understand 'the soul' as much as we do, 'the body'. We must try to explain how the body, or the soul, can achieve this fleat of 'getting trapped into each other' without them 'being on the same universe.

It comes as a surprise to many people to learn that if the soul is what we are, then it can, at least in principle, be studied scientifically! This being the case, we can also create theoretical models to 'explain' the soul, just like we do, to explain the forces of nature, such as gravity. To a careful physicist, or a philosopher, etc, the soul interacting with the body must come about like a 'fifth force' that has an effect in our bodies. This 'fifth force' can be discovered by carefully studying the brain and specifically noting how there is an effect that cannot be accounted for by known forces.

Since it seems that some people find it hard to understand this fact that 'soul' is discoverable by the usual scientific method, let me try to elucidate it more. Now, in a 'vacuum', we know how charged particles behave, in accordance with laws of electrodynamics. So for instance under a constant voltage, they will accelerate steadily. But if they encounter a 'soul' on its way, generaly they will alter their acceleration in such a way that a physicis will notice that either something is wrong with the laws of electrodynamics or there is some yet unknown 'fift force' that is at work on the particle. However the soul has just acted upon the charge in exactly the same manner it would have acted upon the charges in your brain so that it may eventually influence the body to act in a certain manner, e.g. raising your hand in what we term it as 'our conscious decision'. So it is clear that we cannot answer the question as to why the soul has never been detected by physicists by saying 'it is beyond understanding' or 'we feel it' or 'the mind is limited' or such jocker cards. These are false, absurd and misleading! We can and should understand 'soul' up to the point of explaining how it is consistent with known facts. To do that, we must make some model for 'soul'.

One explanation is that the disembodied 'soul' does not interact with charges. This bestows the soul with mechanisms of enabling and disabling its ability to interact with electromagnetism. This mechanism must be instantaneous. Upon exiting the body, the soul must be able to instantaneously switch off its electromagnetism. But this ability also automatically makes the soul incapable of being trapped by another machine, e.g. a computer. But since we can't use this ability to intentionally exit our bodies, there must be some rules followed by the soul that has no counterpart in the rules followed by the matter.

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  • In a sense, being alive in the form, is a type of "imprisonment," but one we spiritually chose to undergo, while in the flesh....We seek to make such a sacrifice, as spiritual beings, for the greater good of making this physical realm, a better mirror of heaven....We seek to transform this place we call "reality." So we need to be here, in it, to do so....

    BUT, the whole process is controlled from the spiritual end of the connection I spoke of...For a while, spirit may even chose to allow an incarnation to experience a coma and normally it would be to teach the surrounding family a lesson of some sort, rather than the "victim."
    Medical science can keep someone imprisoned in the flesh, in a "vegetable" state, but eventually, that person will phase out....

    Keeping souls imprisoned in artificial bodies does not work...Even a person with a pacemaker, to aid his heart function, is still using his electrical impulses to stay in the body...His heart is assisted, but not entirely replaced....If someone were turned into a CYBORG, that included heart, it would not work and they would die....The heart is the actual doorway to the connection and has it's own chakra, which in turn, has a network of chakras (aetheric vortices) culminating in the crown chakra, through which the antahkarana connects with the higher planes....There is a two-way information flow going on, through this antahkarana "wire." The Divine Monad itself is the puppeteer and it's will cannot be thwarted by the minds of mischievous Earthly "researchers," who seek to trap souls in bodies, or artificial containers, indefinately....
  • Good to ask such questions and I will suggest that the "trigger mechanism" that causes the aetheric body (with soul and astral) to shift out of the physical dense, is at the precise point of zero electrical activity, in the heart...Which as you know can be detected by an ECG....Another supporting factor, is zero brain activity, electrically, but the heart is the prime mechanism....

    Both of these switch-offs, will happen at death, but there is also a Sirian technology that can permit this trigger mechanism's key, to release the aetheric body, even if the person appears dead, having met the defined criteria, albeit, can later and hopefully be restored, with full health...
    The only side-effect I noted was a temporary changes to my iris colour, from the normal grey to violet....
    I myself underwent this OOB process, within Rendlesham forest, while on the B1084 road, travelling in my car..

    The technique allowed me to very quickly interact with the Sirian probe and absorb massive downloads of data, pertaining to several events, including the solar guardianship work, around the sun's corona...This was back in November, of last year..
    My physical dense body was in a temporal beam, that the Sirians describe as "zanaka daun muk..!"

    The electrons within my atoms had stopped orbiting the nuclei and this also allowed a bodily seperation between aetheric dense and my aetheric double body...The body which has chakras, but invisible to normal EMS ...
    So that rule of activation operates still....A seperation happens when the electrical activities of heart and brain stop....I was actually "frozen" in time, on the spot, as was my car...
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